Hande Yener – Star of the Turkish Pop Music Scene

It is not often that I get the chance to see  and take pictures of the rich and famous stars of Turkey however last night, I was treated to front row seats at a concert by Hande Yener and had a fantastic opportunity to snap the photos included in this post.  Hande Yener  is a woman with status who oozes talent and captivates everyone that crosses her path.

Who is Hande Yener?

She is a famous Turkish Pop singer that is often compared to Madonna for two simple reasons.  With every album that she releases, there is obvious experimentation with new styles, vibes and rhythms.

Her eagerness to explore and push the boundaries in the field of Turkish pop music has paid off, earning her an amazing 17 million sales of her records around the world. She has inspired fans around the world to enroll in vocal lessons at takelessons.com and many other institutions.

Along with the new music, comes a fresh look and style to her  public  image, hence the comparison to Madonna. Changing your image with every new album worked wonders for Madonna and this technique has also made Hande Yener, one of the top female Turkish pop stars.

Hande Yener has been credited with a number of awards and honors when it comes to the Turkish pop music scene so when I got the chance to attend one of her concerts, I was of course, delighted. She was appearing at the Venosa Beach Resort in Didim and listening to her in real life, only proves the certainty that she is a natural born entertainer.

Turkish pop star- Hande Yener

Her looks, her style, her voice and the way that the camera instantly falls in love with her, explain why she has amassed a huge fan base of followers both young and old.  I hope you like my favorite photos in black and white  that I took at  the concert last night.  I think they show her amazing talent to perform to the masses.

Turkish Pop Star

If you want to hear the music of Hande Yener, , just press play on the You Tube video below. Many thanks to Venosa Beach Resort for the evening, it was absolutely wonderful.

Turkish Pop

Hande Yener  Turkish Pop

Hande Yener

Turkish Pop - Hande Yener

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  1. says

    I wasn’t a great fan of Turkish pop before but now we’ve moved to Bodrum it’s started to grow on me. I love the fact that Turkish music has maintained it’s unique sound.
    Jack Scott wrote about..Turks and Tampons

  2. Quito says

    I travel around Turkey last year and I found an Incredible female -songwriter- with many many fantastic songs power and sensibility like no other turkish singer : Nil






    I like too Sezen Aksu of course (the real queen of turkish music)

    and Atiye


  3. says

    my taste in pop never developed beyond the early 80s – love these pics though; B/W really does something that colour can’t.

  4. says

    Thanks Alan – I got more vibes from the B and W photographs then I did from the colour ones. Strange really as we always believe colour to be everything.

    • says

      Cheers Alex. Got right up the front of the stage so was able to take close up shots

  5. says

    The music is interesting, and she is also extremely attractive…a common trait with Madonna!

  6. says

    Sid – She has a lot of similarities with Madonna. She is just the Turkish carbon copy!

  7. says

    Great photos! I love being able to experience and then come to enjoy the music of the foreign country. We once saw a Thai pop star be ordained as a monk, which was ultra cool!

  8. says

    That’s super cool!

    I’m just going to put it out there though.. I love her dress! 😛

  9. says

    I love collecting contemporary and traditional music from countries we visit. Sadly that Turkey component reaches solely to Sufi music and I have long wanted to explore contemporary music, so thanks for this Natalie. Hope you show more artists!
    Jim wrote about..Chameleon beauty and myths.

    • says

      No Problem Jim – Pop stars seem to be appearing all over the region at the moment, There is an abundance of them!

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