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An Armchair Traveller’s History of Istanbul

Armchair Traveller

From the first chapter, this book by writer and poet, Richard Tillinghast had me hooked. He is the second author; I have read who uses one of my favourite styles to portray the history of Turkey by combining interviews and research with a personal story. I also give respect where it is due because Richard is not a newbie visitor to Istanbul or Turkey. He first visited the country in the 1960s … [Read more...]

Is Turkey Safe from Isis and Terrorism?


On Friday, an act of terrorism stunned people around the world. A gunman let rip on a Tunisian beach and since then traffic to this website has gone crazy. The daily amount of users, since the site went live in 2010, has never been so high. I often answer questions from readers about general safety in Turkey but now, my inbox is filling up with e-mails from holiday-makers who want to know whether … [Read more...]

Competition Time: Win a 250 Euro Voucher from Wimdu!

Istanbul apartments Turkey

When it comes to organizing holidays, most of us spend lots of time choosing our ideal accommodation. After all, we have many preferences, including price, location, cleanliness, staff attitudes, and services but god forbid any hotel that doesn’t provide Internet or hot water! A major supplier of overnight accommodation is Wimdu, who have a slightly different outlook. Marketing themselves as a … [Read more...]

When Is the Best Time To Visit Turkey?

kas mediterranean coast turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations for British travelers, and it truly has something to offer everyone’s tastes: white sand beaches; cosmopolitan holiday resorts; the ruins of ancient civilizations; delicious food and potent spirits. No matter when you visit, a great holiday is always possible because of the diversity in geographical landscapes, seasons and vast range of … [Read more...]

Open for Business : Don’t Cancel Your Turkish Holiday

Third Beach Altinkum

Update 30th of June 2015 - If you have arrived at this page because of the incident that happened in Tunisa, or you are concerned about ISIS and Syria, please take a look at this article instead, which talks about those concerns. Update 15th June 2015.  : If you have arrived at this page because of the stupid, fear mongering article printed by the Daily Express newspaper on June the 13th, please … [Read more...]

Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey?


Update - June the 30th 2015 : If you have arrived at this page because you have concerns about ISIS and terrorism in Turkey, because of the incident in Tunisa, then please take a look at this article which addresses those concerns directly. Update : If you have arrived at this page because of the stupid, fear mongering article printed by the Daily Express newspaper on June the 13th, warning … [Read more...]

Expat Living : Turkey Street by Jack Scott

Jack Scott

Last month, Jack Scott, a published author and exceptionally humorous blogger, asked me to review his latest book due for release. In a monotone reply email, I typed “sure, send it through” and then quietly did a little jig around my living room table because Jack Scott’s tales of expats in Turkey are neither bland nor boring. The man has a witty and dry sense of humour that works its way into … [Read more...]

Why I Came To Turkey & the Reason I am Still Here

meaning of life

Throughout my whole life, I had a burning question that could never be answered. I wanted to know what the point of my existence was. What was the meaning of life? Refusing to believe that I was just put on this earth to eat, sleep, shit, work, clean and then do it all again the next day, I never stopped searching for the answer. Note :  At this point, if you think I am insane, in my defense, … [Read more...]

Win a Travel Voucher from Tinggly to use Anywhere in the World

Tinggly Travel

It’s competition time here at the Turkish Travel Blog! Tinggly, the company who believes travel experiences make us happy wants to give readers, the chance to win a voucher for use on their website. How much is the voucher worth? 100 USD which at the current exchange rate is also 260 Turkish lira, 70 pounds or 90 Euros How much are travel experiences on Tinggly? There is 1 set price for … [Read more...]

The Istanbul Tourist Pass : What is it and How Can it Help You?

Personal Trip Advisor support

Tourism in Turkey is catching up fast with standards in western worlds. Gone are the days of rusty old buses and sub-standard hotels. The industry now provides tourists with every amenity they want and one concept to hit the market is the Istanbul Tourist Pass. It is the brainchild of the team behind the popular Istanbul.com brand. Delivered to your hotel reception on the day you arrive, the aim … [Read more...]

