Bafa Lake Near Altinkum in Turkey

Last year I wrote an article on Bafa Lake and I was not intending to do any follow up. However I recently found myself back in the area  on a number of different days because I realized that if you want to practice your photography skills, it is a great area to do so.

I don’t profess to be a professional photographer and Bafa Lake is just the destination for people like me who are classed as complete novices.

Milas Bafa Lake

Breakfast at Bafa Lake

All photo opportunities are there for you including landscapes, people, flowers, buildings and objects and I had a great time snapping everything and anything with my camera.

The lake is also a great area to grab breakfast on a Sunday morning and while my last post was totally slagging off the last establishment I visited for a Turkish breakfast, I cannot do that with the Turkish breakfasts that I have eaten in the restaurants surrounding Bafa Lake.

Perhaps it is because these restaurants do not promise you top class service so my expectations are lower however I prefer to call it a rustic, homely and definitely traditional breakfast in perfect surroundings.

Turkish Breakfast at Bafa Lake

About Bafa Lake

To give a quick summary of Bafa Lake it is back to nature in every way possible. Lots of restaurants are on the edge of the Lake and all of them serve home cooked food, most of which has been grown and produced by the local in the areas.

Bafa Lake is also great for camping, trekking, visiting the local Turkish villages and as I suddenly realized last time, there are umpteen amounts of photo opportunities for you to get stuck into.

Bafa Lake ducks


If you are looking for a holiday destination which is the true face of Turkey, then little boutique hotels that surround the lake will be right up your street however don’t expect too much in the terms of luxury accommodation.

Bafa Lake is a huge area and to explore it all including the surrounding villages would take at least two weeks in my estimation. There are still quite a few villages that are on my bucket list and hopefully I will be visiting them soon however my next port of call is Bogazici Village in Bodrum

Restaurants at Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake - Bodrum

Bafa Lake in Milas

House on The Edge of Bafa Lake
Bafa Lake Turkey

Readers Question : Do you have a favourite place that you keep returning to time after time?

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  1. says

    been a few years since J and I were in that area; thanks for the nostalgia trip, the photos are lovely – I can feel an outing coming on!

  2. anne marie russell says

    bafa lake is so lovely natalie ,stopped there a couple of times, cant wait till sept,

  3. says

    Hi Alan. If you feel an outing coming on then don’t forget to send me the piccies or post them on your blog. I love looking at photos of the area.

    Anne, it is a lovely area but there is still so much more to explore! It is huge! Will you be going back in September to Bafa lake or headed somewhere different?
    Natalie wrote about..The Floating Restaurant Called Giritli

  4. says

    Some great pictures and the lake is stunning. You’re right about accommodation, though. Don’t expect too much!
    Jack Scott wrote about..Bodrum Belles

  5. says

    Looks great, like you could get lost in the outdoors and just enjoy the moment. I have an area that I regularly return to, it may not be the same place but its always with the same people and that is what makes it great.
    Cornelius Aesop wrote about..New Brew Tuesday: Cucapá Honey

  6. phil + Di marina gateway says

    i love going to Bafa lake it realy is the most beautiful place

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