Aegean Coast of Turkey

The Aegean coast of Turkey stretches from the North near Istanbul to the Marmaris peninsula. The region has a variety of holiday resorts, beaches, things to do and places to go. One of the highlights is the ancient ruins of Ephesus which at the height of it's existence was the second largest city of Rome.

Camel wrestling is a favourite past time and tradition while the gorgeous, sandy beaches of Izmir, Bodrum, Kusadasi and the Datca peninsula will suit those who are looking for beach holidays.Browse through the articles below to find out more or join us on Facebook.

Visiting Pamukkale: Turkey’s Most Popular Tourist Attraction

Pamukkale Thermal pools Turkey

It has always surprised me that this blog has been live since 2010 and no one has pointed out that I’ve never mentioned Turkey’s biggest attraction and most beautiful landmark, Pamukkale; the UNESCO World Heritage site nicknamed “Cotton Castle” because of its white calcium thermal pools that have solidified on the side of a hill. Sitting inland within the agricultural province of Denizli, the … [Read more...]

Ephesus – Turkey’s Greatest Ancient Ruins and City

Ancient Ephesus Gate of Mazaeus

The colourful timeline of Turkey’s history means that the country is awash with historical sites dating from many civilizations. Out of all of them, the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus are probably the most well-known, attracting thousands of visitors every day. Ephesus is to Turkey what the pyramids are to Egypt or the Colosseum to Rome and in 2014, 3 million people walked through its … [Read more...]

Aphrodisias : The Lost City of Sculptures

Sculpture at the Aphrodisias musuem in Turkey

Along with my personal guide, I had arrived in Aphrodisias, the city of sculptures, creativity, ancient ruins and a story of how it dominated one man’s life nearly 500 years after it fell into oblivion. Standing in the long hall of the museum, what I saw left me speechless. The hall had no windows, just four white walls, a door and a shiny tiled floor that reflected everything because of bright … [Read more...]

The Grand Theatre of Ancient Ephesus

Theatre of Ephesus Turkey

If I am entirely truthful, the Grand theatre of Ephesus is not my favourite place. I feel detest for this prominent structure of the ancient Greco-Roman city, because it was also the scene for gladiator and animal fights. I don’t want to pay homage to a place, where unnecessary death and pain reigned simply for the pointless pleasure of human beings. Having said that, the natural course of … [Read more...]

The Roman Terrace Houses of Ephesus

Roman houses

I had been to Ephesus twice yet wanted to return again, simply for one reason. They had opened up the Roman terrace houses to the public. I had listened with jealousy as other people described the extensive finds of pain-staking excavations and read with envy as other bloggers wrote about how much they enjoyed their visit. Often postponing planned visits again and again, I finally made it back … [Read more...]

The Magnificent and Majestic Celsus Library of Ephesus

Celsus library

The Celsus library is probably one of the most photographed historical structures of Turkey. It belongs to the ancient city of Ephesus, located on the Aegean coast, near the holiday resort of Kusadasi and the working town of Selcuk. One of my interests, while I continue to learn about my adopted country is the history of Turkey, so naturally, I have a huge amount of respect for the excavated … [Read more...]

Laodicea & the Seven Churches of Revelation

Laodicea in Turkey. A church of Revelation

To achieve my goal of visiting every village, town and city of Turkey, I broke this bucket list down into smaller goals based on either on geographical layouts or themes. One theme is to visit the Seven Churches of Revelation mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible, which are all in the Aegean region of Turkey. Turkey has an extremely strong Biblical history that any hard-core Christian would … [Read more...]

Why You Shouldn’t Visit the Temple of Artemis, One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

temple of artemis at ephesus selcuk turkey

The Antipater of Sidon, a famous Greek poet lived during the latter half of the 2nd century BC. During his travels, he visited landmarks belonging to the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This included the Temple of Artemis that now stands near the ancient ruins of Ephesus, in Selcuk on the Aegean coast of Turkey. The Greek Temple, also known as the Temple of Diana, was built in honour of the … [Read more...]

Apollo Temple in Didyma (Altinkum)

Temple of Apollo Didyma Altinkum

The Temple Of Apollo in Didyma, Turkey is a major landmark for the surrounding touristic resorts of Altinkum and Didim.  It is on the Aegean coast and receives thousands of travelers and tourists every year. In historic times the area was referred to as Didyma and even today signs of Greek history are everywhere. This is not the only Temple of Apollo. There are four temples dedicated to Apollo … [Read more...]

