Black Sea Region of Turkey

The Black sea region of Turkey stretches from the North near Istanbul and heads East to the Artvin province. The region is culturally rich and has beautiful landscapes views that are quite different from the rest of the country. One of the highlights is Sumela Monastery Browse through the articles below to find out more or join us on Facebook.

Are the Laz and Hemsin Communities of Turkey Losing their Plateau Culture?

Dance the Past into the future

My visit to the Northeast region of Turkey has always stuck firmly in my mind. Further inland and outside of the main cities of Trabzon and Rize, it is hard to believe the green hills, tea plantations and cool climate are part of this country. Life in the small villages is basic and old fashioned. I witnessed people building their own wood-houses and milking their cows by hand. In the hotel I … [Read more...]

The Yayla Houses of Demirkapi Plateau

Demirkapi Plateau Turkey

Demirkapi plateau is probably the most surreal place I have visited in Turkey. Located in the Kackar Mountains, we had spent the previous night in Uzungol and the next day, made our way up the mountain using the Haldizen road that was lined with forests, twisted at every opportunity and ran directly next to a fast flowing stream. The aim was to see Yayla houses, which are summer homes that people … [Read more...]

The Ottoman Stone Bridges of Firtina River

Taskemer bridge Firtina Vadesi

In the Rize province of Turkey, sits the Firtina valley. The whole landscape is filled with greenery and when compared to city life like Istanbul or beach resorts of the Aegean; it is easy to image the region as existing in a different country. Hotels in the area are traditional Black sea and locals still adhere to rural life and customs. The focal point of the region is the river that runs … [Read more...]

The Black Sea Region Of Turkey – My Travel Plans


I sat down today and planned a tour in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It is on the north coast  and comprises of  many resorts and places to visit. It is my dream to travel this area. The problem is finding travel information is harder than it looks. Thousands of blog posts have been written about Istanbul or Cappadocia but it seems the Black Sea region of Turkey is not popular. Even Wiki … [Read more...]

The Gorgeous Ayder Plateau of North East Turkey


Sitting on the foothills of the Kaçkar mountains, the gorgeous green Ayder plateau is one place in Turkey that captured my full attention. Numerous Turkish friends had told me about its beauty and simplicity, but I did not realize the plateau would leave me with an overwhelming urge to return. It is in the north-east region near Rize and at the time of my visit in June, the coastal resorts of … [Read more...]

Sumela Monastery and the Black Madonna


Clinging to the side of a mountain in the green and lush area of Maçka  is Sumela monastery, which was built in the fourth century.  I had joined a tour and traveled from the nearby city of Trabzon to visit the iconic building. We drove as far as possible and walked the last two hundred metres uphill. Most of it was uneven ground, sometimes narrow and large tree roots protruding out of the … [Read more...]

The Grand Hagia Sophia of Trabzon

Hagia Sophia Trabzon

The Hagia Sophia of Trabzon is nothing like its equivalent in Istanbul. Smaller and without any majestic pieces of art, it stands discreetly with the sea in the distance and no presence on the horizon. For many years, I assumed there was one Hagia Sophia in Turkey, which is the architectural masterpiece standing across from the Blue mosque in Istanbul. However, there are four of them, two in … [Read more...]

The Colourful Wooden Mosque of Maral

inside a mosque

From the outside, the wooden mosque of Maral looked plain and boring. Situated on a slope, next to a winding mountain road, it would be easy to dismiss it as an abandoned building with no life. The wood was old and tired. It looked out of place with the metal minaret. I was not expecting to be wowed. Once you have seen the size and décor of the Blue mosque in Istanbul, it is difficult … [Read more...]

Is Trabzon a Turkish City Of Love?


I spent three days in Trabzon and as a solo female traveller, I felt safe. The city was easy to navigate and the locals were very friendly. Mention Trabzon throughout the rest of Turkey, and most people will associate it with its football club, Trabzon Spor. The city has a lot more to offer though, then just being a football hub. About Trabzon, a city in Turkey Due to it's location on the … [Read more...]

A Panoramic View of Rize from Çaykur Tea Garden


I placed the back of my hand over my nose and mouth in attempt to cover up the overwhelming smell. I did not want to cup my palm over my mouth, fearful of the germs that I had picked up. While holding my breath, I quickly washed my hands and then made a run for the door. It was too late. My throat started to dry heave as I gasped for some fresh air to replace the smell, resembling a sewage tank … [Read more...]

