The Best Beaches in Turkey

Much of my travels plans have been centered on the coastal resorts so whenever I arrive in a destination, the first thing I do is check out is the beach. Some have impressed me. There have also been others that I turned my back on. For example Kemer beach. I don’t do crowds and I hate rows of sunbeds packed in with no personal space.

Antalya Kemer

I judge a beach on how busy it is, cleanliness and what the water is like for swimming in. After all, there is nothing worse than watching a cigarette butt or empty coke can go floating past you. Below are what I considered the be the best beaches in Turkey. I haven’t been to all the coastal resorts in the country so this list might change by this time next year, if there are any worthy contenders!

The Best Beaches in Turkey

Cirali / Olympos Beach

My fifth favourite is the small and rustic resort of Cirali. It might surprise some people to learn that this beach cannot be described as golden sands. Instead, it is a mixture of sand and pebbles but there was enough room for an introvert like me to sit and admire the scenery in peace.

Best Beaches in Turkey

Bozbuk Beach

Bozbuk is on the Aegean coast and not well known in mainstream holiday packages. It does get busy in the height of summer so avoid it then if you do not like crowds. My last memories of this beach are  wading in and swimming in warm, see through, clean water. The beach is also backed by a small and basic restaurant that serves lunch and ice cold Efes making it my type of place.


Patara Beach

My third favourite is Patara beach but I never actually got chance to swim here. While I was in the resort, it rained on us for three days. However it is a huge sandy beach and the main attraction is the pure beauty of the landscape.

After a disastrous week in the area, I vowed never to go back however have now changed my mind.  I want to return to Patara one day, when the sun is shining, just so I can spend a full day sunbathing and swimming there.

Patara Beach

Phaselis Beach

Coming a close second is the biggest beach at Phaselis. The location in among ancient ruins makes it seem almost surreal and it stretches in a semicircle around the whole bay providing loads of space for personal comfort.  There are no restaurants here so if you want to go for the whole day, pack a picnic.

phaselis beach

Olu Deniz Beach

Olu Deniz beach is my first favourite even though the resort has been heavily influenced by British presence. I can image that in the height of summer it would get very busy but I was there in the last month of the tourism season and crowds were not an issue.

Everything about this beach was just right. Sandy, clean, gorgeous water and restaurants close by. If I were to choose a destination for beach holiday in Turkey, this would be it. If you are looking for your summer holiday package, check out Directline Holidays’ Turkey page.

A question for readers: What is your favourite beach in Turkey?

Beaches in Turkey

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7 Responses

  1. mick sutton

    the trip to the beach over the mountains is worth doing in itself, but the beach is fabulous.

  2. I was there about 11 years ago but need to revisit because I have no photographs and hazy memories!

    Also was not at the turtle sanctuary side so that is a reason to go back in itself

  3. mick sutton

    have you been to iztusu beech yet?
    not the part where the boats come in, but the turtle sanctuary side?
    never too busy, and what a setting!

  4. Thanks Jack – the new look is still a work in progress but getting there slowly. Definitely agree about Patara

  5. There is the British influence Tom but no pebbles on the main beach. Maybe you did end up on the wrong one. Any plan yet as to when you will be back in Turkey?

  6. Patara gets my vote. Both times I’ve visited, there’s been hardly anyone around. And you get the substantial ruins thrown in for free. Heaven. Love the new look, by the way.

  7. Oludeniz?! The beach I remember there was nothing but pebbles, overrun by loud and obnoxious British tourists and British pubs. It was awful. Maybe I just went to the wrong beach in the area?

    Patara is somewhere I’d love to go to, but didn’t make it there when I was in Turkey. Next time for sure!