Beypazari Region Near Ankara

The Beypazari region of Turkey is near the capital Ankara. The region is steeped in Ottoman history and traditions, this is reflected in the architecture and local art of Telkari. It is also a great place for anyone who likes hiking, trekking, photography, and nature because of the beautiful Inozu Valley. Browse through the articles below and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Alternatively, join the discussions on Facebook.

Best Places To See Ottoman Houses in Turkey

Ottoman houses

Beypazari is a popular weekend getaway for Turks, especially those from the big cities of Ankara or Istanbul. Before visiting, I had considered myself widely educated on places in Turkey, yet had never heard of Beypazari which is actually my shame because the region is widely respected for its traditional Ottoman houses. Ottoman Houses of Beypazari I arrived in the town during the night so … [Read more...]

The Scenic Landscape of Inözü Valley

Inozu vadisi Beypazari Ankara Turkey

I enjoyed exploring the cobbled streets and admiring the Ottoman architecture of Beypazari, but I was extremely grateful that my host had a car. Even better, they opted to be guide and driver, so it was guaranteed that I was going to get away from the tourist spots. My host took me to numerous small villages that seemed to be cut off from the outside world. However, I particularly warmed to a … [Read more...]

Hamzalar Lake in Beypazari


Sometimes I get so far off the beaten track, that the place is not mentioned in guidebooks and does not appear on maps. This is a problem, when I am researching material for an article but on this occasion, I did not care because in front of me was an astonishing landscape view of Hamzalar lake in Beypazari. Stood on a hilltop, I looked over the green countryside, small lake, and large mountains … [Read more...]

The Friendly Locals of Beypazari

Coppersmith in Beypazari

I firmly believe the best way to learn about a destination, its cultures, and traditions is to meet the locals. Sometimes this is easier said than done. I cannot  walk up to any random local and start a conversation about their life, without getting the s*** beaten out of me for being nosy.  Instead, I have to wait for that moment when I am in the right place at the right time It also helps if … [Read more...]

Traditional Turkish Food : Aguz : Made From Cows Colostrum

Aguz made from cows colostrum

Turks are very resourceful when it comes to food. They waste nothing and everything is used in one form or another. Reading "brain soup" on my local takeaway menu no longer makes me burst into giggles and my favourite dish in Urfa was Dalak, which is lambs spleen. I am also still trying to figure out whether the mother-in-law was joking, when at Ramadan after cutting up the sheep, she wanted to … [Read more...]

The Veiled Women of Beypazari: The Bürgü

Burgu Beypazari

During my time in Turkey, I have become used to seeing veiled women. Showing their face but covering their hair, the younger generation has even made wearing the veil fashionable with the Islamic chic concept.  I no longer take a second glance at veiled women and have on the odd occasion when social decorum calls for it, worn a veil myself. It was a different story when I arrived in Beypazari, a … [Read more...]

Ahmet the Coppersmith from Beypazari

Ahmet Ordek

A stroll down the back streets of Beypazari revealed rows of shops accommodating traditional trades that had disappeared from my home country many years ago. One of the tradesmen was Ahmet and he was a coppersmith, called a bakirci or a kalayci in Turkish. His shop stood out because of the sign that displayed his full name. The surname translated into “duck” which I thought was comical. As it … [Read more...]

Exploring Kozalan Köyü : A Turkish Village in Beypazari

Kozalan koyu

On the surface, Kozalan Köyü doesn’t have many attractions and people passing through may decide not to stop. However, it does have a certain appeal, it just depends on what you are looking for. If you want golden sand beaches, pumping nightclubs and foreign cuisine, keep driving. If you are looking for an “off the beaten track destination” that introduces you to local culture and foods, a … [Read more...]

Off the Beaten Track in Boyali Village

Turkish village

There are only three reasons why anyone would visit Boyali village For fantastic views of the surrounding countryside Trekking or bird watching For an unbiased look at village life in an area which is off the beaten track The small village is nestled at the foot of a large hill. It can be seen from miles around but you need knowledge of the back roads to get there without losing your … [Read more...]

Fatma Teyze From Beypazari: An Inspirational Role Model for Women

Fatma Teyze

Fatma Teyze is a local woman from Beypazari.  When I first met her, I was immediately struck by her confidence. If you are also under the notion that Turkish women are suppressed, Fatma Teyze is the perfect example to defy that typical stereotype. She owns a successful café in town. Her face is plastered on the billboard above her shop and she has recently secured the name “Fatma Teyze” as a … [Read more...]

The Bindalli Dress from Beypazari

Bindalli dress

The Beypazari region of Ankara is culturally rich.  From local foods to jewellery to weaving and handicrafts, I learned a lot about the people that live there. One tradition I also learned about was the Bindalli dress What is a Bindalli dress? It is an intricate garment that is a symbol of the relationship between mother and daughter.  Handed down through generations, it is a long velvet … [Read more...]

The Telkari Master of Beypazari

Telkari Beypazari

I first heard about Telkari, in the Southeast city of Mardin. The area is famous for this type of jewellery and it is a popular trend for locals and tourists. Designs and styles are different from jewellery sold on the Western coast of Turkey, which is normally sourced in from the big city of Istanbul. What is Telkari? Telkari is an art and an age-old tradition. Extremely thin wires of gold … [Read more...]

No Men Allowed : Ladies Day at the Local Turkish Bath

Turkish woman and child going to the hamam

The Turkish Bath museum of Beypazari is a small two-story basement building, located on a side street in the main town. Its aim is to highlight the ancient tradition and remember past citizens who spent their time cleansing and washing in the old hamam. Rather than just a visit to a museum, it was for me instead, a big realization of how much my life has changed since I arrived in Turkey … [Read more...]

Hidirlik Hill View Point : A Panoramic View of Beypazari

Beypazari Turkey

There is nothing much to Hidirlik Hill. When you reach the top, there is just a café, some picnic tables, and a row of local women selling spices. Yet it is one of my favorite places in Beypazari Why? I love it because it gives a complete view over the town My obsession started when I sat in a local restaurant staring at a large photo framed on the wall. It was of the town of Beypazari but … [Read more...]

Dudas Village : Introducing Rural Tourism

Local turkish women

Thirty-three villages in the Beypazari region of Turkey are part of a huge tourism initiative by the Turkish government. The aim is to promote the region for its natural beauty and the targeted market is anyone who does not want a beach holiday. Examples include culture seekers, photography enthusiasts and people who love walking and trekking. One of the villages on the map is Dudas. Before I … [Read more...]