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My next destination on my South Western tour of Turkey was the small coastal resort of Cirali and I had high expectations after the disappointment I had felt with Kemer. However after one day of exploring Cirali and the surrounding areas,  I decided I was hopelessly in love with this small, unspoilt destination.

About Cirali

Cirali has one main street in the village, no ATM machine, no local transport network and the resort does not put on any airs and graces. It is rustic, plain, simple and what you see is what you get. A coastal resort that is peaceful and calm while maintaining a distinct personality and welcoming strangers from outside.

Cirali Turkey

How to Get to Cirali

To get to Cirali, I got off the local dolmus bus on the Antalya coastal highway and waited for the Cirali taxi bus to fill up before the driver descended down the winding mountain road that lead to the beautiful bay. The mountain road is lined with an abundance of pomegranate trees and it eventually ends up in the main street of the village which has a few shops, restaurants and mobile sellers that do not know the meaning of the word hassle or stress.

Mobile shop in Cirali

Don’t be surprised to be sitting in a restaurant eating lunch and see a family of ducks watching you.

Ducks in the restaurant

After lunch, feel free to have an afternoon siesta in the restaurant hammocks that hang from old age trees

Cirali Restaurants

Carry on walking through the village and you reach the peaceful and calm beach that is shared with the neighboring resort of Olympos


Local transport is in the form of bikes that make for easy exploring of the village and surrounding mountain areas. They can be hired but many of the accommodations will let you use them free as part of the facilities

Bike riding in Cirali

Hotels in Cirali

There are two modern hotels in Cirali, but the trend is traditional Turkish pansions and camping sites which are cheap and an ideal choice for anyone traveling on a budget. Cirali is also the alternative for couples and families who do not want to stay in the village of Olympos which tends to attract youngsters looking for a lively nightlife.

Locals of Cirali

Things to do in Cirali

Cirali is a quiet and peaceful place to head to but despite its secluded location, there are still plenty of things to do.  The ancient ruins of Olympos can be reached by walking half an hour along the beach and at night time head to the burning stones of Chimera located high in the mountains.

To explore the surrounding areas, simply go back to the Antalya highway and catch a bus to Phaselis, the cable car of Mount Tahtali or the town of Demre where you will find the church of St Nicholas and the ancient ruins of Myra.

I was disappointed to learn that I had arrived out of season and the nesting of the Caretta Caretta turtles had passed however if you are there between the months of July to September, join in with a spot of Turtle watching.

Turkey Cirali

If you are looking for a unique holiday destination that is not tailored to mass tourism, Cirali will be a fantastic location to choose. It has friendly vibes, is unspoilt and it is a quirky village that is firmly engrained in my memories of Turkey at its best.

Cirali Antalya

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  1. says

    I knew you’d like Cirali. It’s the perfect place for rest and relaxation, and an idyllic base for exploring the surrounding area.
    Jack Scott wrote about..Jack the Hack

  2. phil + Di marina gateway says

    sounds like our kind of place its another one on our todo list you sound much happier here than you did in kemer
    i love the photos you have put on facebook and the blue cave is another place we realy want to go to

    how are finding being on your own i no your a chatty person so you will always find someone to talk to but a woman on her own in Turkey are you finding it easy , you can speak Turkish so that must help

    Hubby has such a large family are you calling in on any of them while your out and about

    im looking forward to the next report already + thank you for taking the time to share all this with us

  3. says

    . . now this really is my sort of place. J and I were right next door about 10 years ago and didn’t realise – now we both want to put that right. Thanks for a really good and useful post.
    (ps we’re back home so hope to see you when you are nearby)
    Alan wrote about..Serendipity!

  4. says

    We were just around the rocks in Olympos and loved both there and Cirali. This might well be my favourite spot in Turkey.
    Shane wrote about..#RTWsoon: Sara Grazia

  5. says

    @Jack – yes, Cirali definitely is special

    @Phil and Di – There has always been some one to talk to Di. Solo travelers or couples. Hubby families is further east so not seen any of them. Doing fine on my own and plenty more posts to come.

    @Alan – Dalayn is still on my list so I should be able to come your way

    @Roving Jay – I think you would be happy in Cirali

    @I might have to agree with you there but Kas does come a close second.
    Natalie wrote about..Kemer – The Sad Facade and an Obsession with the Euro

  6. says

    ooooh i went this last summer in Olympos,is peacefull place! Also in Phaelis!

  7. suzi says

    Cirali is the most chilling place to be very, very, beautiful and Olympos ruins, truly a calm and stunning place, every one should visit here……

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