Selcuk Town in Turkey: Why is it ignored by the Mainstream Travel Market?

Statue in Selcuk

A particular aspect has always puzzled me about the Turkish travel market. The ancient ruins of Ephesus on the Aegean coast of Turkey are a top visited attraction of the country, receiving thousands of visitors daily, especially in summer. Yet, if I look at a majority of overnight tours on travel agency sites, hardly any of them mention the town of Selcuk, where Ephesus is based. I am not the … [Read more...]

Turkey’s Aegean Coast : Travel Guide Review

Turkey Aegean Coast

When I first opened the book,  Turkey's Aegean Coast, my initial excitement was quickly extinguished.  It was not until page 39 that I was able to feel great about buying it. 37 pages of history at the beginning of a destination guide are too much, even for the most eager of sightseeing buffs.  Even more surprising was  there were only nine pages relating to Turkey as it today. While history is … [Read more...]

Exploring the Aegean Coast of Turkey

Drive from Altinkum to Akkoy

The Aegean coast of Turkey stretches from the North near Istanbul, down the coastline to the boundaries of Marmaris. Also known as the west coast, the attractive small resorts dotted along the coastline, were previously fishing villages, and now are popular tourist destinations. They are ideal for independent travel, although due to mass tourism in the area, there are many cheap holiday packages … [Read more...]

Sevgi Plaji – The Beach of Love and Hate

Sevgi plaj davutlar guzelcamli

Turks have a habit of naming places, with a direct translation that means something. For example, the bustling holiday resort of “Marmaris” means “hang the architect” in reference to an Ottoman sultan, Suleyman the magnificent who in 1522, ordered a new fortress to be built and was totally disgusted at the finished result. Likewise, Altinkum means “golden sands” referring to the many miles of … [Read more...]

5 Things to Do in Yalikavak on the Bodrum Peninsula

Yalikavak marina

Having travelled to Yalikavak in Bodrum many times, it is now, my favourite holiday destination in Turkey. With much to admire, this beautiful seaside resort, is popular with foreign and Turkish tourists. There are five reasons in particular why I keep going back, and this article also serves as a good guide for first time visitors to the resort. Things to do in Yalikavak  Sandy Beaches in … [Read more...]

Çöp Sis Kebabs : Are They Garbage?

Cop Sis kebab Soke

When I first came to Turkey, one dish that I wholeheartedly indulged in was Shish kebabs. It was a safe choice. Large chunks of meat, with peppers and onions, were placed on a skewer and grilled. Simple and not too much of a culture shock for my palate that was so used to British food. Later, while driving through the Aegean town of Soke, my friend recommended Çöp Sis kebab. Apparently, the town … [Read more...]

Travel Scam Alert : Fake Antique Coins in Selcuk

Fake coins sold in Turkey

Last month, on impulse, I stayed in the town of Selcuk, near the ruins of Ephesus. Due to my hasty decision, I did no research but despite my lack of planning, the trip was fantastic. I made new Turkish friends, explored recommended attractions, ate good food, and drank lots of beer! However, I was seriously disappointed by a travel scam, targeting foreign tourists. Infact, the same scam was … [Read more...]

Altinkum Boat Trips – A Lazy Day Cruising

Altinkum Boat tours

Altinkum boat trips are the perfect way to change the mundane routine that has become my life. Routines are boring, pathetic and have no business trying to force their way into my day-to-day existence. However, unfortunately in the past months, an urge to save money for traveling had me chained to my computer in a boring repetitive action that has more or less destroyed any enthusiasm I had. So … [Read more...]

Wine Tasting in Sirince Village


If you ever find yourself on the Aegean coast of Turkey then be sure to take a visit to Sirince.  Known throughout Turkey for wine tasting and production. It is a small village in the mountains and it is perfect for seeing natural Turkey. All through the village are shops where you can put your wine tasting skills to the test. How To Get To Sirince Village I drove a car which took two hours … [Read more...]

Jeep Safari in Turkey – Part 1

Jeep Safari in Turkey

I am normally a great believer in hiring a car and just driving where the road takes me however I took an opportunity yesterday to join some friends on an organized Jeep safari. They were here in Turkey on holiday and wanted a change from lying around the swimming pool. We had shopped around before hand for prices and itinerary details. How much is a Jeep Safari in Turkey? The average price for … [Read more...]

