My Turkish Love Letter : (Translated into English) : Part One

Readers, before I show you my Turkish love letter, it is important to know the background of my story, more so if you are not familiar with the hot-blooded libido of Turkish men for Western women.

Any tour of Turkey by a single female, whether pretty or hideously repulsive, will produce numerous marriage proposals; requests for Facebook addresses and on the odd occasions, you may even gain a dedicated stalker or two.

Do not forget the excessive attention to our boobs and bums. If you have a rear end like Beyoncé, you have just trebled your chances of attracting even more attention.

turkish manMost Turkish men wear their heart on their sleeves and shower you with a never-ending barrage of compliments and declarations of undying love.

This obsession with Western women have prompted many to say that traveling to Turkey as a solo female is asking for disaster but, if  you can look after yourself, I say “go for it girls.” Revel in the attention.

Occasionally, this loving façade has also led women to make disastrous life decisions as they swoon over their new lover and the attention he gives, hence the phrase “Turkish love rats.” Luckily, I am poorer than most of the efficient and successful love rats operating in the holiday coastal resorts. I also have no intention of living in any other country, so the men with prior motives of an easy visa out of Turkey, tend to stay away from me.

My Story

Over the years, I have enjoyed many dalliances, long-term relationships and even took the plunge and said yes to a marriage proposal. Seven years later, after cultural differences destroyed our bond, I divorced my Turkish Romeo and entered the dating scene again.

Then one day, a Turkish man walked into my life and proceeded to rip my heart to pieces. I spoke about the experience in another post.

“I met him in a restaurant and was instantly attracted to his dark, rugged looks and cheeky smile.  He grabbed my hand, looked at me and a whirlwind romance started. We spent lots of time talking, watching films, dancing, laughing, and kissing. I was on cloud nine and truly hooked.

When we were apart, we missed each other. When we were together, we made love, damn good, intense love. Again and again. All over the house. The passion ignited something within me. I felt beautiful again. The sexual chemistry was intense and addictive. He said he felt the same.

Then one day, I sent him a text. He did not reply which was unusual. I thought nothing of it until his friend rang late at night.

My Turkish lover, who had captured my heart, was in prison.

He had stabbed a man three times during an argument over money. He will be in prison for a long time. I still feel stupid, disappointed, and cheated. My heart still feels as if it has been ripped in two.”


So, faced with no choice but to get on with my life, I tried to forget him but he has always been at the back of my mind. Then last week, a letter arrived from the prison in the next town. It was from my Turkish heartbreaker.

I should point out at this stage that it is impossible to do a direct translation from Turkish to English. The Turks also have a completely different way of talking. For instance, they never switch on or switch off a mobile telephone; they either open or close it.

For this reason, some of the wording may seem odd however; I have tried to stick to the original letter as much as possible. I also omitted some personal information that will never make the light of day on the Internet!

My Turkish Love Letter

love letterNatali, I want to start these words by saying hello. I have been wondering about you a lot and miss you. You have captivated me ever since the first day we met and I wanted you to be the first and last woman in my life.

However, for some reason that I do not know, unfortunate things happened to separate us and now I am here, on my own.

When my time in prison finishes, I will continue with the rest of my life but I do not want to carry on by myself. I want a life friend and person to share love, fate and hope with.

I want that person to be you. I believe it will be you. Sitting here, I hope with my heart that you think the same. If you do, I will be so happy.

I think about you too much. I want to be by your side but I am not. I cannot stand feeling so sorry and sad while I am here but when I think of being with you, it gives me strength to live. The thought gives love in my life and fills every place with happiness.

Natali, my only dream is to see you, touch you softly, talk with you, and look into your eyes to tell you how much I miss you.

God willing, you feel the same but I am sure you do. I know you do because the first time I met you, I gave you half my heart and it still continues to beat strongly now.

Natali. Take care of yourself. If you want to see me, tell my friends and they will arrange for you to visit with my brother. If you send a reply, I will be so happy.  I am waiting.

What will I do?

Well, wondering around the inside of a Turkish prison, acting out scenes from Midnight Express has never been high on my travel agenda.

I also do not intend to wait five years for a man, no matter how good his lovemaking skills were.

