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Natalie SayinHi Readers,

Welcome to the Turkish Travel blog, in which I write about destinations, culture, traditions, food and the history of Turkey.

I offer travel advice, post my real-life experiences and talk passionately about the towns, cities and villages so I can encourage people to visit this wonderful country.

What makes me qualified to be an expert on destinations, culture, food and traditions of Turkey?

When My Story Started

Well in 2001, I booked a late-deal holiday for two weeks in the sunny coastal town of Marmaris. At the end of the holiday, I knew I wanted more out of life. Turkey had awoken me to strive and make the most of my time on this planet.

I went back to England, applied for many jobs and in 2002, arrived in Turkey to work full-time as a holiday rep.

Experiences over the years have prompted many emotions including pure enjoyment, side-splitting laughter, memorable contentment and hysterical floods of tears.

Turkey Travel Blogger

I worked in many coastal resorts of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey.

I also spent four years working as an estate agent, before taking employment in a local hotel to act as their customer service representative.

I always had a dream to be my own boss so in 2010, I delved into the freelance writing business and my extensive knowledge of Turkey instantly gave me an edge in an already competitive subject.

By 2014, I had built an established client base and registered my business so was finally official.

I have travelled extensively across the country from west to east, heard the life stories of locals, saw first-hand their cultural beliefs and even taken part in some traditions like the sacrifice of the lamb at Ramadan.

As well as a registered business, I also own a home in Turkey; have Turkish citizenship and even a Turkish name! (Don’t ask, it is a long story)

I think that more or less qualifies me as an expert on the topic

Travelling in TurkeyWhile I have met with a few difficulties living here as an expat, the years have been kind to me.

I have been able to take my extensive travel knowledge about Turkey and turn it into a full-time profitable business.

When I am not working, I spend time on the road, although freely admit I can’t read maps and often get lost.

When I am not wandering around the coastal towns, cities and villages of Turkey, you can normally find me in a museum or reading the latest book about Turkey and its people.

Many people who have travelled to Turkey will agree that the country is addictive. I meet holiday makers from all walks of life, who return year after year, sometimes to the same place and sometimes to a new resort or town.

Even first time visitors, who previously scoffed at the idea of coming here, are now hardened fans who will continue to visit for the rest of their life.

If you have not been to Turkey, you are missing out on a country that brings so many friendships and lifetime experiences with it.

I recommend you close this blog and book a plane ticket today. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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