Tarihi Yenihan : A Cave Cafe of Gazinatep

No one is sure of the construction year for the Tarihi Yenihan but 1557 is suspected because of a sign on the stone arch leading in. Built in typical Ottoman fashion of a two-storey building centred on a single courtyard with a fountain in the middle, rooms previously used as stables and accommodation for travellers are now shops selling handicrafts, souvenirs, and shoes.

Tarihi Yenihan

Disappointment at the Tariki Yenihan

Unfortunately, apart from an artist gallery, I was not drawn to the place at all. It lacked vibes and any reminiscence of its past but my reason for visiting was the Tarihi Yenihan cave café located underground.

Gaziantep Tarihi Yenihan

This is a well-known local spot used by locals in Gaziantep for Turkish coffee. They serve a variety of flavours including menegic but unfortunately for someone like me who is a hard-core Nescafe fan; it was hard to appreciate the product.

Turkish coffee

The décor itself is quaint and authentic but it was lacking in atmosphere. Perhaps I should have returned at the weekend when a live Turkish band singing some soft love music would create the ambiance needed to bring it alive.

If you are in the area, certainly drop in because it is the most popular coffee house in Gaziantep, however go  just to say you have been there and done it. Do not expect anything more.

Tarihi Yenihan Gaziantep

Readers Question : Does this look like your type of place?

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