I do however feel that a reply is needed. I am not sure what to say but will publish my response to my Turkish Casanova in part two.

Readers : What you would say if you wanted to answer this letter? Would you visit someone in a Turkish prison?

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Please note : Photos did not represent any actual person.

Turkish Love Letters – Part Two

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Hi. My name is Natalie Sayin and I am the author of The Turkish Travel Blog. I am an Internet addict with a passion for history. Read my story here or leave a comment below to join the discussions.
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  1. says

    I’m sure whatever you write will be sensitive and kind but it’s time to walk away, I would have thought.
    Jack Scott wrote about..Smash

  2. says

    Write from your heart, tell him how much you have been hurting use it as a way to heal. I agree with Jack, its time to walk away. My gut feeling he was your rebound man and its time to give your heart sometime to heal and for you to find the next chapter in your life.

    Whatever your write and decide I wish you all the luck in the world. I think we have all been hurt like this at some point and it takes a while to get over it. Well it did for me.
    Kerry Arslan wrote about..Whats Life like Living in Turkey ?

  3. Tamsin Young says

    Go visit him!!! Oh I nearly cried reading this! I think this love affair needs some sort of conclusion, love knows no boundaries! On the other point it will be interesting to see a Turkish prison?

  4. says

    Wow!! Crazy…It’s so easy to get caught up in romance and let us be blinded by who that person really is. That’s why I’ve decided that no matter how much I am attracted to someone that I will get to know them as a person first before letting romance sweep me away.
    Val-This Way To Paradise wrote about..Winter Holidays-Where To Go Sun Chasing

    • Paula Wales says

      now i see a woman that thinks and is smart enough not to be caught up in a romantic relationship and what your saying every woman should do but sometime we can be blind … and love hurts and men will broke your heart and sometime let them …

  5. says

    I agree with Jack and Kerry – it’s time to walk away. I came out of a long term relationship in July. Met what I thought was the perfect man in August, and it turned out he wasn’t – he was just a rebound guy, even though we had a great connection, there was no future. I’d say give yourself some ‘you’ time, and as for the letter, word it gently, but let him know you can’t stall your life for however many years to wait for him.
    Tom @ Waegook Tom wrote about..Fantasy Five Reboot: Turkey

  6. Sarah says

    If he’s the one then the wait will be worth it! 😉

    If you are practical there are so many negatives, like will you be too old to have kids when he’s released? What will his prospects be as an excon? But if you are total romantic and he’s special then waiting for him would be an amazing love story.


  7. Angelina says


    Your story was an emotional read as it very close to home. I was an American living in Italy where I met and fell very in love with a Tunisian. Our relationship was passionate and we were soul mates We were together for 6 months and had decided to take things to the next level. One day he did not come home, no call, his phone closed. I was terrified! I call his friends and they too worried. By the evening it was known that he was in jail. Busted for some hashish in his pocket apparently he was going to sell it and was set up.. What to do?? His letter arrived, I wondered what to do walk away or answer. How could I not answer…… hence the Love Letters began… I was in it deep. Each letter more romantic. I took it upon myself to help find legal assistance (things are not fair in Italy for a Foreigner) I was granted permission to visit and did so weekly. After a sentence of 7 months he was released on house arrest at my home. Where we were locked away lovers for another 5 months. CRAZY!!! Right!!!! This is going back nearly 5 years now. We have had a roller coaster ride of a relationship and now find ourselves apart again, I had decided it was time for me to return to the States for my 8 year old’s education. He misses us terribly but is supportive as we miss him… how this will end I have no idea! We are looking into him coming to the States however with his legal issue I doubt its possible. I love this man with all my heart and he loves me, but honestly it is sometimes chaotic and our heated arguments are cultural related. It does cross my mind how the last 5 years would have been had I not answered the letter or if only with a good bye.

  8. says

    What do you want to do?

    If you still love him and really feel he is your soul mate go and see him?

    I know there will lots of people screaming No No No ….and think I am crazy but Turks are very hot blooded and I know many people who have been in prison for some rash behaviour. Most have realised they don’t like it and never have gone back and some keep in stabbing and shooting people who cross them.