The Striking Beauty of Efeler Valley

Efeler River Turkey

I have never been a fan of walking, instead considering it to be a waste of time when I could go from A to B much quicker using transport. If people listed walking or trekking as their hobbies, I used to scoff, insisting my time would be better spent doing other things. My opinions were to change after I spent an afternoon walking through Efeler Valley Efeler Vadisi It is called Efeler … [Read more...]

Karagöl : The Black Lake of Borçka

Black lake of Borcka

The drive to Karagöl was not easy or pleasant. Translating into Black Lake, Karagöl is located high in the mountains of Borçka. It does not appear on printed maps, considered too small to be of any significance. It is highly recommended to visit though, if you can face the treacherous ride up the mountain. Driving to the Black Lake of Borçka Many of the roads in this area are poorly … [Read more...]

Walking Hell’s Gorge

Hells Gorge

I know exactly how Hell’s Gorge earned its name. It is nothing to do with the deep canyon or the narrow and stifling walking path between two massive mountains. No, I believe Hell’s gorge refers to how I felt after I had climbed it. I had been to hell and back again! I struggled over large boulders with sweat trickling down my forehead. I felt a tremendous strain in my upper leg muscles as I … [Read more...]

Beekeeping in Turkey : How To Make Sweet, Golden Honey

Bees at work

Turkey ranks third of largest honey producing countries in the world and after I unexpectedly met a local beekeeper in Maral; I am surprised they are not number one. Personally, I think the bloke is mad to do the beekeeping job using his unorthodox methods but hey, this is Turkey and they do produce some of the sweetest honey on the market There is nothing fancy about beekeeping in Maral. That … [Read more...]

Ear Cropping of Dogs – Ignoring An Age Old Tradition


You can call me naive but up until last week, I did not know about ear cropping of dogs. I left the Black sea region of Turkey thinking it was an age-old tradition specific to that area. However, research on the internet revealed it is a worldwide issue and one that preyed on my mind deeply. What prompted my interest in the subject? A dog called Karabas I met him in the mountainous and remote … [Read more...]

Black & White Photos of Trabzon, Turkey

Trabzon city in Turkey

In the eastern Black sea region of Turkey, the city of Trabzon stands on the coastline. It is proud of its heritage and historical importance  as a major trading port on the old silk road. The region also captured the attention of many famous travel writers through history including Marco Polo and Evliya Celebi. They were not the only ones who were in awe of Trabzon because  in 1461, the Ottoman … [Read more...]

Göksu Waterfall & the Long Walk


The guide said it was a gentle stroll to Göksu waterfall. “It will only take an hour,” he said Sounded good, I thought. Göksu waterfall is described as a beautiful and natural landmark of the Black sea region so I was desperate to see it. However, I soon learned that when it came to defining the words “gentle stroll” The guides definition and mine was completely different. Getting to … [Read more...]

Photos of the Black Sea Region in Turkey

Black Sea Sunset

By now, everyone knows that my dream is to travel around the Black Sea region of Turkey.  I have heard stories about lush, green mountains and wood houses that resemble the Swiss Alps. I am eager to meet the locals that apparently have a smile on their faces every day of the week. Each month with fierce determination, I save money for my traveling fund. I am also in the process of gathering … [Read more...]

This Turkish Woman Is More Than 100 Years Old

More than 100 years old

During my time in Turkey, I have often witnessed social situations when a person earns respect dependent on their status in society or their wealth. It is a part of Turkish life that I loath as more often than not, the same people have no moral ethics or mutual respect for other people. I instead prefer the term that "respect should be earned and not given". However, last week, I met an old woman … [Read more...]

Ataturk Pavilion in Trabzon

House of Ataturk in Trabzon

While in Trabzon, I was desperate to see the the Ataturk pavilion, also known as Ataturk's House (For those of you not familiar with Turkey, Ataturk was the man who led the Turkish war of independence, eventually leading to the formation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923). About Ataturk's Pavilion in Trabzon Anyway, it transpired that Ataturk spent hardly any time in this house. A … [Read more...]