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I sat down today and planned a tour in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It is on the north coast  and comprises of  many resorts and places to visit.It is my dream to travel this area. The problem is finding travel information is harder than it looks.

Thousands of blog posts have been written about Istanbul or Cappadocia but it seems the Black Sea region of Turkey is not popular. Even Wiki travel has blank spaces for where it recommends where to go, what to see and what to eat.

Anyway,  I have managed to put together my travel plans for a tour of the Black sea Region.  The rest of it, I will just have to figure it out as I go along.  My aim is to take three months to explore this region. Could be more, could be less. Who knows?

The Black Sea Region Of Turkey

1 – Akçakoca is a small town on the western coast of the Black sea.   This will be my starting point as it is just a bus ride away from Istanbul. My aim is to travel from the West to the East coast. This town  has a castle, one of the biggest mosques in the area and there is the old town to wander around and get some impressive photos of.

2 – I will then head inland to Safranbolu which is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage sight thanks to the Ottoman houses and architecture that still stands. This area seems to be more used to tourism then others as there are a wide choice of tours and hotels to choose from.


3 – Back up to the coast line to visit the seaside resort of Amasra. From what I can gather there is not much to do in this resort but I want to find out what all the fuss is about. Its normal population is 6,000 but in the summer seasons, this apparently triples when all the Turks from Istanbul and Ankara head there for their holidays. There must be some hidden secrets to keep them all going back.


4 – Next is the city of Sinop which apparently has views that makes any travel photographer imagine that they have won the lottery. It has some sightseeing tours such as a historical fortress and the oldest prison in Turkey. I have heard though the  nightlife is meant to be even more impressive. After all that traveling, I will need a drink or two!


5 – After I have finished experiencing the nightclubs in Sinop then it will be time to head to Samsun. This is the largest city on the Black Sea coast. There is the Archaeological  Museum to wander around, but I am mainly  interested in this place as the founder of Turkey called Mustafa Kemal Ataturk spent a lot of time here. There is a museum dedicated to him as well as a 13th century mosque and the Russian market. Not got a clue what the Russian market is about,  but dying to find out!


6 – After a big city then it is off to the town of Torul which is inland. Castles, dams, lakes and caves are a definite must see in this area. There is also a small village called Gümüstu which is stuck in time. Sounds like a fairytale land of dragons and dungeons.

Amasra houses

7 – Trabzon is the next stop to see the Sümela Monastery. It is fourth century and located high up in the forests on the mountain. There is also an art gallery and a shopping mall. My husband no doubt will be popping along to see Trabzonspor Stadium. The football team is one of the well known ones in Turkish football.

Black Sea Region of Turkey

8 – Finally will be Rize which is known all through Turkey for its tea. One read of any travel website and it seems that there is nothing else to do in Rize. So, why do I want to go? I know many people from this town and I have heard a lot about it. Just because the travel websites don’t list things to do, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing there.  After all, it is a big city.

So that is my planned tour of the black sea region of Turkey. Of course, if any destination come up between the places above, I will be heading off to experience them.


In June of 2012, I completed a tour of the north east region of the Black Sea. You can see all my articles here.



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  1. Hi Javier, sorry but can not give you any help as I went in the opposite direction to this planned route. I have known other people who have done that route and they enjoyed it though.

    Don’t forget that October the 29th is also Independence day so most banks, offices and some shops etc will be shut on that day. Check ahead if you plan to do any sightseeing to make sure the places will actually be open.

  2. Javier Armstrong

    Hi Natalie,

    not sure you will read this time but I am currently in Ankara and will be heading to Saframbolu tomorrow morning by bus. I will also be going to Amasra all together three days. Wondering if you had any updates on any of those two towns. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    I’m a student and photographer and of course it is now Bayram.


  3. Hi Peri – it looks like my plans will change now and I will work my way from Rize to istanbul. The initial plan is to use public transport as much as possible and for the places that are off the transport routes, arrange car hire. How long are you allocating for your journey as I was not quite sure of how much time to spend in each place?

  4. Peri

    Hi Natalie
    I have discovered your blog and as I shall be travelling to the Black Sea area from Istanbul to Rize, have copies most of your itinerary. Do you plan to travel by public transport or hire a car, as some places are out of Town once you have arrived there?

