My Predictions : Turkey and the World of Travel

This week has seen me living in cloud cuckoo land  however, I have been thinking extensively about the Turkish Travel industry.  The Turkish government wants to become one of the top five most visited destinations in the world. Can they do it?

Turkish Hotels

Turkeys most luxurious hotel Forgot to Pay Its 3 million dollars electric bill. Yes, the Marden palace in Antalya has a cool, outstanding electric bill of 3 million dollars.  The hotel has actually received an award to say it is the world’s most luxurious hotel but somewhere in between receiving the award, someone  forget to toddle on down to the electric company and pay their dues.

While this may seem like a funny scenario, it is actually the tip of the iceberg because hoteliers have suffered a lot in recent years. For hotels, that were relying on British travelers, the collapse of two major British travel companies left them out of pocket and without any customers for the second half of the summer season.

turkey hotels 2011It is going to continue to be a cut throat business and only the clever will survive. Turkey has seen a trend in private self-catering rentals which has taken a lot of custom away from hotels.

Certain travel companies are also favouring to hoard their customers into massive all inclusive hotels which are trading at prices last seen in the 1980’s.

These two aspects will make it very difficult for the smaller boutique hotels to survive. Make sure if you are booking a package holiday that is ATOl protected.

Destinations in Turkey

Turkey has this unique quirk in that your chosen travel destination will normally depend on where you are from and how you like to travel. The Mediterranean coast is well known for Russian, Swedish and German holiday makers; while British holiday makers will flock to the Aegean coastal resorts of Bodrum, Kusadasi and Altinkum. Backpackers head to Istanbul and Cappadocia while the Turks holiday anywhere that has a beach.

turkey holidays 2011

I see this trend starting to change though. Travel companies are desperate to operate in all regions and bloggers on the World Wide Web are now promoting unique destinations such as the Black sea region and even the east of Turkey.

Regional Tourism associations are now starting to get their heads out of their arses and promote their destinations at tourism fairs all across the world. This could be the beginning of a major shift in choice of destination for many people.

Tourists And Their Experiences

Turkish love rat

Unfortunately Turkey has suffered a lot of bad press thanks to Turkish love rats and property deals that have gone seriously wrong.

Some tourists have bought holiday homes and not received the title deeds, therefore depriving them of their life savings and leaving them with a bitter taste of Turkey.

While some of this has been down to deliberate scams, a lot of it was down to builders going bankrupt when the economic crisis hit.

We also still continue to hear stories of Turkish love rats, jumping in and out of bed with tourists while giving them STD’s and stealing all their money.

Re property purchases, we are still going to see a lot of builders that have been struggling, finally go under. There are major loop holes in the property laws for foreigners so anybody considering buying a property in Turkey should be very careful indeed.

Re Turkish love rats. Turkish love rats will continue to rear their ugly heads until the day I die. I say to every woman, who gets starts a holiday romance with a Turkish man to use condoms and when the warning bells ring in your head pay attention to them.

If you are of pension age, wrinkly and your private bits are starting to head south, then a fit, 21 year old, Turkish man declaring undying love to you is something that only happens in your dreams.

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Hi. My name is Natalie Sayin and I am the author of The Turkish Travel Blog. I am an Internet addict with a passion for history. Read my story here or leave a comment below to join the discussions.
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  1. Jennifer Roche says

    I agree with all you have said, especially the Love rats. I have travelled every year for 9 years to Turkey except for last year. It has become too expensive for our new reduced budgets. Due to our banking crisis. The Canaries has become a cheaper option. Its nothing compared to Turkey but its affordable for us poorer Irish. I miss being in a country where I feel safe. Where every day is full of laughter because of Turkish peoples wonderful sense of humour (they have the same sense of humour as Irish people, dry and witty) I am planning a 4 week trip around Turkey in 2012. Could you recommend an internal travel company I could contact.
    Cheers Jennifer

    • says

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. I can not recommend an internal travel company as I never book the package holidays around Turkey. I make up my own itinerary instead. I use to book my internal flights and for my hotels.

      Maybe someone will be along later who can recommend a company that will do a complete package for you. However there is Brenda Farrell who I keep in contact with online. She operates tours from America, maybe she can recommend an internal company for you. Her web address is

  2. turkey's for life says

    Well, that’s just cheered us right up, Natalie before we head out for the night! :)
    Happy New Year and best wishes for 2011.

  3. says

    LOL Jackie and barry. Just realised my post did sound a bit doom and gloom. So not my intention. Happy new year to you and have a good one.

  4. says

    A very honest and realistic assessment. I can’t disagree with any of it!

    A very Happy New Year to you xx

  5. says

    I’m not too certain if I can travel to Turkey any time soon. So far, I’m still working on Southeast Asia but we’ll never know what luck will bring. Thanks for the insights!

    First time here. Have a happy new year!

  6. says

    @Ayak. Happy New Year to you as well

    @Ed – Just took a look at your blog Ed. Looks a fab place to be but hope you make it to Turkey in 2011.

  7. Brenda Farrell says

    Hi Jennier, I can recommend atacan bedir and his lovely wife nalan, owners of They are in Cappadocia but handle arrangements across Turkey. Tell them I sent you!

  8. says

    I very much want to get to Turkey someday and am always interested in reading about it. I admit I had never heard of the “love rats” — glad I do now! Interesting predictions – we’ll see what happens. Happy New Year!

    • says

      Hi Cathy, there are a lot of us Turkey Bloggers to look up when you do come. Hope you make it some day.

  9. says

    I heard Turkey was going to save Greece by buying one of its islands, is there any truth in that?

    • says

      Hi Ayngelina, I heard that as well but I think it was just a rumour that was started to try and cause some trouble. The Greeks and Turkey have history.

      • Josh says

        I heard this romour as well but it was passed through the grape v?ne from large business owners.
        As far as ? was made aware it was islands like meis off the southern west coast.

        • Nat says

          Wow – Can’t imagine the locals of Meis being happy about that

  10. says

    I don’t know how you could forget to pay a 3 million dollar bill. That’s surprising for a luxury hotel.

    I think you made some interesting predictions here. We’ll see what happens.

    • says

      Maybe they were too busy partying Steve. I heard the celebrities had headed over there for a night or two, including Paris Hilton.

  11. Diver says

    One thing is ALWAYS to remember. Love Rats are not Turkish. They only have the nationality. Most Turks won’t even try on wrinkly older women. We do know that is embarissing, any tourists are more than welcome to Turkey, we believe we are one of the safest countries in the world, especially for children. Our religious government keep putting the alcohol and petrol prices up, we are also not happy because of this, as it does affecting the tourism business. Hopefully this year is his last year. Happy 2011 to everyone.

    • says

      Hi Diver, thanks for stopping by and pointing out that even the Turks find it embarrassing when these love rats try it on with older women. Yes, you are also right in that you get love rats in all nationalities. Happy 2011 to you as well.

  12. says

    Ah the lovely love rats. When will people learn? Heed Natalie’s warning. Have a little fun and enjoy the moment but don’t fall in love, keep a padlock on your purse and always use protection.

  13. HIGGSY says


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