Hidirlik Hill View Point : A Panoramic View of Beypazari

There is nothing much to Hidirlik Hill. When you reach the top, there is just a café, some picnic tables, and a row of local women selling spices. Yet it is one of my favorite places in Beypazari


I love it because it gives a complete view over the town

Beypazari hidirlik hill

My obsession started when I sat in a local restaurant staring at a large photo framed on the wall. It was of the town of Beypazari but taken from a high point.

I was captivated and desperately wanted to recreate it for myself. So Sinan who is one of the tourism promoters for the area, decided that my wish would come true.

Hidirlik Hill

He knew the photo was taken from Hidirlik hill and he not only took me once, but twice.

The first time was during early evening when darkness had descended. The point was to practice night-time photography.

Hidirlik Hill Beypazari

The second time was during the day so I could recreate the black and white photograph that I had seen in the restaurant.

Hidirlik Hill View Point in Beypazari

The Lure of Hidirlik Hill

I spend a lot of time in life, chasing around trying to find the weird, absurd, or freaky things that I think will make my life interesting. Hidirlik Hill View Point is none of those.

It is just a wonderful view over Beypazari. However, there was an empowering feeling that stemmed from looking down on this Ottoman town that I had walked the streets of.

Houses looked like small matchboxes and cars looked like model toys.

Beypazari Turkey

Observing everything on a higher level  made me feel big and powerful. Call me a narcissist if you want but as I walked away, I realized that my temporary higher status in life had boosted my ego.

That is what  Hidirlik Hill View Point is all about.


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  1. sinanbasaran says

    Hidirlik is a very good point to understand how land could be used effectively…but I recommend other hills for different views, angels photos….from there you will see how town is part of nature, rocks, dinazour backs…
    I hope you will come back again Natalie We miss you…

  2. phil + Di marina gateway says

    one of the things i love about Turkey is the views where ever you go you can always find a good one ive just been reading about another father christmas not far away from us if you fancy a day out when we come over

  3. phil + Di marina gateway says

    ive just looked again to make sure i get the right spelling its at Gullubahce its passed Priene the virws there are stunning aswell we have been B4 but we didnt no about the father christmas thing its right at the top of the hill we only went about half way up theres a nice cafe aswell

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