Small Print For This Blog

There are many aspects to writing a Travel blog and keeping it going. It is not all about traveling to wonderful destinations as there is the travel blog small print that I need to tell you about.

Copyright Information: I love to share things with people but get a little hot under the collar when people use my pictures and articles without my permission.

If you want to re-print any of the articles from the Turkish Travel Blog or use my pictures, then simply send me an email asking for permission and that will ensure that I stay a happy bunny.

 Disclosure Policy: Running a Travel Blog can be a costly experience so I am always on the lookout for people to help support my traveling fund. From time to time, I may receive free products or services, sponsorship or advertising revenue.

You can easily spot adverts as they will only appear on the right hand side bar. If I have been offered a free product or service, I will disclose this in the written article.

Please note that if I don’t like a product or service, then I will not write about it. Any reviews will be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Sponsorship will  be declared on this page.

Privacy Policy: I love it when people leave comments on my posts, whether they are criticism or agreement so feel free to say your piece as your email address will be kept safe and not given to any third parties. This also extends to anyone that signs up for the email notification of new posts.

Attribution Policy: If anyone has contributed towards my articles in terms of content or pictures, this will be disclosed on the same page.

Comments Policy: Certain posts and pages are open for you to leave a comment. Please do not post abuse or swearing words otherwise I will edit your comment or refuse  to publish it.

If your comment does not appear straight away, it is held in the queue for moderation. Hold tight, it will be published unless it does not fit the criteria.

Please note, if you are a travel company operating in Turkey, I will not publish links back to your site as this defeats the purpose of having an advertising program.

If you want your company to be featured on the Turkish Travel blog, please get in contact with me about advertising options available. Here is the Advertising and PR page.


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I really shouldn't travel because I can not read maps and always lose my way! But hey, that never stops me and it is part of the fun! Leave a comment below to join the discussions.
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