East of Turkey

The east of Turkey is so different to the west coast of the country. I went to explore historical sites and get to know the people of which many are Kurdish. I have not yet explored all of the region but plan to return in the near future to continue my travels. Browse through the articles below to find out more or join us on Facebook.

Ani City and the Church of the Redeemer

Kurtarici kilisesi

The church of the Redeemer ( Kurtarici kilisesi ) was one of the first churches that I came across when walking around Ani. It stands near the foundations of an old house. The most prominent feature of the church is its destruction, which happened during a storm in 1957 and an earthquake in 1988. Today the structure is at strong risk of collapsing altogether. The future of Ani City and the … [Read more...]

The Cathedral of Ani aka the Fethiye Mosque

The Cathedral of Ani

Many historians consider the Holy Virgin Cathedral of Ani to be the biggest and most impressive historic building in the region.Built in 1001AD and converted into a mosque in 1071, it has seen much controversy in recent years despite its dormant state. Controversy number one was the decision by the famous fashion magazine Elle to base a photo shot in the cathedral. Public opinion was split in two … [Read more...]

The Tigran Honents Church of Ani

Tigran Honents

This article is part of a series on the ruins of Ani, which are in the north-east region of Turkey, on the border with Armenia. You can read the first article here. Tigran Honents Church  On the edge of the ruins of Ani is the Tigran Honents church. Dating from 1215, it took its name from the wealthy Armenian merchant that ordered and paid for its construction. Upon first sight, its small … [Read more...]

The Ruins of Ani – The City of 1001 Churches

ruins of Ani

The ruins of Ani are the remains of a medieval Armenian kingdom. They are a collection of stunning churches and beautiful mosques spread over a large area on the border with Armenia. They are also in my opinion, one of the most underrated historical sites in Turkey. Ruins of Ani - North east of Turkey on the border with Armenia In its prime, the city of Ani housed more than 100,000 people … [Read more...]

Kümbet Mosque, aka The Church of 12 Apostles

Kumbet Mosque

Full of excitement, I rushed into Kümbet Mosque, a recommended site to visit while in the city of Kars. It was not until, I was on the way out that I felt great shame. You see, I had forgotten to cover my head with a scarf, and this is always requested of women entering mosques. To be fair though, a majority of guidebooks do not call it Kümbet Mosque. They call it the Church of 12 Apostles, a … [Read more...]

The Locals of Ani : Turkish Village Culture

Local man from Anikoy

There is one benefit of attending  tours with Turkish people. They have a complete disregard for  timed schedules and planned events. While this may infuriate those in the western world, who live every waking moment according to a diary, I enjoy it because the disruption leads way to surprising events and the chance to meet new people. The Turkish Village of Ani On this particular morning, … [Read more...]

Savsat Sahara Milli Park

Savsat Sahara Turkey

Most of my travel plans go smoothly. On the odd occasion though, I do get it wrong and I end up traveling too fast. This means I miss out on some intriguing destinations of which one was Savsat Sahara Milli Park. Located in the North-east region of Turkey, it is a picture perfect landscape scene and I didn’t even stay the night! Savsat Sahara Milli Park - Artvin Turkey Due to prices of … [Read more...]

Cultural Connections in Kars : Russian, Armenian and Azerbaijan Influences

Kars Turkey

The city of Kars was a destination on my north to east tour of Turkey. Before I left, I excitedly discussed my plans with two Turkish friends. I was going to spend one day in Kars with a tour group, then extend my stay on my own for three days. The mention of Kars prompted astonished looks on their faces.  “You cannot stay in Kars alone” they said. “You will never come back” Now at this … [Read more...]