Mediterranean Coast

The Mediterranean Coast of Turkey stretches from the Antalya region to the Marmaris peninsula. The coast has a variety of holiday resorts, beaches, things to do and places to go. The articles below are my experiences and personal accounts. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or information to add.

12 Places To Visit In and Near Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye marina

In the Southwest of Turkey, on the former site of the ancient city of Telmessos, sits the popular coastal city of Fethiye. It is a much-photographed metropolis with a modern appearance that belies its classical origin, and it is highly favourable for domestic and international tourism, as well as Blue Cruise yachting. More exists to the enchanting province than the panoramic Mediterranean sea … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for a Gulet Cruise in Turkey

Gulet Cruising on Turkish coastline

Sitting on the balcony of my hotel room in hilly Kalkan, I stared at the panoramic view of the bay. The sun was slipping down behind the horizon and while I fully appreciated the amazing landscape view in front of me, my thoughts were still firmly focused on memories of my last week on a Turkish gulet boat. I had hooked up with My Blue Cruise, a yachting and gulet company operating on the … [Read more...]

Turkish Luxury Boutique Hotels in Kalkan

kalkan hotels

Our girl holidays happen every year and we have strict desires and needs when it comes to choosing the country, company, and hotel. They include… Luxury five-star and quality boutique hotels A user-friendly website Hip and trendy locations that still have traditional vibes Our trip lasted for ten nights and was definitely one of the best holidays we have chosen. At first glance, we … [Read more...]

Marti Hemithea Hotel in Datca, Turkey: Reader’s Review

Hotel hemithea

My heart belongs in Turkey and every year, I visit a different location on the Mediterranean coast. This time, I decided the small, but appealing resort of Datca, would be my preference.  After browsing through the Elixir Holidays website, my interest was captured by the Hotel Hemithea that has 30 luxurious rooms, a cocktail bar, and a restaurant specializing in fine cuisine.  Hemithea herself was … [Read more...]

Where to See Lycian Rock Tombs in Turkey

Demre rock tombs

Everyone who visits this country should see the Lycian rock tombs of Turkey. They are a reminder of the past, and a previous civilization but more important, they will astonish you, even if you have no interest in history. What are Lycian Tombs? Citizens of Lycia, a previous empire that occupied the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, carved tombs into the sides of hilltops and mountains. They were … [Read more...]

Ruins of Tlos & Lycian Tombs : Home of the Winged Horse, Pegasus

Lycian tombs at Tlos

With a passion for exploring historical sites in Turkey, I always considered myself knowledgeable about most ancient ruins. The Mediterranean coast in particular has plenty, providing Turkey with its most famous walking trail called the Lycian way. Yet, when I discovered an article about the ancient ruins of Tlos, I read it repeatedly because I had never heard of this city. What was its … [Read more...]

Elixir Holidays – Doing Turkey in Luxurious Style


This is a guest post by writer Zeynep Simsek It is often said that Turkey has re-defined the luxury holiday market and has taken accommodation and transport to a new level, but I suggest that one holiday company is almost solely responsible for this higher profile. Elixir Holidays had one clear goal in mind: Provide accommodation to rival the best five star resorts in Tuscany and the French … [Read more...]

Photo Post: Reasons to Visit Fethiye on the Med Coast of Turkey


Fethiye on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is surprisingly adorable even though it is jam packed with British expats and tourists.  They obviously have good reasons to flock there in the thousands and a British newspaper called The Guardian named it as a top tourist spot in the world. Especially people looking for discount rates while savouring the amenities of all inclusive holidays may … [Read more...]

The Colourful Greek Island of Meis

Harbour boat

The Greek island of Meis is colourful, quiet and full of bizarre locals. The one reason why I went there was simply because I was not forced into doing it. You see, when I first came to Turkey, visa runs across to any Greek island were a necessity. Many expats did it and still do it now. At first, it was a novelty, but after a while, it became boring and I constantly thought about better things … [Read more...]

Uzumlu and Traditional Turkish Life. A Photo Post

Turkish women

Here is the problem with the village of Uzumlu which is in  the South west of Turkey near Fethiye. It lacks energy. The people are old, the houses are crumbling and even the animals did not look that healthy. Where were the young people? Where were the vibes that scream optimism for the future? My Thoughts about Uzumlu I went there in search of traditional Turkish life and unspoilt … [Read more...]