Options for Mobile Internet Access in Turkey

Mobile Internet Access

For most people, a major concern when they come to Turkey is how to stay connected to the Internet. We are addicted to it and most of our daily lives require it, whether this is to chat with friends on Facebook, upload photos online, use maps, or gain access to mobile apps. Many people activate roaming on their mobiles, but this can be costly. Just last month, a woman was handed a £12,500 bill by … [Read more...]

Giving Volunteers a Voice

Bear Den

While volunteers are often thought of as representatives of the community, how do volunteer organisations tap these important people for community insights? There are a lot of agencies out there that want a volunteer’s help, but not their input. But volunteers bring a whole different perspective – more so than clients or employees. So how can you allow your volunteers to be heard? (Image … [Read more...]

4 Myths about Expat Life in Turkey

Expat life

I have written previously about expat life in Turkey. I mentioned that we tend to gather like packs of wolves into our own clans. Indeed, Turkey has become a multi-nationality expat community, and according to EuroStat, in 2013, a total of 272,842 foreigners were permanently residing in Turkey. That is not many considering the population of Turkey is 74.9 million people, but I like to think a … [Read more...]

How to Get From Ataturk Airport to Istanbul City Centre

Istanbul Airport Transfers

Istanbul is the top visited destination in Turkey. So imagine the millions of foreign tourists that it receives every year! There are two airports in Istanbul but Ataturk airport is the busiest and most tourists will arrive via that route. Transport from the airport to hotels or the city centre is easy, because there are five options. Ataturk Airport Transport Services Taxi Outside the … [Read more...]

Independent Travel vs Guided Tours: Which Is the Best Way to see Turkey?

mount tahtali

Such is the diversity of Turkey; its general appearance to the outside world can differ in many ways, mainly depending on nationalities. I am no longer surprised to receive e-mails from readers in countries like Australia or America, who plan to visit Turkey  but are hesitant about travelling independently and question if they should they sign up to a guided tour instead? My Opinion - … [Read more...]

James Bond and Film Production in Turkey

Filming permits in Istanbul

Over the years, Istanbul has lured many foreign film production teams, by offering them unique locations to create an orientalist atmosphere that Western audiences love to see on the big screen. This includes Ian Fleming’s, charismatic and dare-devil agent 007, who on his quest to fight evil is often led into the chaotic environment of Istanbul. His last film, Skyfall also featured scenes in the … [Read more...]

The Foolproof Guide to Biking in Turkey

Biking in Turkey

Ashley Howell is a cycling enthusiast. He does not do it professionally but takes his hobby seriously. Having cycled in various areas of Turkey on many occasions, he shared his tips with me on how to plan and complete a successful long-distance trip. I have to admit that it is not something I would attempt but beginners at cycling will find his methods for navigating Turkey handy. Biking in … [Read more...]

The Story of Ayse Metin and Her Connection to Harpagos, the Persian General

Ayses Trail

Lately, I have been spending more time reading books than traveling. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know but I feel compelled to inject new energy into my life, travel style and writing. Something is missing and solutions are coming to me via the books that I read. In another time, only travel guides and maps sat on my book-shelves. I refused to read fiction, biographies or any topic that did … [Read more...]

Hiking and Trekking in Turkey

Walk Across Turkey

For anyone who loves nature, getting outdoors and exploring, then walking and trekking in Turkey is a great opportunity.Unfortunately, I am lazy but to help future travelers, I interviewed an expert on the subject. Who is he and what makes him an expert? His name is Matt Krause and he has walked across Turkey, from the west to the east, without stopping. He has encountered many terrains and … [Read more...]

Exploring Turkish Culture Book Review

Turkish landscapes

A few months ago, Lisa Morrow, an experienced travel writer living in Istanbul, contacted me. She had just released a book about Turkish Culture and asked if she could send a copy, for a published review. I said yes and a week later, received a 162-page book via cargo. Since I am a fast reader, I would easily finish a book of that size within a few days. Her book is not a travel guide but a … [Read more...]

