Turkish Food and Drink - Traditional, Local and Regional

The below posts are about traditional Turkish food and drink that I have sampled while traveling around Turkey. Including local and regional dishes as well as alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

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Making Turkish Pide for the World on a Plate Challenge

Turkish pide fast food

Last week, I came across Expedia's World on a Plate Challenge. It sounded interesting. Every month they feature a different country and bloggers participate by cooking a dish from that country.  For the month of April, the country they are promoting is Turkey. Yay! I was hesitant to take part though.  I don’t cook and I especially don’t cook Turkish food which was the stipulation of the … [Read more...]

6 Suggestions of Food to Eat in Istanbul


With its mixture of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences and its bountiful fresh produce, it’s no surprise that Istanbul has established itself as a mecca for foodies from across the globe. From tender, perfectly spiced kebabs to indulgent sweet pastries, the diversity of potential food to eat is mind boggling. This popular vacation spot is perfect for a culinary tour, and if you want to … [Read more...]

Dolma Stuffed Pepper Recipe

Dolma - Turkish cuisine

One of the best feelings in the world is when you eat your favorite food. One of my favorite dishes is Dolma and I have just hurriedly scoffed two for my lunchtime meal. If you find yourself in Turkey and come upon a traditional restaurant, then be sure to nip in and try some dolma. If you translate dolma then it actually means stuffed thing and the Turks like to use Peppers or egg plants to do … [Read more...]

Çöp Sis Kebabs : Are They Garbage?

Cop Sis kebab Soke

When I first came to Turkey, one dish that I wholeheartedly indulged in was Shish kebabs. It was a safe choice. Large chunks of meat, with peppers and onions, were placed on a skewer and grilled. Simple and not too much of a culture shock for my palate that was so used to British food. Later, while driving through the Aegean town of Soke, my friend recommended Çöp Sis kebab. Apparently, the town … [Read more...]

Traditional Turkish Food – Menemen


One of my favorite Turkish dishes is called Menemen and it is a mixture of onions, peppers, tomatoes and eggs. The great thing about Menemen is that it is one of those dishes  that you can adjust to your own taste and add bacon, spices, potatoes etc. Traditionally Menemen is ate at breakfast but it also serves well as an afternoon or evening meal. On this occasion the Menemen was served with hand … [Read more...]

The Huge Guide of Regional Food in Turkey

testi kebab

Turkey is a huge country covering diverse terrains, with differing climates. Indeed, while snow settles in the mountains of the north-east, bikini-clad swimmers in the south-west gather en masse on the long sandy beaches. The historical timeline of Turkey is also colourful, and at times confusing, but each empire, dynasty, or ethnic group has left its mark, especially regarding food, and the daily … [Read more...]

The Best Turkish Food To Try


Since the lavish banquets of the Ottoman Imperial Court, Turkish cuisine has been ubiquitously enjoyed across the globe. It is vibrant, varied, and will be integral to your experience of the country when you visit. The most prolific of gourmands can find new challenges, while wary initiates can still enjoy chowing down on simple, familiar treats like baklava, feta, and the kebab. Different areas … [Read more...]

The Flying Fish of Altinkum : Aegean Cuisine


When I lived in England, I never understood the popular sport of fishing. It seemed pointless to catch fish and throw it back in. I was also a city girl and my staple diet was fast food, or frozen microwave meals. I hardly ate fish unless it was from the local take away, coated in thick, batter, served with greasy, fat chips, and wrapped in paper. Later I moved to Turkey, and during my first … [Read more...]

Delicious Vegetarian Food in Turkey

vegetarian food in Turkey

Turkey has earned itself a solid reputation when it comes to food however many people  assume the country to be a nation of  hard-core, meat-eating fanatics thanks to the international popularity of the donor kebab. People, who find the thought of eating meat revolting, may think that delicious vegetarian food in Turkey is hard to come by but you could not be more wrong.  Turkish vegetarian food … [Read more...]

Traditional Turkish Food : Aguz : Made From Cows Colostrum

Aguz made from cows colostrum

Turks are very resourceful when it comes to food. They waste nothing and everything is used in one form or another. Reading "brain soup" on my local takeaway menu no longer makes me burst into giggles and my favourite dish in Urfa was Dalak, which is lambs spleen. I am also still trying to figure out whether the mother-in-law was joking, when at Ramadan after cutting up the sheep, she wanted to … [Read more...]

A Guide to Tasty Turkish Street Food

Turkish street food

For many, a big part of any holiday is the food you eat, the food you remember and the food you would rather forget.  In Turkey, street food is a way of life and simply cannot be ignored.  Some of your finest meals will be made instantly in front of you so here is a little taste of what to expect Turkish Street Food  Kokorec, spiced offal wrapped in lamb’s intestine is of course, a tasty treat … [Read more...]