Old Doganbey Village Near Dilek National Park

Old Doganbey Museum

There are many old Greek villages situated around Turkey. They now either have Turkish citizens or are deserted as in the case of the ghost village of Kayakoy on the Mediterranean coast. This happened after the Greek / Turkish citizen exchange treaty that was agreed at the end of the Turkish war of independence. Greeks had to go back to Greece and vice versa. The Greek village of Old Doganbey on … [Read more...]

Kusadasi Harbour in Turkey

kusadasi harbour

Kusadasi has changed over the years however one thing that still remains the same is the harbour. A lot of people miss out on this part of the town as it is distanced from the main center. However all it takes is a short ten minute walk and you will find yourself in among a flurry of activity. Boats will be untying their anchors and taking tourists out to the high seas for the day.  Fisherman … [Read more...]

The Flying Fish of Altinkum : Aegean Cuisine


When I lived in England, I never understood the popular sport of fishing. It seemed pointless to catch fish and throw it back in. I was also a city girl and my staple diet was fast food, or frozen microwave meals. I hardly ate fish unless it was from the local take away, coated in thick, batter, served with greasy, fat chips, and wrapped in paper. Later I moved to Turkey, and during my first … [Read more...]

Soke – A Town On The Aegean Coast of Turkey

Work horses of soke

Soke is not a tourist town and does not seem to be in a rush to make itself one. It is on the Aegean coast of Turkey and is a short drive from the holiday resorts of Altinkum and Kusadasi. Alternatively, you could visit there if you are on your way to Izmir, Ephesus or Selcuk as Soke has a major bus station which is a stopover point for many people traveling by bus. I have been to Soke many times … [Read more...]

Degirmen Farm, Horse Ranch, and Restaurants: Kusadasi

Degirmen lakeside Restaurant Kusadasi

I have always stated that the Aegean resort of Kusadasi does nothing for me. I find it false, pretentious, and annoying that when cruise ships dock in, prices everywhere suddenly go up and local sellers seem obsessed with American and Chinese passengers. It is a popular holiday resort though, especially for people looking for a decent package deal or some spontaneous last minute holidays at the … [Read more...]

Venosa Beach Resort and Spa

Venosa Beach Resort

I recently got the opportunity to have a full guided tour of a 5 star luxury resort and spa. Now,  considering how nosy I am, it did not take me two seconds to scream “yes, I am coming”.  I am talking about the Venosa Beach Resort and Spa that opened it's doors in May of this year, in the area called Yesilkent on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. Trip Advisor would indicate that once Venosa Beach … [Read more...]

Is Turkish Village Life Doomed?

Old Turkish house

This morning I was out and about, and found myself racing back to life in the touristic obsessed destination of Altinkum and normality.  English breakfasts and football shirts suddenly seemed like a welcome sight. Normally, I am a fan of getting off the beaten track and seeing traditional Turkish life so you may be asking the reason for my doom and gloom. The answer is my trip to a village called … [Read more...]

House of the Virgin Mary

christian church service in turkey

The house of the Virgin Mary is in Selcuk, near the resort of Kusadasi. Situated on the Aegean coast of  Turkey, many people visit the nearby ruins of Ephesus and do not go to the house which is a big shame.   I always combine it with my trips to Ephesus, because it is close by.  Most excursion shops in Kusadasi will sell Ephesus with a visit to the house of Virgin Mary included or you can make … [Read more...]

Ancient Ruins of Ephesus on the Aegean Coast of Turkey

Celsius Library - Ephesus

The ancient ruins of Ephesus are by far one of the most visited attractions in Turkey. The country itself has a wealth of historical sites of which most will completely amaze you, including Ephesus These ancient ruins are on the Aegean coast and visited by tourists from all over the world, especially those who want to extend their city break in Istanbul. Very often cruise ships will also dock in … [Read more...]

Animals at Izmir Zoo and Wildlife Park


Zoo animals are a great way to get behind the lens of a camera and practice your photography skills while traveling. In my last article, I discussed my reason for visiting Izmir Zoo and Wildlife Park and that was to answer if  animals  should be kept in zoos? However I did not realize until I arrived at my chosen destination,  that the zoo animals and landscapes made it the perfect place to tone … [Read more...]

Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos?

Animals zoo

I recently spent a lot of time thinking about the question of “should animals be kept in Zoos?” I was prompted to ponder this topical debate subject after discussing Izmir zoo with a few friends.  These friends stated strongly that they would not accompany me on the two hour journey to Izmir, because they viewed zoos as cruel establishments that had no place on the face of the earth. However the … [Read more...]

Bafa Lake On The Aegean Coast of Turkey

Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake is on the Aegean coast of Turkey and is a place to visit if you want to get off the beaten track and away from typical bucket and spade holiday resorts. The size of Bafa lake is beyond your imagination unless you look at a map, and even then you struggle to comprehend just how big it is. Restaurants at Bafa Lake There are many to choose from but most lay off the Milas - Soke road.  … [Read more...]

The Ancient ruins of Miletus in Turkey

Miletos on the Aegean Coast

Miletus is just one of many ancient ruin sites that I have been exploring lately on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. I can say that after viewing the magnificent ruins of Ephesus, all the other ancient-ruin sites have paled in comparison however I was impressed by Miletus. It has an aura around it that leaves you feeling it is hiding so many secrets from the past. About the Miletus Ruins in … [Read more...]

Bogazici and My Quest To Find It

Boat Taxi Bogazici

In my quest to find the tiny fishing village of Bogazici, I got lost in the Mugla region of Turkey.  I was previously told directions of how to get to Bogazici but instead  found myself driving up narrow, mountains roads that were taking me to the middle of nowhere. Eventually, I made it back onto the Bodrum Mugla highway where crazy “MALE” drivers were breaking the speed limit and playing … [Read more...]

My Posh Turkish Breakfast at the Didim Marina Yacht Club

Didim Marina

It has now become a weekly tradition that every Sunday morning, we eat out for breakfast. Our destination this week was Didim Marina Yacht Club for a posh Turkish breakfast. What is the different between a posh Turkish breakfast and a normal Turkish breakfast, I hear you ask? Hmm, mainly the price tag. The average cost of a Turkish breakfast is 8 lira (roughly 5USD or 4 GBP). This breakfast was … [Read more...]

The Floating Restaurant Called Giritli

Turkey Kazikli

I spend a lot of my time eating out for a number of reasons. The first reason is that I always think food tastes better when someone else has cooked it. The second is that I cannot cook and the third reason is that I won’t cook out of pure laziness. Hey, this is my life and I totally admit that I am not a master chef in the kitchen. I am always on the lookout for new places to eat and when the … [Read more...]

The Sleeping Valley of Uyku Vadisi

uyku vadisi - milas - turkey

Uyku Vadisi translated from Turkish to English means Sleeping Valley and the person that gave this touristic establishment the name; definitely hit the nail on the head. My visit on Sunday was totally unplanned however it reinforced my belief that the best days are the unplanned ones. Even though this is a tourist establishment, I have never seen it mentioned in any guide books, nor have I heard … [Read more...]

Bafa Lake Near Altinkum in Turkey

Bafa Lake ducks

Last year I wrote an article on Bafa Lake and I was not intending to do any follow up. However I recently found myself back in the area  on a number of different days because I realized that if you want to practice your photography skills, it is a great area to do so. I don’t profess to be a professional photographer and Bafa Lake is just the destination for people like me who are classed as … [Read more...]

Bozbuk Beach Life

Bozbuk Turkey

I have found my new haven and it is a beach in Bozbuk. This beach is going to be my place to get away from it all. My place to relax, unwind and calm down when daily life gets too much. Bozbuk beach is a place that has gone straight to my heart. The strange aspect is that the beach is just part of a small village which is not really attractive at all. Bozbuk as a village consists of a holiday … [Read more...]

December in Altinkum

altinkum christmas

As normal, the December weather in Altinkum has been unpredictable. Raining one day and sunny the next. It is now Christmas and all expats are obviously hoping for sunshine.  For the last three years, I  worked at Christmas. Perhaps my attitude is down to the fact that it was never  a grand affair in our house when I was growing up. My mother felt it had become too commercialized. I do believe … [Read more...]

Jeep Safari in Turkey : Altinkum, Akbuk and Bozbuk

turkish traveling

Continued from Part one. We head set off from the restaurant  and small winding roads lead us to a beach. Upon first glance, I assumed it was like any other beach in Turkey. My swimming costume was underneath my shorts and t-shirt so I simply took them off and went straight into the water. I was very pleasantly surprised, there was no stones just pure sand, the water was see through and very … [Read more...]