A Turkish Christmas

Turkish Christmas

A Turkish christmas is impossible right? Most of my friends and family who have never visited Turkey say this. “After all, Turkey is a Muslim country”. It might be a Muslim country but one thing  the Turks have got down to a fine art, is that where there is money to be made, they will make it. Around 2004, Turkey started becoming popular among ex-pats, hence a new business opportunity for all … [Read more...]

Turkish Tourist Visa Changes

Turkish tourist visa

Update : Since this post was published, Turkey has now introduced the e-visa system. Please see here for further details Old Article follows on from here Changes to the Turkish tourist Visa system in the recent month, has left many people bewildered and confused. A quick clarification for you. It was recently announced that any English traveler could only stay for a period of 90 days out of 180 … [Read more...]

Top Ten Travel Tips For Turkey

Facts About Turkey

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or it is your first package holiday to Turkey, here are my top travel tips to help you. They have all come from my own experiences, when I  used to work as a holiday rep for British tourists and also of course, my own travel experiences over the last 14 years. Travel Tips for Turkey 1 – Turkey is slowing phasing out the old sticker visas given at the … [Read more...]

Hecktic Travels Blog : Interview With Dalene And Pete

Hecktic Travels

Turkey is set to be a popular destination for a lot of other travel bloggers.I really am excited to follow their blogs, read their tales and also marvel at the amazing photographs that they take. Everyone's tales of their time in Turkey, is completely different so when I learned that Dalene and Pete from Hecktic Travels were spending three months, house sitting in Turkey, I simply had to get a … [Read more...]

The Unofficial Guide & Tips About Driving In Turkey

Driving in Turkey

Driving in Turkey has got a colourful reputation and foreigners gasp at the total disregard for safety.  Many first time visitors to Turkey will stand on the pavement( if there is one) for about five minutes just staring at the traffic. Their mouths fall open and they seem to think their eyes are playing a trick on them. They are not. No doubt you've heard of "when in Rome do as the Romans do". … [Read more...]

Where To Stay in Cappadocia

Where to stay in Cappadocia

I received an email from a reader who was asking where to stay in Cappadocia... D wrote... "I was wondering, which town should I make my base? Goreme, Urgup, Uchisar, or...? Which would be the most quaint (for lack of a better word) town to stay, although, I would love to see all 3 towns mentioned and/or more if possible. Having said that, I am also interested to see and experience the … [Read more...]

5 of Turkey’s Most Expensive Hotels

Expensive hotels in Turkey

I have always admitted that I am not a person who does budget travel well. Where possible, I like to spend my cash in the most luxurious way possible. Unfortunately, I don't have a budget for some of Turkey's most expensive hotels. I can only dream of pampering myself, fine cuisine, and jumping up and down on the large king size beds covered with pure feather pillows. I dream about room service … [Read more...]

Beyond Istanbul: Four Ancient Cities and Towns to Visit in Turkey


Many visitors to Turkey will head straight for the beautiful city of Istanbul or the resort towns of the Turquoise Coast. Although both have their obvious merits, I think there is so much else to see when it comes to exploring Turkey’s history and culture, especially if you’ve already done the main tourist attractions and are looking for a more in-depth visit. Heritage architecture is everywhere … [Read more...]

Virtual Wayfarer Alex Berger : Travel Interview


Plenty of Independent travel bloggers are putting a pin in the map and choosing Turkey to be a destination they visit in the next year. Hey, I cannot fault them. After all, Turkey just rocks when it comes to just about everything! Now, as much as I like to keep readers to myself, the more independent information that I can share about Turkish travel, the better. With this in mind, interviews with … [Read more...]

Leaving Home to Travel and Begin a New Life


I am thinking deeply about leaving home to travel. Just pack a bag, get on the bus and begin a new life.  I want to travel to all the places that I have read and heard about. I want to tick off some more goals on my bucket list. I want to experience days that are different and outside of my normal routine. I think about my month long trip at the end of the year. I am dying to scream “why wait? … [Read more...]

