Five Beautiful Sunsets In Turkey

One of my favourite parts of the day is to sit down at the end of it with a nice, ice cold beer and watch the sun go down. There are certain areas within Turkey that are famous for their sunsets and you will find professional photographers flocking there to catch the perfect picture.

A glowing orange sky disappearing behind mountains or into the sea is enough to make anyone stand still though, whether you have a camera in your hand or not. On the occasions that I have stayed sober enough, I also like to pick up my camera to capture the moment.

Photos of Sunsets in Turkey

Yalikavak : Bodrum

A small fishing resort on the Aegean Coast. Yalikavak is often pushed to the side by its neighbouring resort when it comes to beautiful sunsets however I managed to capture this moment and it has become my favourite sunset picture.



This resort is the neighbour of Yalikavak and many travel publications will boast about its sunset. There are lots of restaurants along the sea front where you can pull up a chair, order your beer and wait for the moment.



Bodrum has the advantage of being set around a bay and the sun will disappear behind mountains in the far off distance. Even when it has gone behind the mountains, the sky is still a vivid combination of reds and orange colours.

Bodrum sunset


Taken on the Ferry service coming back from Bodrum

Altinkum sunset

Rose Valley. Cappadocia

The first three pictures were taken on the Aegean coast of Turkey however I learned in November that Cappadocia in the centre of Turkey also has something to boast about. I headed to Rose Valley where I felt quite inferior standing next to all the professional photographers with their thousand dollar cameras. They were friendly enough to share some tips with me  and at the same time, informed me that I was there at the wrong time of year. Go to Rose valley in the summer time and apparently the whole sky is pure red.

Rose Valley Sunset

See more photos from around Turkey

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  1. turkey's for life says

    I love the sky in your Yalikavak photo. My laptop is completely overloaded with sunset photos. They’re very addictive aren’t they!

  2. says

    I do love the sunset in Bodrum, reminds me of Calis Beach. Fond memories of relaxing in a cafe watching it.
    All of the sunsets are gorgeous, Turkey is a amazing place for them

  3. says

    I love the Turgutreis shot! I could just imagine my husband being the one in the picture, he loves fishing! :)

  4. says

    Fantastic shots. What is it about a sunset that captures our imagination so completely and mesmerizes the soul.

  5. says

    @TFl. They are addictive. I would love to see your collection.

    @Bodrum does have wonderful sunsets and If you ever make it further up the coast there is a place called Mavisehir. Wonderful. The sky glows a bright orange.

    @iamthewitch. Fishing is so peaceful and relaxing. I gave it a go once but alas, caught nothing!

    @Aaron. It is hard to describe why I love sunsets so much. Promise you it is not the effect of the beer!

  6. says

    These are increditable. I always love sunset but I haven’t took any photos of sunset yet. I’m thinking when I go to Jamaica later I so need to take one sunset photo after seeing your beautiful post. BTW I especially love that orange sun in 2.Turgutreis.

  7. says

    It’s not just the sunsets in Cappadocia that are so beautiful. Almost every part of the day will see the rocks changing colour with the movement of the sun…stunning.
    Lovely photos Natalie xx

  8. says

    @Sarah. Looking forward to your photos of Jamaica. Knowing you, you will have some fantastic ones.

    @Ayak. Thanks Linda. Wished I had visited there in the summer but still happy with what I saw on my trip.

    @Thanks Charu

  9. Heather says

    Fantastic, can’t wait to come back.


  10. says

    HI Natalie, I was just writing a post about sunsets in Turkey and our travels last year. Happy to see you had some lovely sunset photos too. I just linked back to your site, so people can see your photos as well.
    Joy (My Turkish Joys) wrote about..Favorite Sunsets of 2011

    • says

      I seen it on FB Joy – Thank you very much. Also love your sunset pictures. Stumbled your post

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