The Top Ten Turkey Blogs

There are many Turkey blogs out there on the World Wide Web which promoted me to write the top ten list of blogs about Turkey and share it with you.

What criteria have I used to collate the top ten list?

Well, I  ignoreded Alexa rankings or popularity of the blog.

Immediately, I hear readers gasp “but why? Popularity means good content”.

While popularity means good content, it does not mean that no popularity means poor content.

On the World Wide Web, there are thousands, in fact millions of blogs. Now, unless you possess average knowledge of SEO and the time to promote your blog, it can end up on the back pages of Google with little or no readers.

So instead, I focused on the quality of the Turkey blogs, the dedication that these writers show and  their frequency of posting.

Top Ten Turkey Blogs

Turkey blogs

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Janey  In Mersin : Mersin is not an area that is popular for tourism or ex-pat living so Janey’s story is quite interesting. Married to a Turk, she has settled down in a small, traditional village.

Back To Bodrum : Annie first came to Turkey in 1982. She returned thirty years later to find out it had drastically changed. Her aim is to blog about the past in Turkey, while comparing it with her new experiences of daily life in the country.

Seasonal Cook in Turkey : Claudia has lived in Turkey for many years and adapted to be an expert at Turkish cuisine. This blog is enjoyable to read whether you are an expert in the kitchen or not.

Turkeys for Life If you want cheering up then head over and read all about Jackie and Barry’s lives in Fethiye. Their blog is also a complete guide to the area whether you are looking to holiday or move there.

Alan I really do feel that Alan is not given enough credit for his knowledge of Turkey, especially places that are off the beaten track. Alan writes about his life in a small village of Turkey and occasionally delves into his history, all of which make for a very good read.

Pul Biber This is a good read for expats who are wondering how others  moved here and settled into the country. Ashley and Hilary are expats in Turkey with experience.

Captivating Cappadocia : Duke is an American expat who has settled in the Cappadocia region and is currently documenting the local knowledge that he learns every day. A good travel guide if you are travelling to that region.

Adventures in Ankara Terry is an American lady who fell in love with a Turkish man, quit her job as a lawyer and moved to the bustling city of Ankara. She tells of day to day life here with fantastic pictures to compliment.

Ayak Ayak is married to Mr A and her tales of life in Turkey are interesting and thought provoking. She is an ex-pat who has lived in various areas of Turkey since 1998 and she has a wealth of information to share.

Jack Always up for a laugh is Jack and his happy go lucky attitude towards being a gay man in a Muslim country will make you laugh and think hard about life at the same time. (Note – Jack has now left Turkey however his blog is still a good read if you need a laugh)

Enter your blog on the Top Ten Turkey Blogs List

If you would like me to add your Turkey blog to the list, then  contact me but please make sure it fulfils the criteria first.

1 : Your site can not be a website. If you are not sure of the difference, a blog is a site with frequent dated postings. A website will often remain static for many months. Blogs publish new content added from one to seven times a week.

2 : Your content must of course, be focused on Turkey. This means, most of your content, not just a couple of pages. It can focus on  Turkish travel, food, history, photographs or a specific destination. Any subject as long as it relates to this geographical area. The list is in no particular order.

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