28 Stupid Questions People Asked Google

stupid questions people asked google

I like helping people when possible. I often receive questions about travel in Turkey via Facebook and email. A lot of the time though, people ask the questions on Google and the mighty search engine displays my site as a possible source for answers. All the search terms that bring  people to my site are displayed in my Google analytics account that I review monthly. This morning while looking … [Read more...]

Hoax : The Most Beautiful Horse in the World Does NOT Live in Turkey


The other day I came across a picture called the most beautiful horse in the world. It blew my mind. Look at the photo below and I am sure you will agree. Stunner isn’t it? The majestic stance and the golden coat is pure beauty. More to the point, my interest had spiked because the picture said the horse lived in Turkey! "Eh?" was my first response. I was quite surprised because Turkey has … [Read more...]

My Turkish Love Letter : Part Two


Readers, if you missed part one, you can catch up with what has happened here. The short version is that I received a love letter from an ex-boyfriend who is currently behind bars. I had no intention of waiting for him or visiting him in prison but was undecided on what my response should be. After many draft versions, I finally wrote a heart-felt letter back. As normal, names or very private … [Read more...]

My Turkish Love Letter : (Translated into English) : Part One

Turkish love rat

Readers, before I show you my Turkish love letter, it is important to know the background of my story, more so if you are not familiar with the hot-blooded libido of Turkish men for Western women. Any tour of Turkey by a single female, whether pretty or hideously repulsive, will produce numerous marriage proposals; requests for Facebook addresses and on the odd occasions, you may even gain a … [Read more...]

Why Is Responsible Tourism in Turkey Failing?

tourism responsible

Responsible tourism is not something new; it has been around for roughly the last fifteen years. Considering this, it is hard to imagine why many travelers, holiday makers, hoteliers and destination officials do not give it a second thought. I cannot speak on how Responsible Tourism has taken off in other countries; however I know that in Turkey it is unheard of by a majority of the key official … [Read more...]

Turkish Night – Tacky Or Tasteful?

Turkish Night

In all tourist resorts of Turkey,  from the months of April to October, you will note one similarity. Most of the restaurants will hold a Turkish night. I am not talking about the traditional Turkish lokantas but the restaurants that are aimed specifically for foreigners. The restaurants that serve English breakfast and Sunday dinners like they are going out of fashion. These Turkish nights can … [Read more...]

Domestic Flights In Turkey – Sites To Use

turkish domestic flights

Most of the travel within Turkey is done by using the bus system however more and more people are latching onto the idea of domestic flights within Turkey. It is not often that it will work out cheaper however sometimes the cost can be as little as 20 dollars extra. If this enables you to get to your destination in half the time then it may be worth looking into to. Airline Websites for … [Read more...]

My Comical Turkish Divorce and the Life Lessons Learned

Divorce joke

Experts say one of the most stressful events in life is a divorce. It is the nail in the coffin of a failed marriage. When I married my Turkish Romeo seven years ago, I never imagined, it would end in divorce. Sure, there were cultural issues but we always managed to resolve them and many people often remarked that we were a good couple. Therefore, to sit here and write about my recent divorce is … [Read more...]

To Travel By Bus Or Plane?

miniaturk - istanbul airport

I have my next trip coming up soon. My destination is Goreme in Cappadocia and I need to decide on the method of transport that I will use to get there. Car and the railway system are definitely out as they are too expensive or not easily accessible. The two choices I have are  internal domestic flights or the bus. I have been pondering over this choice for a few days now, so I decided to … [Read more...]

My Turkish Life Crashed and Burned


The last article I published was a heavyhearted confession asking readers to wait for me while I tried to deal with a serious bout of depression. Anyone familiar with social decorum in Turkey would have realized the battle I faced. This is a country where depression is not discussed openly. It is a weakness and people suffering from it are abnormal. I had become a freak of society. So I devised … [Read more...]

