Goreme in Cappadocia

Goreme was our next stop when we left Kayseri. We arrived at the  bus station and asked at the accommodation office for directions to the hotel.  The member of staff got on the phone and within three minutes, car service had arrived from the hotel to pick us up.

A good first impression!

After checking in, the bags were dumped in our room and we headed straight out to explore. Goreme is not a big resort  within Cappadocia and in an afternoon, you can find out where all the restaurants, shops and bars are. At the moment it is very quiet but I can imagine in the height of summer season in Turkey that it is bustling.

It also seems that the town  has travelers from all over the world landing to experience what it has to offer.  I have seen Japanese, American and Spanish travelers. Some of the other languages are hard to recognize but it is nice to holiday in a resort that is not predominately visited by the Brits.

cappadocia goreme

What makes Goreme different?

Everywhere you go are caves, caves and more caves.  Some of the caves are still lived in by the locals. Have a look at the photos I have posted  and spot the doors, windows and satellite dishes.

Hotels in Goreme

There is a wide choice of cave hotels that are dotted around the resort. They are old caves that have been converted into rooms, of which some have luxury facilities and others are a basic room.  If you want a typical hotel then look at a hotel like the  Tourist Resort Hotel and Spa. There are also three camping sites  for those that travel with a tent.


The town is not for everyone though.  If you hamper after an active night-life with nightclubs open till 5am in the morning, you would be wise to head to one of the other seaside resorts in Turkey. People travelling with children will also find a lack of activities to keep kids entertained.

goreme nevisehir

What To Do in Goreme

Backpackers, hikers, couples and those who love to see the sights of Turkey will have a field day. For three days solid, I have been out and about exploring Cappadocia and everything was  within an hour’s drive.

Goreme is a good base to explore other towns and places such as Urgup, the  open air museum and the underground caves. You can join tours that are sold in resort, or hire a car if you want to be independent. Driving in these areas is really easy.

Don’t forget, Cappadocia is also famous for its hot air balloon trips. Anyone seeking an adrenalin rush will find it here.

goreme turkey

Restaurants in Goreme

From what I have seen of Goreme so far, I would give it nine out of ten as a destination to visit. The one feature that the resort is lacking is a variety of  restaurants. All the restaurants seem to have the same traditional Turkish theme and the same menu. Anyone who is eating out every night may get bored with the choice.

Speaking to the locals of Cappadocia, we found out that alternative restaurants do not seem to work. They have tried fish, Chinese, Indian and Mexican restaurants but none of them could make a successful business.


This town of  Turkey has so far exceeded my expectations in all ways. I was previously a  fan of Istanbul and would tell everyone, it was the number one destination.. Now I can say that Goreme and the surrounding towns of Cappadocia is the destination of Turkey that should be the top of your list.

goreme cappadocia

nevisehir goreme

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  1. phil + Di marina gateway says

    fantastic Nat this is on our todo list you make it sound incredible cant wait for the next update

  2. says

    Hi Phil and Di, You too would have a field day here. There is so much to do. I can imagine you two whizzing around on a scooter.

  3. Brenda Farrell says

    Goreme is wonderful for many reasons. I also love Urgup as it has more of a village feel and more variety when it comes to eating local food. I also love many of the cave hotels in Urgup as well as a couple in Goreme. Glad you’re having fun!

  4. says

    Hi Brenda, I took you up on your suggestion and visited Urgup for the day and night. Will write about it in another post but I think you are right when you say the restaurants are better.

  5. says

    Goreme looks so interesting, I never even knew about this place until I read your post. This is why I like to your blog because you always find something interesting to share on your trip. The first picture with the textile hanging off the shop is a interesting photo.

  6. says

    Hi Sarah, It is a fabulous place to visit. The carpet shop was great as well, but there was no room to put one in my suitcase!

  7. says

    I know, You wish they can roll up and squeeze in to our tiny suitcase haha

  8. says

    by far the coolest photos and place i have seen in a while, thanks for introducing me to this place through your blog!!

  9. says

    Thanks Greg, I just took a look at your blog and you have some impressive pictures there as well.

  10. Sheila Bolton says

    Hi Natalie,

    Only just discovered your travelblog courtesy of Phil and Di. These photos are stunning and Goreme is absolutely beautiful. I am going to enjoy reading the rest of your reports. You should get a job as a newspaper columnist.

    Take care. xo

  11. says

    Hi Sheila, Glad you could stop by and glad you like the pictures. Hopefully look forward to catching up with you this summer.

  12. farah says

    Hi, your picture on the top of “Restuarant”, with a stunning view over the town, is amazing. Where about you take this picture? Goreme? At a hotel in Goreme? please recommend.

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