Mount Tahtali – To the Sky in a Cable Car

Mount Tahtali was the first thing that I wanted to do while in Kemer. Reviews from the internet promised

“amazing landscape views from this tall mountain of Turkey that stands 2365 meters above sea level”

During the months of Jan to April, it is said that you can go skiing on Mount Tahtali in the morning, descend to the resort of Kemer and swim in the Mediterranean Sea in the afternoon. I was not interested in the skiing or swimming part though, just the views and combating my fear of heights.

About Mount Tahtali

Mount Tahtali bases its location as Kemer – Antalya and if you are a hardened outdoor activity person, you can climb the mountain over a period of time. I am however, a hardened smoker whose working days involve sitting lazily for hours at a computer so I decided to take the easy route and jump in the cable car.

To get there from Antalya, there are numerous tour companies selling this as a daytime excursion or you can travel there independently by car. The cable car company itself, also operates a shuttle service from the main town of Kemer called Sea and Sky.

This transport which is included in the price of the ticket will drive you up tight and winding mountain roads until you reach the base camp. From there, they shove 80 people into a cable car, press the “go” button and it slowly makes it way to the summit.

Cable Car System Mt Tahtali

The reward when you have suffered ten minutes of elbows in your ribs, pathetic jokes about the cable car falling and nervous questions about safety standards in Turkey, is a complete view of the Beydaglari Mountains, the coast line of the Antalya region and of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Antalya Mount Tahtali

The view stopped me in my tracks and introduced me to the beauty of the Antalya region of Turkey. Tourists flock to Mount Tahtali  from all the surrounding resorts including Belek, Cirali and Olympos national park so be aware that at high season, there could be long queues.

Mt Tahtali

At the summit are two reasonably priced restaurants, souvenir shops, a professional photographer and two static levels which meant I could capture outstanding photographs to remind me forever that I had made it to the top.

Mount Tahtali in Antalya

Coming back down from Mount Tahtali

For those of you who love adventure, think about paragliding off the top of the mountain and spend time soaring through the air before landing in the Kemer region at the foot of the mountain.

Don’t forget that the mountain also doubles up as a ski resort in the winter months so there is the option to ski down.  (Not a fact that many people know about Turkey, but there are numerous ski resorts in the country as well). I decided however to play it safe and take the cable car down.

Mount Tahtali Cable Car

Despite a fear of heights, the safety procedures that I was  eagerly watching gave me a sense of confidence and I had no regrets about making Mount Tahtali, one of my first destinations on my south western Turkey tour. If you happen to be anywhere in the Antalya region while in Turkey, don’t miss on this wonderful and amazing experience.

Mount Tahtali

Cable cars and mountains. Are they also your idea of fun while on holiday?

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    • says

      I would not mind doing a cable car in the Alps as well James. That must be a fantastic experience.

  1. says

    this looks amazing, I went on a skyrail over the rainforest in Australia and it’s an amazing feeling. You’re photos are fab x
    Jen wrote about..She Did What To The Bull?

    • says

      Thanks Jen – A rainforest would be another good destination for a cable car

  2. says

    Hmmm, I’ve just written on Google+ that I like the idea of the cable car…now I’m wondering whether hiking would be a better idea – with my feet firmly on the ground. Like you, I’m not great with heights. :)
    Turkey’s For Life wrote about..Fethiye Market: Winter Seasonal Food

    • says

      No Julia – Got a feeling the hike up there is not an easy one. Not from what I have read anyway!

  3. says

    . . great photos again Natalie. J and I had the gasping pleasure of going to the top of the highest and longest cable car in the world in Merida; Venezuela Andes
    Alan wrote about..Called To Ordure

    • says

      I bet it was gasping pleasure Alan. Can not imagine how anyone could miss that chance. Unless of course, there is a fear of heights however I feel that I am getting there. You never know, one day I might be in your footsteps!

  4. says

    I figured the paragliding might be your thing Sid – Imagine the photos you could get from the air. By the way, great photos once again in your Pushkar article. You always imagine to get them just right!
    Natalie wrote about..Welcome to Cirali

  5. phil + Di marina gateway says

    this is on our todo list we both want to go to this place fantastic photos again Natalie

    can you walk down the mountain is there anyway you can book for someone to take you down i wouldnt walk up it but i wouldnt mind walking down
    how long dose it take if you can do it in 2 days we would do it one night on the mountain would be enough

    • says

      Hi Di, This bloke went up the mountain in the cable car and ran back down in a day! Wow, is all I can say….

      If you wanted to take your time and do it overnight, there seems to be a village called Beycik half way down but not sure if they have lodgings.

      If you wanted to camp overnight with a guide, Ufuk who I mentioned in the Adventure rope climbing article would be a good option as he treks all over the area. If he is not available, then I am sure he would know other guides that could take you.
      Natalie wrote about..Adventure Rope Climbing In Kemer

    • says

      Hi Theodora, Turkey is more promoted as a beach and sun destination however you would be surprised how popular the skiing resorts are with Turks.

  6. Evaldas says

    i will stay in Kemer for 4 days at the end of October and i would like to do some hiking.
    As i understood hiking to Tahtali will take more than one day. So is there any other trails where i could see some great views and would take one day?
    Or maybe you know some forum where i could find this info?

    Thank you in advance.

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