Wandering Earl : Solo Travel Blogger Interview

Solo Traveler

On October the fourth, Wandering Earl will be passing through Turkey on his way to a tour round the Middle East. For those of you that like to book vacation packages and plan everything right down to your daytime excursions, then Wandering Earl is a solo traveler that will amaze you. About Wandering Earl Wandering Earl has an unique way of traveling. He books his plane ticket and that is it. … [Read more...]

Turkish Men & Your Holiday Romance


Readers : I wrote this post over three years ago. All of it still applies and I stand by what I have written. However you may also be interested in my latest post regarding Turkish men called "My Turkish Love Letter" (November 2013) Turkish Men and Holiday Romances Turkish Men are once again causing heartache all over the globe. Every year, thousands of foreign women enter Turkey and strike up … [Read more...]

Travel in Turkey – Tips To Help You Blend In With The Locals

Travel In Turkey

1 – Don’t assume Turkish people do not speak English. You will look very stupid standing there making wild hand gestures while drooling in a tone that resembles a Darlik. Most of the people that you come across will speak English especially the ones that works in the travel industry. 2 – Don’t upset the hotel receptionist. The western concept of the customer is always right does not apply in … [Read more...]

Travel Myths About Turkey Busted!

travel myths

Every country has myths that are believed by foreigners. In this post I am going to bust all those travel myths that you have heard about Turkey. I dare any reader to prove me wrong. 1 – Midnight Express. Many travelers who have announced their plans to visit Turkey,  have heard the rather stern words of  “have you never seen Midnight Express?” If you are one of those who believe that Midnight … [Read more...]

Why are Flights to and from Turkey so Expensive?

Flight travel

Circumstances dictate that in two months, I must return briefly to the “Dear old Blighty”. The small and dark Island floating in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The island that provokes doom and gloom memories of miserable people who are incapable of muttering good morning without moaning about their daily lives and the poor performance of their government.  Where am I talking … [Read more...]

Must-See Places for First-Time Vacationers in Turkey

Mount Nemrut

This is a guest post by American author and blogger Ronald Clason Turkey is an interesting and diverse vacation destination. It is not a favoured choice for travelers from non-European countries, but it should be because it offers attractions rivaling those offered by other holiday locations. Most of us might find it costly to travel here, but there are affordable options. Look online for cheap … [Read more...]

A Honeymoon in Turkey – Ali and Andrew Tell Their Story

Ali and Andrew

Read any mainstream publication that lists top honeymoon destinations in the world, and Turkey hardly ever gets mentioned, often overlooked in favour of more exotic locations such as Fiji, the Maldives or Barbados. With this in mind, I was rather intrigued when two passionate travelers decided to create their own itinerary for  a honeymoon in Turkey. They shunned the luxurious suites, romantic … [Read more...]

Deep Trances, Irish Psychic Readers, and Evaluation of Life


If there were a universal scale of 1 to 10 about how great bloggers are, I would score minus twenty. The judges would say I am inconsistent and guilty of ignoring my readers. I admit it; my posts have become shorter and less frequent. My enthusiasm has disappeared, currently listed as AWOL. My passion and inner strength left my life abruptly and are yet to return. I would not have dreamed of … [Read more...]

Facts About Turkey That You Never Knew

The Virgin Mary

Many people have a pre-conceived idea of Turkey before they come here. I will admit that I did and it was not until I  had visited Turkey that I fell in love with it. Every year that I stay here,  there are more and more interesting facts about Turkey that I learn and some of them are quite astonishing 9 Facts about Turkey 1 – Tulips originated from Turkey and not Holland. They were taken … [Read more...]

A Man With No Social Boundaries

social boundaries

During my time and travels in Turkey, I have met a lot of people. I count myself as being lucky in life as most of these people have been wonderful human beings. They have given me direction or advice which has proved to be fruitful or they are just naturally happy and positive people who give out good energy and vibes where ever they go. This is one of the reasons why I love meeting people … [Read more...]