Kayseri : A City in Turkey Full of Glory

After a 14 hour bus trip, we arrived in the Turkish city of Kayseri. I was tired and in a bad mood, because  I had not slept on the bus. We were dropped off at the main bus station and took advantage of the free bus into the Kayseri centre.

We had to find a hotel and the first one we saw was the Hilton. After a 14 hour bus trip, I had grand illusions of comfort, a hot shower and luxury but at 145 Euros per night for one person, it was out of our budget.

We eventually found a hotel at 90YTL for two people on a bed and breakfast basis. Bags were dumped, heads hit the pillow and that was us. Waking up 1pm, I was eager to get out and about. I didn’t come all the way to Kayseri to sleep in a hotel room.

Eating Out in Kayseri

Hizmet et lokanta kayseriWe were also desperate for a good meal. We had spent two days eating pastries and were tired of them.

Walking around Kayseri, one thing become obvious, everywhere was fast food places.

Not a total surprise considering that Kayseri is a bustling city that is a centre of trade and commerce.

We eventually found Hizmet Et Lokanta, ran in and ordered a mixed grill.

It was a mistake to tell the waiter that we were starving as the mixed grill arrived and it looked enough for four people.Chicken, chicken wings, lamb, lamb chops and Adana Kebabs. All served with salad, rice and bulgur wheat.

Tourist Attractions

Laden down with heavy stomachs, we decided to walk around to get a feel of the place. In the town square was a tourist information centre, which to my delight told me every place of interest in Kayseri.The staff didn’t speak English which is not surprising seeing as not many tourists head this way.

All around the centre of Kayseri is places to visit that do not cost any money so we headed off to see the museum, Ataturk’s house, the castle, tombs and an underground bazaar. We also had the opportunity to watch a film being made.

Ataturk Statue Kayseri

Statue of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Clock tower Kayseri

Kayseri clock tower




Kale mosque Kayseri

Nightlife in Kayseri

If you are an Alcoholic, then Kayseri will force you to do cold Turkey whether you like it or not.  After a long day walking around, I normally like to sit down with an ice cold beer and a cigarette. There was not one bar or shop that sold alcohol so I had to make do with a Nescafe.  My husband got speaking to some of the local lads at the gym and they told him that Kayseri is brilliant during the day, but at night times there is nothing to do.

Roman Tomb Kayseri

Roman Tombs in the centre of Kayseri

So if you are a party fan, I suggest striking Kayseri off your list.  My husband was highly disappointed, as he wanted to go clubbing however I was content to settle down for an early night.  I can see the advantage of alcohol not being widely available but that is because I have lived in a resort in Turkey which is all geared up for tourists. The alcohol causes a lot of problems both socially and personally.

Kayseri Mimar Sinan

The statue of Mimar Sinan

So due to a lack of sleep and no nightlife to explore, I was in bed for 9pm. I then discovered at 5am this morning that I had booked a hotel right next to a  mosque.  The call to prayer woke me up and I decided to make the most of the day.

I was first down to breakfast; I am now checking my emails and updating my blog. When my hubby wakes up, we will be out and about exploring the rest of Kayseri and what it has to offer.  Tomorrow we are packing up and off to Goreme, I hope it delights me as much as Kayseri has done.

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  1. says

    14 hours of bus? I would have be so tired too. I remembered my flight to Florence was about 9 hours and there was time difference when I arrived. I totally understand how tired you felt when you arrived. I like the Kale Mosque in the town Centre shot. It’s unique building.

  2. says

    there is no alcohol and no bars? clearly i wont be going there anytime soon. nice photos

  3. turkeysforlife says

    No shortage of bars in Göreme! :))

  4. says

    @Sarah. Don’t think I could do a nine hour flight either!

    @Zablon. Apparently there are places that have alcohol but they are like the Hilton and expensive restaurants. The alcohol is equally expensive!

    @TFl. Found them! Was having a nice cold Efes yesterday afternoon.

  5. phil + Di marina gateway says

    fabulous read and photos cant wait for the next instalment

  6. says

    Did you try any manti while you were in Kayseri? The town is famous for their dumpling dish, which I admit, can be strange since it’s basically small ravioli-like dumplings in a yogurt sauce, but I find quite delicious!

  7. says

    Hi Connie, I don’t like Manti. Find it very bland and still can not get used to the yoghurt with food thing. Hubby tucked it into it though and gave it the thumbs up.

  8. says

    With manti, it’s best with a ton of pul biber and sumac and nane sprinkled on top, especially if it’s a sarimsakli yogurt!

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