A Cold and Wet Day in Doganbey

aydin doganbey

Yesterday morning I set off from home and planned to return with hundreds of pictures of camel wrestling. This is a tradition in this area of Turkey and I was eager to find out what all the hype was about.  However all good plans had to be abandoned when the heavens opened and the camel wrestling was called off. About Doganbey Having traveled two hours to reach it, I was determined not to … [Read more...]

Altinkum Resort Information

Apollo temple Didim

Altinkum is a small and clicky holiday resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey. It has attracted much negative press because of expats who have been swindled out of life savings by unqualified property dealers who saw quick cash to be made during a property boom. Also a famous American writer visited Altinkum last year and declared that she will never come back because it was not traditional Turkey. … [Read more...]

Kusadasi – Not Quite The Jewel Of Turkey

kusadasi harbour front

I have been meaning to write this post about Kusadasi for quite a while but other  ideas have popped into my mind and it was pushed on a back burner.  You see, Kusadasi is a place in Turkey that I neither love nor hate. It does not excite me but it does not disappoint me either. I have spent many years both living in the resort and also traveling to it from my home resort of Altinkum. Now I could … [Read more...]

The Euromos Ruins of Turkey

Euromos Turkey

I love walking around historical monuments and after a friend mentioned Euromos I decided to head there on a day trip. I was told it was old ruins that were definitely worth a look in. Now, let's get straight to the point here. If you are passing by the Euromos ruins while on the Bodrum / Milas road then do stop off to take a look. Take a couple of photos and get back in your car again. Don’t … [Read more...]

Yalikavak : Boat Captains & Windmills in Bodrum

Beach front Yalikavak

When people ask  for recommendations of where to visit in Turkey, I will add Yalikavak to the list along with Istanbul or Cappadocia.  It is strange that I would do this as there is nothing much to the Bodrum resort that stands out. About Yalikavak in the Bodrum Region of Turkey There is four main streets, windmills, a beach front and a harbor however the vibes that were buzzing around the … [Read more...]

Altinkum Restaurants. The Best Dining Experience.

Altinkum and Didim

Having spent a while in the resort of Altinkum, I thought it was time, I made a list of what I think are the best restaurants. I have come to my conclusion based on the ambiance, the staff but most of the quality of the food. I know it is boring when you try a restaurant and their food can be described as ok, but nothing more than that. These restaurants I think, offer food that leaves you with a … [Read more...]

The Quirky Vibes Of The Kaptan Han Hotel

hotels in Turkey

I stumbled upon the Kaptan Han Hotel completely by accident. I was out and about in the small coastal resort of Kazikli on the Aegean Coast and was looking for a floating fish restaurant that I had read about. The Kaptan Han Hotel and Restaurant was what we found instead.  Driving down the dusty driveway of this establishment does not give anything away. In fact it concealed the secrets that I … [Read more...]

Herakleia and The Hard-Core, Street Crew of Turkey

Herakleia Turkey

Don’t be fooled by the flowery trousers and cute smiles. Don’t assume that these five women are just plain, simple Turkish housewives. They rule the streets with iron fists and even the menfolk of the village run and shrink into the shadows of doorways when they pass. I met the hard-core,  street crew yesterday when we were driving around the old village of Herakleia in Milas in the Aegean region … [Read more...]

Mavisehir : Beautiful Sunsets and Night Markets in Turkey

Sunset & Boats

Today's post is by Simon Bowers who owns a holiday apartment on the West coast of Turkey. I’ve been holidaying in Turkey with my wife for almost four years. We own a small apartment in a town called Altinkum, Didim, which is about an hour’s drive North of Bodrum airport. Every year that we visit, I fall more in love with Turkey. The people, lifestyle, culture and traditions all fuse to present a … [Read more...]

Horse Racing in Turkey – How NOT To Blend In With the Locals

horse racing izmir

Here is the thing about horseracing and me. There is no great passion on my behalf. I do not bet, follow jockeys, go to the tracks and I have never ridden a horse either. However, I like to keep an open mind in Turkey and experience everything at least once. Therefore, when a group trip was arranged to visit the Izmir horse track, I decided to tag along with a group of friends. Before I … [Read more...]