  5. Hi ilker,

    I plan to visit there this year. thank you for sharing your photos. I have connected with you on Google Plus and nearer the time, if you do not mind I will ask you questions

  6. ilker

    Hi Natalie,
    I read one of your post and I was planning to ask you have you been in Rize before but saw this post.
    It seems you did not make real your plans ?
    I have been livin in istanbul for more then 10 years but I am lucky to born and grown up in Rize. As I think meaningless to say/advice visit that or this place I added some of my photos taken in Rize. And I will be happy to reply your questions/comments.
    District in Rize (where I born)
    Near Kackar mountain:
    City center:
    Zil kale (castle)

  7. Hi Lisa, Thanks for stopping by and thank you so much for the tips. Glad you like the photos and I hope you come back here after your trip in May to let me know all about it. I don’t think that I will be going until the end of summer now but when I do, I will definitely write about it here.

  8. Lisa Matthews

    Hi Natalie,

    it is great to read your blog, I found it serendipitiously as I am researching for my trip along the black sea coast with my daughter in May/June 2011. If you want to go a little inland I have heard that the road between sivas and erzincan is absolutely stunning, as well as a place called Tokat from where you can access the Balica Caves. Another place inland that seems interesting is Kastamonu. There are so many wonderful places I am discovering to visit my greatest challenge is to fit in everything I want to do in the time I have, so I will have to make sacrifices. I was going to delete Rize from the agenda but since reading Zerrin’s post I am tempted to put it back on the itinerary.
    By the way, the photos in your blog are truly beautiful!
    I hope that the trip fulfils all your expectations.

    Kind regards,

  9. Brenda Farrell

    Hi Natalie, I will send you some suggestions based on an itinerary I put together for a photographer client last year. Not sure where you will start from, but if from Istanbul, I would recommend you go to Sile and Agva, about 3 hours from Istanbul. River and Black Sea together!

  10. You’re welcome, Natalie. Thanks, I’m glad you like the Lake George pictures. I’m planning to go back next summer again. I heard during the winter time it gets icy on the lake. The morning sunrise was amazing, especially the our deck was facing the lake :).

  11. Hi Sarah, Thanks for stopping by. I have just had a look at your blog as well. Your pictures of lake George are gorgeous. Imagine waking up to that every morning. Stunning!

  12. Hi Natalie,
    I find your link through a comment you left on AsweTravel. I’m so glad I click through it. You have many interesting posts with beautiful pictures. Black Sea Region sounds like a heaven to many photographers. The scenic view must be so breath-taking. I never visited Turkey before, I hope someday in the future. It’ll be a place I go visit. Great post again!

  13. Hi Zerrin. Thank you so much for your recommendations. I will make a note of them. Glad to hear you enjoyed the area, everyone I speak to who has been there recommend a very good camera for excellent pictures.

  14. zerrin

    This looks like a perfect tour to Black Sea region, which is the best place to recharge batteries or to have a newly born feeling. It’s so clean and fresh there, pure and million tones of green will make surprise you. I went there about 5 years ago and I fall in love with its landscapes. It was a school trip. Our starting point was Rize and then went to its small plateus (yayla in Turkish). You must see Ayder Yaylasi and Anzer Yaylasi there. These places make you feel in a fairy tale. I highly recommend you to stay at Ayder houses made of wood. That will be a great experience for you. There are such impressing places in the borders of Rize, so don’t skip this city. Some names of places in Rize I remember and recommend you to see are Camlihemsin, Zil Tower(Zil Kalesi), F?rt?na Deresi. Then mountain Ovid(Ovid Da??) was still another place you might want to see. If you love climbing, this is a perfect place to dance with clauds.
    Trabzon is a great choice to see. And don’t skip Uzungöl, which is very famous with the mosque reflection on its water.
    Hope this information is helpful for you.
    Best wishes.

  15. Hi TFL. It must be the views in Amasra that make people go back again. I won’t be doing my trip till next year but will let you know if I go before you.

  16. turkey's for life

    Now we are jealous, Natalie! 🙂 That’s a big dream of ours so will be reading your posts with interest. Our Turkish friends went to Amasra for their honeymoon last summer and their photos are just stunning.

  17. Hi Inka, I have bookmarked your blog so I can read all your posts. Will be emailing you about a blog exchange. Speak soon. Natalie

  18. inka

    Hi Natalie, I visited Amasya in June and have written quite a lot about it. It’s absolutely beautiful as is the rest of the Black Sea region. Thanks for your comment on europe a la carte (Kaisery) Can we blog exchange? My latest is