    Your man sounds to me genuinally sorry – he obviously is desperately sad about the way things have turned out. He sounds like he knows he has been stupid. He is unlikely to serve 5 years even if he got sentenced to it and Turkish prisons are nothing like the one in Midnight Express which wasn’t even in Turkey.

    I think you should follow your heart – and if your heart is saying that he is the one you want to be with – going to visit is the way to work out whether those feelings are strong enough to survive this.
    Sandy Eftekin wrote about..Caramelised onions

    • says

      Thanks for the advice but I don’t want to follow my heart Sandy. The brick walls are firmly up at the moment and any visit to see him, I predict will just shatter my feelings even more.
      Natalie wrote about..The Shoe Maker from Gaziantep

  9. Jamie says

    What do you feel about him? Was it just fun for the hollidays or do you really have feelings for him. Think about that! And make your decission. Good luck!

  10. Jennifer says

    I would write to him, explain how it was wonderful at the time but as fate has parted you now it is time to say goodbye. If you visit him in prison you will give him false hope. Being isolated with little to do he may build you up in his mind and put all his future on you. If the relationship did not work out or you met another man you may find yourself in danger. Take care

  11. Racky Villaflores says

    i’m just so eager to know the whole story…

  12. Neco says

    He is a criminal. So, I would forget him if i were you.

    — The midnight express is an anti-Turkish propaganda movie. Actually, Turkish prisons are like hotels you stay at with free food three times a day, free bed. You can even buy drugs, go out whenever you want and come back to prison in the morning.


  13. Christine says

    Is everyone forgetting this man killed someone. Who cares how romantic he is. He is in jail and for five years at that. Men are like buses a new one comes by every five minutes, and with that said what’s strong with being single. You have not been divorced that long. Enjoy yourself you need some time to heal, have fun meet new people and if your still single and looking in five years give him a call. But really are you interested in a man that will kill someone over money.

    • says

      I don;t think everyone is forgetting but you are just more straight forward Christine. :)

      Also he didn’t kill the man but yes, he was severely injured.

      To be honest, not sure I want to be with anyone that can resort to violence. It shows a short temper and the idea of being on my own is looking quite attractive.
      Natalie wrote about..Ahmet the Coppersmith from Beypazari

  14. Aktan Aydogmus says


    you are lucky that you are still alive. This “loverboy” of yours, is a man, that has no respect for life and humanity. He solves his disputes with violence. He stabs people. This is not swearing, it is not smacking or kicking someone. This is murder. Nobody s interested in what happened to the poor guy that was stabbed by your oh so romantic casanova. Maybe he died, maybe he had family and children. Maybe he is crippled now or has lost some vital organs. You and the commentators are interested in your love life, etc.
    That guy will come out and keep walking on the dark side of the road, honey. You had your share of joy and happiness. You have to close this file and rest the case. If you save a man like this an finally get him out of jail somehow, you will live with an ex-criminal. He is writing you this so called “love letter” because he has lost everything and everybody. He is so pathetic, that he dars playing with the emotions of a naive European like yourself. You should get yourself together and neglect the guy. Look into the future, don’t look back. What else has to happen, so that you realize that this particular guy is not the guy you are go?ng to spend your life with? Do you have to feel the knife on your own body? If you stick to a guy like this, you will feel that pain soon. THe is just trying to appeal on your humanity and playing with your good will. For me, he is a wolf in a sheep’s costume, lady.

    You can find good guys everywhere. Assholes, too. You have come across one that bears both adjectives. He let them out one by one. You are lucky, that all this didn’t happen after you married him or something.

    I am a Turkish man, married with 2 children. I spent half of my life in Germany and Sweden. I know well about this sex tourism of yours that ends tragically. Either with a marriage or with rape or murder or divorce because of cultural differences or adultery. These men are hungry for physical attraction. They consider women as “objects of joy and passion”. They have no responsibility, no loyalty, no moral and no mercy with women. They live in their own world. They have their own clock. One morning you may get up and he may be gone forever. Without traces.

    God has given you a second chance to stay away from this muddy water. I think you should take this chance and pray for him, for yourself and the stabbed guy. (For me, too, if you have time.)

    By the way, a Turkish prison? From the outside maybe, but from the inside? God beware. Like everywhere in the third world countries, prisons are dirty in all means. He will not be the same man when he gets out. He will have faced humiliation, oppression, torture by prisoners and officers, maffia, drugs, corruption etc.

