Where To Stay in Cappadocia

I received an email from a reader who was asking where to stay in Cappadocia…

D wrote…

“I was wondering, which town should I make my base?

Goreme, Urgup, Uchisar, or…?

Which would be the most quaint (for lack of a better word) town to stay, although, I would love to see all 3 towns mentioned and/or more if possible.

Having said that, I am also interested to see and experience the ongoings of Turkish rural life as well, as I am a photographer and would like to capture the essence of rural Turkey”

Where to Stay in Cappadocia – My Answer

The answer really depends on your budget. If you are looking for cheap accommodation, you will find that in Goreme. This town is also classed as the hub of the region because of the good transport links. There is a wide variety of restaurants and bars and it is close to the Goreme open-air museum.

If you have no budget, Uchisar is a quaint place to stay. It is not as busy as Goreme but it has its own attractions and great photo opportunities.  On my last visit, I stayed at the Taskonaklar hotel and enjoyed wandering the small side streets, which eventually led me up to the castle.

view from Uchisar castle

view from Uchisar castle

I also walked from Uchisar to Goreme on two occasions, which took me past Panoramic View Point. If walking is not your thing, there is a regular bus between the two places.

A lot of the tour companies stay in Urgup and I went there for a day. It seems very nice however; I would not choose to stay overnight there because it seemed out of the way for someone who was relying on public transport.

In terms of capturing the essence of rural Turkey, I found it easier to do this in other destinations. The Cappadocia region is focused on tourism and they seem to be a very tight knit community.

One man that may be able to help you is an expat called Duke. He runs the website called “Captivating Cappadocia” and can give you more in-depth information regarding rural Turkey because he lives there.

There is also another expat called Pat Yale who lives in the region and has extensive knowledge. Her website is “Turkey from the inside” and I am sure she will be able to direct you toward rural areas.

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  1. Jennifer Roche says

    I stayed in Urgup. It is a small and very friendly place. I stayed in a small cave hotel The owner Omer helped me to book further trips in the area and also a very inexpensive 4 day trip south to Mount Nemrut and Sanliurfa

  2. Jesse says

    Our group stayed at the Dedeman Kapadokya hotel in Nevsehir.

  3. says

    Thank you for this post….I’m going to be in this region in April or May and wasn’t sure where to stay…..so this will be helpful.
    Really (LOL) I hope to see them filming Yer Gok Ask,,,,which I follow here with my Turk husband.
    Where is the airport around there….I’m coming from Izmir????
    Thanks again for sharing this info. :-)

  4. says

    I’ve only been to Turkey once with my parents and I didn’t get to see a lot of the country back then, so I’m thinking of heading back there. It’s not on top of my list, but I’ll definitely keep this post for further reference!

  5. says

    Great debate subject, Natalie, this can raise some lively discussion from Göremelis and Ürgüplus as each try to defend his/her corner! The old stereotypes of upmarket Urgup vs backpacker Göreme are always brought out, but that is a bit outdated now. I would say Göreme scores very highly on amazing scenery, close behind Uchisar which really has stunning views but is quiet in the evenings and dead in winter. Urgup has nothing as extraordinary in the way of landscapes but is a pleasant all-year-round market town.
    Göreme has everything that tourists are looking for, with over 120 hotels for 2,200 inhabitants, it is now geared to tourism in a big way – I would have loved to have known the Göreme of yesteryear that Pat Yale describes. In my view, Urgup lives with tourism, Göreme lives from tourism. Urgup has a good selection of decent restaurants, in fact when people who live in Göreme go out to eat, they tend to go to Urgup. (For Yer Gok Ask fans, like Erica, the crew eats regularly in Zeytin restaurant in Urgup!). But it all comes down to a matter of personal likes/dislikes – I live in Urgup so I am bound to be biased!
    But we shouldn’t forget places like Ortahisar or Mustafapasa – both are typical, quaint villages still unscarred by mass tourism although still near all the “main” tourist sites. In fact the things to see in Cappadocia are scattered from north to south but in such a condensed area that you are never far from anywhere. Just a last thing, and I’ll stop waffling, the public bus services are in general very good – the Mustafapasa-Urgup buses for example run every half hour until 10 at night. Uchisar is a little trickier and Goreme municipal buses only run every 2 hours! The last bus from Göreme to Urgup is at 7pm – maybe to encourage tourists to stay and eat in Göreme! We don’t have a car and don’t find it a handicap getting out and about from Urgup. We did try to compile a website of our favourite places, but there are so many of them that there is still a lot of work to be done. Sorry for going on a bit and thank you for your excellent blog – your photos of places all around Turkey make me dream of travelling a lot more….

  6. Jane says

    I stayed at Kilim Pension in Uchisar. It is delightful and the family are something else – Sisik and Papa Sisik. It is like being part of their family.

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