Hoax : The Most Beautiful Horse in the World Does NOT Live in Turkey

The other day I came across a picture called the most beautiful horse in the world.

It blew my mind. Look at the photo below and I am sure you will agree.

Stunner isn’t it?

The majestic stance and the golden coat is pure beauty.


More to the point, my interest had spiked because the picture said the horse lived in Turkey!

“Eh?” was my first response.

I was quite surprised because Turkey has not been known for its excellence of horses since the Hittites bred pure stallions in the region of Cappadocia hundreds of years ago.

My experience of horses in Turkey is mostly like the picture below. They are favored as working horses, sometimes flee ridden and displaying every single rib through their thin and skinny frames.

Working horse in Turkey

Correction. I did go to the horse races in Izmir once but never got the impression that horse racing is taken seriously in Turkey or that the trainers and jockeys are on the same professional level like they are in the UK.

I have also seen horse safari tours advertised in Karakoy and Cappadocia and while the horses looked healthy enough, none of them was particularly eye catching.

So anyway, I imagined that this horse must have come from another country and suspected some digital enhancement on the photo.

It turned out that digital enhancement was not needed because further investigation revealed that the horse was a Akhla-Teke breed which originates from Turkmenistan and Wikipedia said

“The Akhal-Teke’s most notable and defining characteristic is the natural metallic bloom of its coat.This is especially seen in the palominos and buckskins, as well as the lighter bays, although some horses “shimmer” more than others”

By now, I was starting to wonder if I was wrong.

Maybe this horse was real and maybe it did live in Turkey.

I wanted to see it with my own eyes. I wanted to write about it and show it to my readers. That is when I had to come back down to earth with a bump.

The horse is real. As well as being known for its beauty, the breed is renowned for its strength, speed, and endurance.

But it does not live in Turkey.

According to hoax slayer, the horse lives in Russia

What a let down…

Readers question : Did you already know about this hoax?

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  1. says

    . . come on, Natalie – it’s beautiful! It doesn’t matter where it lives – here in Turkey they would have buried it under a 4-lane highway or concrete by now just like everything else of beauty!
    Alan wrote about..Really Horny

  2. phil + Di marina gateway says

    its a beautiful animal where ever it lives

  3. says

    The colour is quite eye-catching, but there’s something about the shape of the head that puts me off. Then again, perhaps it’s just that my horse tastes run differently – I love Andalusians, Friesians and Gypsy Vanners, all horses with generally heavier builds and lots of hair. This horse doesn’t really fit that mould so, while beautiful, it’s not for me.

      • Ken Roberts says

        I believe it is braided and laying on the far side of the neck where you can not see it to wellitlooks that way to me .

        • Ken Roberts says

          Nope it is there just hard to see with the color being almost a perfect match but it does have a mane . I would be put off about it being the most as there are many horses out there that we have not seen, it is a very good looking horse though no matter where it came from almost an oddity . I can’t spell beautiful is why I typed only the most. LOL

  4. zehra halilo?lu says

    So, it is beautiful and can’t live in turkey? well Natalie I can take you to the farm of my mother’s cousin in Samsun/Turkey and you can see how beautiful horses live in turkey. Seems you do not have that much information about Turkey to claim it can surely not grow in Turkey, you can make such a clear-cut distinction. And guys come on, Turkey is not only about kebabs, harem, or camels?(alyhough no camel exsists in turkey). It is 21st century now, and you guys are still doing Orientalism, trying to prove you are superior to East by knowing about East! I could write a complete book about these commentations of yours above, but I recommend you to read “Orientalism” by Edward Said :)

    • Nat says

      I never said it can’t live in Turkey, I said Turks are not well known for breeds of horses. Not like Abu Dhabi anyway. The Turks can not be good at everything. No nation is.

      No one thinks that Turkey is just about Kebabs, harems and camels either. A few examples off the top of my head.

      Soke is well known for its cotton production
      Mardin and Beypazari are well known for their Telkari crafts
      Maras is well known for their icecream
      Macahel is well known for the quality of honey produced by the Caucasian bees

      If you read through my blog, you will see all these statements. Think you are being very harsh to make a snap judgement about me based on one article.

      Also maybe it is just a misunderstanding in your English but camels do exist in Turkey. I have seen them in Cappadocia and in Didim. Did you mean camels were not inherently from Turkey?

      No one thinks they are superior either, it is simply called noting observations. I too could write a whole book about the comments that Turks make about England.

  5. Tigger says

    Zahra – FOR SURE there are camels in Turkey. I saw several of them in a field near the western border in 1969. And yes, there are more, too. Because there are STILL camel-wrestling festivals along the Aegean coast in December/January each year. (And don’t forget the scraggy camel who poses for photographs on the approach to Goreme, in Kapadokkia.)
    I’m pretty sure I saw camels in Harran, near Urfa, too….

  6. zexkas says

    I believe you need to check where the pedigree of English Horse breed is coming from…You are right by saying that a nation cannot be good at everything..But for Horses and Turks, no..we need to be very careful..Todays English horse is coming from horses bred by Ottomans which were captured during II.Vienna Siege (1683) from Ottomans..So don’t judge Turkey only by a limited time period…

  7. Carol Goodwin says

    Why must some of these posts be so fictionalized? If the horse is from Russia, say so! Why not give more details? What is the breed of horse? What is its parentage? What would be its talent? Is it merely a show horse? I certainly have seen none so eye catching!

  8. Murat says

    This horse does’t live in Turkey, actually it lives in Russia, St.Petersburg. I don’t know from where you got this information. Horse was born in Turkmenistan and then then was given as a gift. Name of the horse is Altyn which means Golden. If you really want to see horses this beauty I would recommend you to come to Turkmenistan.

    • says

      Yes, Murat – it states all that in the article. I am assuming now that you do not read it. Not wise to comment when you have not read an article

  9. Sassie says

    Who cares where this horse lives?
    To bad it’s not in my barn.
    Absolutely majestic!!!

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