Antalya Region of Turkey

The Antalya region of Turkey stretches along the Mediterranean coastline. The region has large and small holiday resorts, many beautiful beaches, exciting things to do and interesting places to go. One of my highlights while traveling was the view from Mount Tahtali. Browse through the articles below and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Alternatively, join the discussions on Facebook.

Kas : Mediterranean Delight in Turkey


Kas is everything that a typical Mediterranean seaside resort in Turkey should be.  White washed houses cascade down the winding mountain roads to show the way to beautiful beaches and a harbor that reminds you that  life is in fact quite good and while in Kas, the best thing to do is to adapt quickly to the Mediterranean lifestyle. Many of the houses in Kas are surrounded with pink bougainvillea … [Read more...]

9 of the Best Things to Do in Kalkan

Kalkan Turkey

For many decades, the small town of Kalkan was hardly mentioned in mainstream publications. Other Turkish destinations like cosmopolitan Bodrum or historical Istanbul gained admiration instead. That was until the turn of the century, when the small village attracted attention and respect from outside entities. Why you Should go to Kalkan Travel companies, magazines, and estate agents selling … [Read more...]

The Ancient Ruins of Olympos in Turkey

Ancient Ruins of Olympus, Turkey

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey has a marvelous collection of ancient ruins dotted along its jagged coastline. Most belonged to the Lycian empire including the ruins of Olympos, situated next to a hippy village of the same name, which is popular with back packers. I wanted to visit the ruins, so considered an overnight stay in the rustic village boasting of unusual tree house hotels, basic … [Read more...]

Idyllic Phaselis in Turkey : Ancient Ruins and Beautiful Beaches


Phaselis is backed by magnificent mountains and surrounded by the clear waters of the Mediterranean sea. It is an idyllic setting in which to spend the day relaxing on a beach and soaking up the vibes of a Turkish holiday. Phaselis Ruins There is an added bonus though as Phaselis is not just about golden sand beaches. It is also an old sea-port city dating back to the 7th Century BC which … [Read more...]

The Flawless Ruins of Ancient Myra

Lycian League

My eagerness to visit the historical ruins of Myra came about because in its prime, it was one of the  most important cities of the ancient Lycian league. Known as the first democratic union in history, the Lycian league can also take credit for influencing the United States constitution The league left their footprint in history through ancient ruined cities all over the south west coast of … [Read more...]

Paragliding in Turkey : Thrilling Experience or Safety Hazard?

Paragliding in turkey

Veske  is a confident man with an addictive passion for paragliding. He does not just do it at the weekends or when he has opportunity to go on holiday. No, he is a professional paragliding pilot who runs off the side of a mountain every day of his working week. Veske first jumped out of an airplane with a parachute when he was 16 years old, later he worked as a paragliding instructor for the … [Read more...]

Kalkan : Solo Holidays in Turkey

Holiday In Kalkan

At first glance, Kalkan on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey resembles a carbon copy of its neighbouring town called Kas. Both are seaside holiday resorts that are visited by thousands of holiday makers every year. Both towns have white washed houses covered with bougainvillea flowers that spill down the steep hillside to reach the traditional fishing boats that crowd the coastline. The history … [Read more...]

Mount Tahtali – To the Sky in a Cable Car

Cable Car System Mt Tahtali

Mount Tahtali was the first thing that I wanted to do while in Kemer. Reviews from the internet promised "amazing landscape views from this tall mountain of Turkey that stands 2365 meters above sea level" During the months of Jan to April, it is said that you can go skiing on Mount Tahtali in the morning, descend to the resort of Kemer and swim in the Mediterranean Sea in the afternoon. I was … [Read more...]

Adventure Rope Climbing In Kemer, Turkey

Kemer activity sports

On my first day in Kemer, I was feeling brave and confident  enough to attempt Adventure Rope Climbing. The website described the Adventure Park as … "A place to prove your courage and skills. This adventure will bring about a rush of adrenaline which will result in a sense of achievement" About the Adventure Park in Kemer, Turkey The Adventure Rope Park covers 15, 000 square meters and … [Read more...]

Welcome to Cirali


My next destination on my South Western tour of Turkey was the small coastal resort of Cirali and I had high expectations after the disappointment I had felt with Kemer. However after one day of exploring Cirali and the surrounding areas,  I decided I was hopelessly in love with this small, unspoilt destination. About Cirali Cirali has one main street in the village, no ATM machine, no local … [Read more...]

Santa Claus and His Life in Turkey : Six Facts You Never Knew

Facts About Turkey

Every year around Christmas time, millions of parents across the world take part in the biggest deception concerning Santa Claus.  It starts in the early years of a child’s life when the parents promise an abundance of presents from Santa for good behavior. They tell stories of the North Pole, the fat man who lives there and the elves who  make presents of all shapes and sizes. Some parents even … [Read more...]

The Burning Flames of Chimaera

Chimeara burning stones

Travel websites describe the burning flames of Chimaera as "fascinating". They recommend the eternal fire of Lycia is a “must visit” when in the Antalya region. One travel writer even went as far to describe a mystical presence which mesmerized her. The flames burn from crevices in the rocks of the Cirali Mountains and ancient beliefs credit this location as the source of the myth of the Chimera, … [Read more...]

Kemer : Area Info on this Small Resort in Antalya

Antalya Kemer

Kemer is typical of most of the coastal resorts in Turkey. It pampers to the needs of tourists with crowded beaches, masses of five star luxury hotels and enough shops to empty your purse in the flash of an eye. However, I was not looking for the typical tourist experience. I wanted to find the face of Kemer that was not hungry for money and made it obvious at every opportunity. It was easy to … [Read more...]