Traditional Food from the Southeast of Turkey : Grilled Lambs Spleen and Sheep’s head

Kebab seller

I do not normally focus on food while traveling. I have a love / hate relationship with it and mostly eat more out of necessity rather than desire. At other times, I have heavily criticized Turkish cuisine in favour of other international food. My stay in the south east of Turkey changed that though. When comparing the region to the west, I recognized a huge difference in culture, traditions, and … [Read more...]

Turkish Wines

Turkish Wine

A lot of people are surprised when they first come to Turkey and they discover that it is a wine producing country. There is nothing better after a long day of sightseeing to sit on your balcony and enjoy a glass of Turkish wine, while doing so you can be amazed to learn that Turkey is one of the earliest wine producing areas in the world. I was reliably informed though,  that Turkey struggles to … [Read more...]

The Turkish Yogurt Drink of Ayran

Ayran Turkish Yogurt Drink

If you ask any of my friends, what my favorite drink is they may tell you red-bull or beer! Shock, horror, surprise, it is infact Ayran. This is a Turkish drink that is consumed by millions of Turks every day. Don't be surprised if you are suffering from an upset stomach and a Turkish person offers you Ayran as it is  a great way of calming down a poorly tummy. What do I like so much about Ayran? … [Read more...]

Learning About Traditional Turkish Cuisine

Food shop

As with most holidays, one of the main attractions in Turkey is the food. Apart from being delicious (which it is), it takes a unique perspective on the history of a once-great empire. Every dish tells its own story, and makes eating out more of a cultural experience than a way to convert energy. History of Turkish Cuisine Turkish cuisine takes most of its cues from the Ottoman Empire. The … [Read more...]

A Panoramic View of Rize from Çaykur Tea Garden


I placed the back of my hand over my nose and mouth in attempt to cover up the overwhelming smell. I did not want to cup my palm over my mouth, fearful of the germs that I had picked up. While holding my breath, I quickly washed my hands and then made a run for the door. It was too late. My throat started to dry heave as I gasped for some fresh air to replace the smell, resembling a sewage tank … [Read more...]

My Posh Turkish Breakfast at the Didim Marina Yacht Club

Didim Marina

It has now become a weekly tradition that every Sunday morning, we eat out for breakfast. Our destination this week was Didim Marina Yacht Club for a posh Turkish breakfast. What is the different between a posh Turkish breakfast and a normal Turkish breakfast, I hear you ask? Hmm, mainly the price tag. The average cost of a Turkish breakfast is 8 lira (roughly 5USD or 4 GBP). This breakfast was … [Read more...]

Turkish Food Blogs to Tempt Your Taste Buds

tomato soup

Those of you who are handy in the kitchen and love whipping up new dishes for the family to try, will like these Turkish food blogs. Recipes include simple and easy dishes to gourmet food that will impress anyone at a dinner party. I am certainly not talented in the kitchen but often sit down with a cup of coffee for a great read and a subtle introduction to new Turkish dishes. (Note: I am yet to … [Read more...]

Beekeeping in Turkey : How To Make Sweet, Golden Honey

Bees at work

Turkey ranks third of largest honey producing countries in the world and after I unexpectedly met a local beekeeper in Maral; I am surprised they are not number one. Personally, I think the bloke is mad to do the beekeeping job using his unorthodox methods but hey, this is Turkey and they do produce some of the sweetest honey on the market There is nothing fancy about beekeeping in Maral. That … [Read more...]

Gaziantep Culinary Museum : Southeast Cuisine of Turkey

Old Gaziantep Kitchen

The Gaziantep Culinary Museum is set in an old house down a cobbled side street.  I entered a small courtyard and looked around at the two storey building. First impressions were not to expect too much yet it was the most comprehensive museum I have ever visited. Perhaps it was so interesting because of my lack of cooking skills and knowledge of Turkish food. Without any doubt, I differ so … [Read more...]

Life in the Coffee Houses of Gaziantep

Menengic dibek kahvesi

I love caffeine. I adore it. I think it is a wonderful substance and often drink more than six cups of Nescafe in a day. I can also top that off with a can of Redbull and on odd occasions, have to lie down because my over indulgence has bought on a caffeine headache. The last time I tried to detox from my addiction to caffeine, I could not function. Two hours into the day and I gave up. … [Read more...]

How to Eat Fish like A Turk

Turkish food fish

Kebabs are not the only food that is the favorite cuisine of Turkish people. The Turks also love fish. Now I am not talking about your frozen, filleted fish from the local supermarket. We are talking about fresh fish that came out of the sea only a matter of minutes or hours before. More and more Turks are also upping their consumption of fish, thanks to the high prices of red meat in … [Read more...]