The Simplicity of Simena and My Desire to Return

Simena Turkey

My visit to Simena was brief but one that left me with regret. We had arrived into the harbor, having just explored the sunken, underwater ruins of Kekova. The first stop was a crowded restaurant for cold refreshments and homemade ice cream, and then we were swiftly on our way returning to Ucagiz. Also known as, Kaleköy, Simena is a small traditional village and a favorite destination on the … [Read more...]

Göcek –Sophistication that is Not Part of My World

Gocek Marina

I would love to write that Göcek is my top recommended place to go. I would love to express excited admiration for its untold beauty. Truth be told though, I found this Turkish resort to be unwelcoming. I said it was pretentious. Hubby said it was upmarket. Either way, we knew it was just not for us. About Göcek on the south west coast of Turkey I heard about its reputation before I went. A … [Read more...]

Memories Are Everything. Remembering Alacin River

Rivers of Turkey

I have fond memories of Alacin River, a place of natural beauty on the south west coast of  Turkey. I think back to the flawless and scenic landscape, and the sound of water rushing down over ragged rocks. It was peaceful. I felt calm and relaxed. Alacin river was not just about beauty though, but enjoyment as well. We cooked fresh fish on the BBQ by the river and, served it with a … [Read more...]

The Ghost Village Of Kayakoy


Kayakoy ghost village lies a short distance from the bustling and popular resorts of Fethiye and Olu Deniz. It is deserted, it is lifeless, the houses are crumbling and the streets are empty. However, there is an aura and an overwhelming presence that hovers over the village. Some visitors might not sense it, but I did and it washed over me in waves.I truly believe that because I researched the … [Read more...]

Sea Kayaking in Turkey : A Personal Challenge to Conquer

Sea kayaker

 “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing- absolutely nothing- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats” Quote by The Water Rat from Wind In the Willows Typically, my idea of messing around on boats has always been a relaxing pleasure cruise along the coastline. However, when I was faced with the opportunity to do something quite extraordinary and out of habit, I decided to … [Read more...]

Olu Deniz – Forgiving the None Traditional Vibes

Olu Deniz Mountains

One of my favourite destinations on my solo tour was Olu Deniz. Located on the south western coast of Turkey, it is a popular holiday destination for many Brits. Flights to Dalaman Airport are frequent during the summer months and the transfer time is roughly just an hour. Now, I am not going to give you the spiel that Olu Deniz is the perfect introduction to Turkey, because it is not. It is far … [Read more...]

Patara-Four Reasons Why I Will Not Go Back

Patara Beach

Here is the thing about Patara. I actually liked this small quaint village that is part of the Lycian way trekking route but a series of events forced me to wonder if Patara did not want me on its doorstep. I am a great believer in the sixth sense, paying heed to our intuition and after a disastrous three days in the small village, I really did wonder if a supernatural force was trying to tell me … [Read more...]

Butterfly Valley


I handed my fare over to the taxi boat captain and sat down on the wooden seat bench breathing a great sigh of relief. In retrospect, my plans for that day were not complicated. I just wanted to catch the taxi boat from the beach at Olu Deniz to the well-known landmark of Butterfly Valley, a large canyon that is considered to be one of the most picturesque and amazing places in Turkey. In Turkish … [Read more...]

The Blue Cave of Meis


My excitement of being inside the Blue Cave was probably heightened due to the fact that as I set out on the path that led me there, I had never heard of the cave and had no idea of the pure beauty of Mother Nature that I was about to witness with my very own eyes. My story of how I ended up in the Blue Cave has to start with my journey to the Greek island of Meis and my chance meeting with Kostos … [Read more...]

Setting Off On My South Western Tour

Mount Tahtali Kemer

For most of the summer I have been feverishly working seven days a week in order to top up my traveling fund which I had previously emptied down to the last penny. I can finally say that with much delight, I have saved up enough money for another trip. Well done me and I am giving myself a pat on the back as it did not take me as long as I thought it would. So tomorrow morning, with my bags … [Read more...]