    Please do yourself a favor and go on with your “normal” life. Don’t you have better things to do? Friends, education, courses, hobbys, career? Neighbours? Bake a cake and bring it to the nearest orphans house. Or collect some toys and give it to some poor kids in your neighbourhood. Give an English course for immigrant women, help them get jobs or something.
    There are so many things to do and you are stuck with a criminal guy you had some good time with. Forget the past, lady. Come back to the Earth. Life is so short and so precious, you shouldn’t spend it on worthless people and things.

    Sorry if I upset you but this would be my letter to him:

    “Guy, I admit, we had some good time together, but you chose to be a criminal.
    You are paying the price for trying to take someone’s life. So, you don’t deserve to be with me anymore. Along with your freedom, your lesson includes the loss of people you care about.
    Only this way, you will understand the meaining of life, liberty and responsibility.
    Don’t ever try to contact me again. Don’t destroy our good memories. They shall have a special place in my heart forever.

    • says

      Hi Aktan,

      Thanks for taking the time out to write your heartfelt response. I should point out that in the last paragraph, I did say that I was not going to visit him and neither was I going to wait for him.

      Re my normal life, travel and writing will always come first, before any man. They are two passions of mine that give me great pleasure so there is definitely no shortage of things to occupy my mind and thoughts.

      I do like your suggested reply though, however might just soften the words a little bit!
      Natalie wrote about..Photo Post: Reasons to Visit Fethiye on the Med Coast of Turkey

  15. Dee Gee says

    I think the point that hasn’t been addressed is that he stabbed someone to death. As a murderer he cannot travel internationally so he will never come home with you. He also has some anger control issues with which you could be on the receiving end. He loves you passionately. What if he mistakes your conversation with another man as flirting or worse. What will happen. It is very romantic but you have to address his actions before you think of any lifetime commitment. After time in jail you have to know that life will not be easy. How does he handle trustration? Is there a family looking for revenge? Take the emotions out of it and look into the future. All the best.

    • says

      Hi Dee, it was not murder although it was a bad injury. Also my home will always be in Turkey so there is no question of him travelling to the UK with me.

      The anger control issues do occupy my thoughts a lot and that is why I said in the last paragraph that I was not going to visit him or wait for him. Exactly like you say, jealousy may rear its ugly head. I do feel that a reply to the letter is needed though.
      Natalie wrote about..Photo Post: Reasons to Visit Fethiye on the Med Coast of Turkey

      • Dee Gee says

        Ah my apologies. I misunderstood the result of the stabbing. I am glad the other man did not die. I am also glad that you are weighing and measuring your response. I agree that writing back will be important especially for you. Something like this has to be a shock and you need time to process and you are the only one who knows what is right for you. Best of luck.

        • Nat says

          Thanks Dee – Much appreciated

  16. Sally says

    I’m a great believer in fate. Regardless of what you do, if you are meant to be together it will happen… At least you have given him some happy memories to think about whilst doing time… 😉
    What will be, will be……

    • says

      I wonder that Sally – maybe we were not meant to be together but our paths were just meant to cross briefly so he has time to think about the direction his life is following. I am also a great believer in fate but quite sure this relationship is not meant to be.

  17. says

    Dear Mehmet/Ali/Murat/Ahmet etc.

    Thank you for your touching letter and what you say is true, I do feel deeply for you. I will not deny that I loved you and still a part of me will always but I am choosing to move on with my life and rebuild a heart that was shattered. I want you to do the same. When you leave prison find someone else who can give you a fresh start with a new future. I want you to be happy and I know, because you love me that you too want what makes me happy. I know the goodness in you will set me free to find love again with someone else. Take care and I wish your heart to be full again one day.

    (Incidentally he could get a pardon and get out sooner, so the sooner you get this letter off to him the better he has time to get over you otherwise I fear stalker tendencies could well happen).

    • says

      Very good way of putting it – I like that and will be using some sentences – Thanks Shallow sister

  18. says

    Hi Natalie, that is quite a passionate and touching letter. It must be very difficult for you when faced with this situation.

