My Secret Turkey : Photo From Altinkum

Over time, I have collected a few photos that have become my personal favorites for various reasons and I want to share them on my travel blog.  Today’s picture is one of those photos and there is a simple reason why I keep looking at it. It sent me a message that I needed to open my eyes as there was beauty in a place that I started to look upon as ugly and embarrassing.

I don’t normally have a problem when I visit a location as my camera is pointed in every direction and I am able to spot beauty in most places that have been written off by mainstream tourism. I could no longer do this though in the small coastal resort of Altinkum. I had become to hate it with a vengeance and despise the very things that lured me to the place within my first three years in Turkey.

Altinkum is my base in Turkey and I use it as a convenient gateway to explore the rest of country. The problem lies with the fact that the more places I visit; the less I love Altinkum.   It lacks the vibes and character of traditional Turkey and is a mini version of an English seaside resort with rude t-shirts and bar staff that are able to imitate every English accent ever heard.

Photo From Altinkum : The Lighthouse

Then one day while out and about in Altinkum with the camera, I took this picture and it surprised me. I found beauty in the exact same place that I was experiencing disappointment with. Don’t get me wrong, I am not at the stage where I can recommend Altinkum as a great destination in Turkey to visit. However because of familiarity and being in a comfort zone, I had missed the perfect photo scene that was right on my doorstep all the time.


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    nice post Natalie; it’s a truism that we usually don’t appreciate what is right under our nose.
    Alan wrote about..Karma Chameleon

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    you old romantic, you and well done for finding good in everything. I found a lovely ruined monastery off Golden Beach in Altinkum very charming, but nevertheless if you are on a tight schedule I’d give Altinkum a body swerve, especially in the winter.

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    I have to say Altinkum isn’t my favourite place either but it has its charms. I wonder what it was like 20 years ago? A lovely picture. We are lucky to live where we do.
    Jack Scott wrote about..Back, Sack and Crack

  4. says

    @Alan – I am not totally persuaded about Altinkum yet Alan but trying to appreciate it.

    @Eljay – No offence taken – Completely understand what you mean

    @Jack – I think Altinkum was lovely twenty years ago. Before it succumbed to mass tourism.
    Natalie wrote about..Black Sea – Photo Story

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    There’s truth in the saying “familiarity breeds contempt”. I live in an area that is a big up and coming, but it has a long way to go. I went running around the neighbourhood the other day, and took my camera with me. I took some fantastic photographs, of unexpected objects, graffiti, gardens etc. Whereas before I’d just driven past them and become numb to them, this time I was taking time to absorb them — and now I have a superb collection of shots of my neighbourhood.
    Roving Jay wrote about..Boat trips from Türkbükü

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    I find your opinion of Altinkum quite sad – all the more so because I share it. It is difficult to love a town full of estate agents and the worst aspects of mass tourism.

    Fortunately we knew the situation when we moved here and didn’t have any illusions to be shattered. Even so there are things to like about Altinkum, we have friendly neighbours and there is a buzz about the seafront on a busy summer night.
    Shane wrote about..16 Travel & Expat Blogs That Want to Interview You

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    Natalie, we both live there and we both dislike it, but close to the Marina there are a few nice spots, your shot being one of them. And of course, we both get published in Voices. I read your pieces with great pleasure.
    inka wrote about..Fish buns at Istanbul’s Galata Bridge

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    Nice post and beautiful shot in Altinkum , The colors are so beautiful.

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