Moving to Turkey and Expat Life : Perking the Pansies by Jack Scott

The book called “Perking the Pansies” focuses on Jack and his husband Liam as they set about selling their house in the UK to a psychotic neighbor and moving to Turkey to adapt to their first year in a Muslim country.

Eccentric expats, troubled times, hilarious scenarios and some quirky quotes are all inside the book.

It was the first time that Jack Scott  published  a book so I hooked up with him for an interview to discover the secrets  about the life of a writer and “Perking the Pansies”

About Perking the Pansies

Jack ScottHi Jack – Your blog and your book both have the same name “Perking the Pansies”, but how do they differ?

I learned some valuable lessons from David Steddall, who was the English Literature teacher at my South London grammar school. “A story should have a beginning, middle and end,” he would say. I’ve stayed faithful to Dave’s mantra.

As an expat blogger, I have published short, random series of comic observations on the blog (as fun as that is to write). However the book is the full story of our time in Turkey, warts and all, peppered with quirky characters, driven by a dramatic plot and rooted in a strong message.

It’s not all camp, light and frothy. We’ve experienced some dark moments here.

So the book’s not a travelogue or a ‘how to’ manual?

There are plenty of books out there about the majesty of Turkey or the depth of Anatolian culture. Many are beautifully written with stunning illustrations but I wanted to write a human story from the perspective of a gay couple living openly and contently in a Muslim country. This has never been done before. There aren’t many of us here.

How did you find a publisher?

Believe or not, I found my publisher, Jo Parfitt, on Twitter which just goes to show the power and reach of social networking these days. Jo, who owns Summertime Publishing, knows her stuff. She’s an accomplished and successful author, writing mentor, journalist and publisher with 28 books and hundreds of articles under her belt.

Jo specialises in publishing books by ex-pats, particularly those who have something original to say about living abroad. I sent Jo a sample of my work and she thought I had an interesting idea with a different angle. That was the first step to getting published and Jo helped me throughout the whole process till the book was finally in print.

How does a published author get paid for their book?

Well, getting published will not make you rich overnight. The author has to share the filthy lucre with the printer, designer, publisher, distributor, retailer and many others.  Most authors get less than 10% of net profits. This is why self-publishing has become so popular. The downside to that particular approach is that many self-published books are vanity projects, often badly edited and lacking a professional finish. Summertime Publishing attempt to provide a much fairer deal to authors with a return higher than the industry average for the right book.

Is it necessary to be a blogger for a book to be successful?

A blog and the effective use of social networking, particularly the big hitters like Facebook and Twitter, are vital for getting any product out there. It doesn’t matter how good a book is, if no one knows about it, no one will buy it. All you’ll end up with is a box of books gathering dust and cluttering up the garage. Unless you’re Katy Price, of course. But then, who could compete with her magnificent assets?

Perking the Pansies

Perking the Pansies – Available From Amazon

That was my interview with Jack however I felt I could not finish the article there

Moving to Turkey

I read the book and it provided me with many laughs, some of which I want to share with readers. Jack has a prolific style of writing. He subconsciously makes the images form in your head and describes people, places and events in such a way that makes you wonder if he has a god given talent of assessing  social circles and human interactions.

The result is a dynamic read that will leave you hooked.

My favorite excerpts from the book…

On leaving a well-paid job in the UK and finally deciding to make the move

“You okay with this Jack? You’re a big cheese. You’ll miss the kudos.”

“Mild middling cheddar, and I won’t. Can’t believe they paid me off though.”

“They couldn’t wait to get rid of you. You’ve been a liability for years.”

 On Turkish drivers

In a moment of instant rapture she closed her eyes and only came to when the car clipped the kerb. Liam searched for a seatbelt while I clung on to the hard rear bench.

“So why here? Why Turkey?” she asked.

“Well, we…”

“I’m afraid the seatbelts broke off years ago, dear.”

Reading a handwritten poster in a restaurant

– Inglish Quiz Nite with Fish n Cips

– Jean’s Bingo and free Cips

– Special Meet Curry and Cips

– Big Belly Dancing

The best quote!

 “Well, there’s no such thing as an atheist at thirty thousand feet when the engines fail.”

Perking the Pansies on Amazon – Perking the Pansies – Jack and Liam Move to Turkey

The official site of Jack Scott –

Jack Scott on Twitter –!/jackscottbodrum

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  1. phil + Di marina gateway says

    i find your writing easy reading Natalie and i enjoy
    your blogg maybe you could turn that into a book
    i dont no but i think maybe you should try !!!!!!

    you could start with short stories about Turkey
    some of your photo’s are fantastic i think you
    should talk to someone about getting published

    short stories about Turkey sold in the airport i
    think would do well a nice read on the plane

  2. says

    I want to read this book now! Thank you Natalie for exposing your Blog followers to some good work. Congratulations Jack! I wish you the best with this book.

    Natalie, you so could do it! Your writing is fab.
    Lisa wrote about..Triumph for French Bulldog over Kitty Cat

  3. says

    Loved reading about how Jack got his book published. Aside from my blog, I come from such an old-school background. I haven’t tried for years, but I’ve had bad luck with agents. Maybe someday!

  4. says

    This seems like it would be awesome book to read! I love funny stories esp when they relate to travel.

    Might download to my eReader. =)

  5. says

    To Natalie and Jack, thanks for sharing the insight on how to get from being a blogger to a published writer, fingers crossed I can make that switch too! Jack’s book sounds great, I just love that quote about aetheists finding god when the plane engines fail. Have to confess had that same moment on a terrifying 14 hour bus journey on Ugandan public transport recently

  6. says

    Congratulations Jack! It sounds like a great read and I hope to get my hands on it sooner rather than later! I especially love the point of view aspect, you are totally correct… I have never heard of a gay couple living successfully and openly in a Muslim society, so that would really interest me as well!
    Dayna wrote about..Exploring the Dalmatian Coast: Trogir

  7. says

    Dayna and Daniel: Hope you enjoy it
    Miss Footloose: I’m doing loads of PR, including a viritual book tour and presentation in London next month, More to come!
    Jack Scott wrote about..Perking Across the Pond

  8. says

    Thanks for sharing the comments/interview from Jack! I’ve enjoyed reading his blog in the past and your post was a great reminder to get his book. Yay! How I’d love to become a published ex-pat cookbook author someday. 😉

  9. says

    Nice job Natalie! And your blog looks absolutely fabulous! Yes, AbFab!

  10. says

    Just adding my twopennorth…The book is great and deserves to be a big success. Good interview Nat.

    And ? think you could do a book Nat. It would be a REAL Turkish travel based on out of the ordinary experiences which is rare to find.
    Ayak wrote about..Nothing is ever straightforward!

  11. says

    i want to make that jump from blogger to author, even if it isn’t a published one. I may just have to try my hand once I start on my adventure through South America – as long as I can keep the mantra “A story should have a beginning, middle and end,” in mind. Figuring out those three parts, are the hardest part – the rest is just filler :-)
    Cornelius Aesop wrote about..How to Ride the Subway in Tokyo

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