Bodrum in Turkey

The Bodrum Peninsula of Turkey has a vast amount of holiday resorts that are worth exploring. This section is intended to be a travel guide and accounts of my travels through the area. I have not finished so please keep checking back or join in the discussions on Facebook.

My Turkish Painting Holiday

Painting holidays in Bodrum

Drawing and painting have never been strong talents of mine. I believe I’m a creative person but throughout my life, have never been able to use a pencil or art brush to create pictures worth hanging on the wall. Maybe that is why I drifted towards photography instead, because it seems like all the work is done for you. The eagerness for artistic creativity has always been there though, so when I … [Read more...]

Reasons Why You Should Visit Bodrum

Reasons to visit Bodrum

Turkey is one of the most appealing destinations in Europe because of the wonderful mix of its rich culture and breath-taking sceneries. It also has some of the most enticing package holidays thanks to the wide range of those natural and cultural attractions. One of the centers of the country's tourist industry and a must-visit spot is the ancient, yet cosmopolitan peninsula of Bodrum, lying on … [Read more...]

5 Things to Do in Yalikavak on the Bodrum Peninsula

Yalikavak marina

Having travelled to Yalikavak in Bodrum many times, it is now, my favourite holiday destination in Turkey. With much to admire, this beautiful seaside resort, is popular with foreign and Turkish tourists. There are five reasons in particular why I keep going back, and this article also serves as a good guide for first time visitors to the resort. Things to do in Yalikavak  Sandy Beaches in … [Read more...]

Bogazici and My Quest To Find It

Boat Taxi Bogazici

In my quest to find the tiny fishing village of Bogazici, I got lost in the Mugla region of Turkey.  I was previously told directions of how to get to Bogazici but instead  found myself driving up narrow, mountains roads that were taking me to the middle of nowhere. Eventually, I made it back onto the Bodrum Mugla highway where crazy “MALE” drivers were breaking the speed limit and playing … [Read more...]

The Sleeping Valley of Uyku Vadisi

uyku vadisi - milas - turkey

Uyku Vadisi translated from Turkish to English means Sleeping Valley and the person that gave this touristic establishment the name; definitely hit the nail on the head. My visit on Sunday was totally unplanned however it reinforced my belief that the best days are the unplanned ones. Even though this is a tourist establishment, I have never seen it mentioned in any guide books, nor have I heard … [Read more...]

Yalikavak : Boat Captains & Windmills in Bodrum

Beach front Yalikavak

When people ask  for recommendations of where to visit in Turkey, I will add Yalikavak to the list along with Istanbul or Cappadocia.  It is strange that I would do this as there is nothing much to the Bodrum resort that stands out. About Yalikavak in the Bodrum Region of Turkey There is four main streets, windmills, a beach front and a harbor however the vibes that were buzzing around the … [Read more...]

Herakleia and The Hard-Core, Street Crew of Turkey

Herakleia Turkey

Don’t be fooled by the flowery trousers and cute smiles. Don’t assume that these five women are just plain, simple Turkish housewives. They rule the streets with iron fists and even the menfolk of the village run and shrink into the shadows of doorways when they pass. I met the hard-core,  street crew yesterday when we were driving around the old village of Herakleia in Milas in the Aegean region … [Read more...]

Kadikalesi and Gumusluk –Stunning Secrets

Kadikalesi, turkey

On the third day of our Bodrum road trip, we set off to drive from Turgutreis to Yalikavak. The route we took was via the coastal roads and this way we could stop off at any place that caught our attention. While Gumusluk was already on our itinerary, we had only heard of Kadikalesi the night before when chatting to a couple in a restaurant. (Turkey is like that, you find yourself chatting to … [Read more...]

About Turgutreis on the Bodrum Peninsula of Turkey

Turgutreis Marina

Turgutreis in the Bodrum region of Turkey filled me with an overwhelming sense of comfort and familiarity, even though I had never been there before. I felt  like I was lured to experience something new. I also had the realization that I was not feeling nervous, even though I was in a strange place and meeting new people.  However I was only there for one day and I was introduced to a lifestyle … [Read more...]

Bodrum Turkey : A Castle, Stunning Marina & Good Nightlife


I can honestly say that out of all the coastal resorts in Turkey that I have visited, Bodrum is my favorite. While walking around the main town, I felt a sense of style where every street and every shop blends into an overall portrait of sophistication and lazy afternoons relaxing.It is so hard not to pay homage to the way Bodrum has developed itself. Its allure seems to be the result of well … [Read more...]

My Bodrum Road Trip

Bodrum Road Trip

Just after New Year, a discussion with a close friend led to an idea being born of a Bodrum road trip. For those of you, not familiar with Turkey, Bodrum is on the west coast and consists of the main town center and a number of small neighbouring coastal resorts. Many people booking flights to Turkey will fly into Bodrum airport as it is a convenient  base to reach a number of destinations. I … [Read more...]

My 2013 Travel Plans for the Bodrum Peninsula


For me, 2012 was a good year in terms of travel. I managed to visit many areas in Turkey and for the first time in eight years, I left the country for a brief visit to the UK. The plan is to make 2013 just as great and one place on my list is the Bodrum peninsula. Located on the West coast of Turkey, it is a popular destination, especially with British tourists. I have spent a lot of time on … [Read more...]