    I’m certainly not in a position to offer advice nor would I. However I will wish you well with whatever you do. (And look forward to reading it here :-) )
    The Guy wrote about..Review Of TAP Portugal – A Story Of Two Flights

  19. English student says

    Well i think when you fell in love for somebody is difficult to see clearly but now you have your mind cold an you can think accurately and give him a real answer about your feelings and the good times what both spent together but you are not able to wait 5 years, i think he knows that.

    • says

      I hope he knows that English Student – I will soon find out

  20. says

    Hi Nat! What a call to have to make – head or heart. I’m with Chris (and you) re: the violent streak. Having worked a big chunk of my life in the UK prison system (and this is a sweeping generalisation) I can tell you that prison bring out an awful lot of temporary changes and manipulative thought processes in the average male. They pour out stuff that sounds wonderful but tends to evaporate in the daylight on release day. It’s not for others to tell you waht to do unless you ask, as you have – MOVE ON!
    Alan wrote about..Thank You

    • says

      Hi Alan, i can imagine what you know because I spoke to my dad, who spent 20 years in the UK prison system. He more or less said the same and that it applies no matter where in the world, they are banged up. I know what needs to be done. Like you say in this instance pay attention to the head
      Natalie wrote about..The Veiled Women of Beypazari: The Bürgü

  21. Primordial says

    From the responses of readers and yourself it looks like you’re going to part ways with him so please take extra precautions in case he turns his violent tendencies towards you.

    Stay safe and looking forward to more of your entertaining insights 😉

  22. rhonda says

    Well I have to say I was one of those western women who’s heart was stolen by Turkish Romeo .
    I did travel and meet him ,and his family fell in love more with not only him but his family as well . I spent some time and came home ,the next visit to Turkey we we would marry , it was not but 6 months married that things changed and he was no longer a romeo but something I did not fall in love with. Very long story but short and sweet beware women of these romeo types….. I honestly began to think after this they must have a school they send their sons to for this. I do not regret my trip to Turkey as it is a wonderful country and the people were nice to me , except my husband . I also love the food and what I learned from being there . Anyway Can not say I do not miss the man I fell in love with , but it was fake as fake can get and I fell in love with acting and great Lie … Just be careful ladies :)

  23. says

    Think of this encounter as a passionate rebound … that delivered you from the depths of depression after your marriage crumbled. It served it’s purpose … and was like a pint of milk… good when fresh, but curdles if past it’s sell by date. This guy has served his purpose and is well past his sell by date. He’s cheesy and smells bad …. walk on by!

  24. says

    “However, for some reason that I do not know, unfortunate things happened to separate us and now I am here,” I think this is the most telling phrase in his letter. He stabbed someone and is not taking responsibility for his actions. Stay clear, this guy is dangerous.
    BacktoBodrum wrote about..Rain stopped play.

  25. Nicolette Alptürk says

    I live 20 years in this country now, I have seen a lot of girls coming and going. It seems like that it all starts as a dream, a very romantic dream, wich often ended up in a nightmare.
    I mean, if he can be that aggressive……take your belongings and GO !!

  26. alison says

    i met my Turkish love 1998 I fell in love at first sight … we were tested and my story would be a wonderful book just don’t know how to start it or where to start it……….. but all I can say if hes in your heart still he will always be there and if you see him again you will not turn away ,,,,,,,,,,, also in there culture if you do wait for him you are highly respected from all …………… I cut my now husband off ,,, turned off my phone and never answered him when he tried to get to me through family and friends I tried to forget but love found away and we met again we are now happily married and living in turkey hope this helps … god bless

  27. Mehmet says

    I follow your site though I mentioned before in another case. I think it needs date on comments especially. Love Letters is the most interesting part of the site. I search time to read the all comments. Probably I will write own comment

  28. Mehmet says

    Hi to everyone Dear Natalia I read almost all comments and your replies. I will not talk about money, visa or love rats….But I will talk only about love. If the matter is love who care about visa, money or other beneficals. Real love is above all things. Here all complaints were women but counter complaints or advisers were men. I will be at the side of women because I am a victim despite of my male gender. I was very affected by two British girls at different times and occasions. I couldn’t have properly communicated with them. We dream your blondes and enthusiastically study english to learn. Please don’t complain, it is not your right complaining is our right, the conclusion is whatever…..

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