Idyllic Phaselis in Turkey : Ancient Ruins and Beautiful Beaches

Phaselis is backed by magnificent mountains and surrounded by the clear waters of the Mediterranean sea. It is an idyllic setting in which to spend the day relaxing on a beach and soaking up the vibes of a Turkish holiday.



Phaselis Ruins

There is an added bonus though as Phaselis is not just about golden sand beaches. It is also an old sea-port city dating back to the 7th Century BC which was a delight for me as I have never seen an ancient sea port that is still located next to the sea.

Main street at Phaselis

Main street at Phaselis

I love visiting ruins around Turkey but most of them have been located inland as over hundreds of years, the sea has receded back from the coastline. Phaselis though, has always maintained its rightful place directly next to the sea and the result is glorious ruins to explore and beautiful beaches to relax on.

Phaselis Beaches

Phaselis Beach

Start your tour at one beach, explore the ruined houses, baths and shops  and when you reach the other beach, get the swimming costume out and run into the Mediterranean sea.

Houses at Phaselis

Houses at Phaselis

Considering how old the ruins are,  I really did get a feel for how daily life was, when the city was in its prime.  The long waterway canals, round theatre and ancient agoras were carefully planned and built around the main harbor street that gives way to views of the crystal blue sea and golden beaches.

Waterway Canal At Phaselis

Waterway Canal At Phaselis

You certainly don’t need a guide to explore the ruins as you are handed information when arriving and at certain points around the ruins, detailed information is given to fill you in on the background of the area of the city that you are exploring.

Theatre at Phaselis

Theatre at Phaselis

Phaselis : Additional Information

There is no cafeteria near the ruins or the beaches so remember to take your own refreshments. There is the dodgy dude on the beach who sells refreshments from his boat however he has obviously realized that he has no competition and his prices reflect his desire to achieve millionaire status in the refreshment industry!

Phaselis Refreshments

Dodgy Dude!

The entrance fee is 8 Turkish liras whether you are viewing the ruins or just using the beaches as both are situated within a protected area.

Boat trips to Phaselis

Boats docking into Phaselis

How to Get To Phaselis

It can be reached by using local transport on the Antalya coastal highway. The turning is between the resorts of Cirali and Kemer. Once you are at the turning, you will need to walk for around 1km to reach the entrance.

Alternatively there are many boat trips that dock into the bay for a couple of hours and this is ample time to walk around and lay down on the golden beaches to soak up the Turkish sun.

Beach at Phaselis

Beach at Phaselis

Readers Question – Have you been to Phaselis? If so, did you enjoy it as much as I did?

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  1. says

    delightful place; delightful post and delightful photos. Thanks Nat

  2. says

    What a charming place – I am already imagining myself there, poking around the ruins, ready to dip a toe into the blue Mediterranean Sea!
    Nina F wrote about..Sand In My Toes

  3. phil + Di marina gateway says

    not been to any of the resorts on the med but its something we want to do when we have more time

    your blog has given us lots of ideas and shown us lots of places we would like to visit

    this place looks lovely and its on our to do list thanks for sharing your photos with us

  4. says

    Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, thanks for this, as usual, good stuff Natalie!

  5. says

    I cannot wait until we get around to Turkey. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit and it seems absolutely stunning. Your pictures have me pining to visit even more!
    Tawny- Captain and Clark wrote about..The Hunt for the Monk

    • says

      Not too soon. At least wait until this awful weather goes away!

    • says

      It does Mary and it is my favourite place on the med coast. It is very easy to imagine the city when it was in it prime thanks to the notice board located around the area.

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