Bafa Lake On The Aegean Coast of Turkey

Bafa Lake is on the Aegean coast of Turkey and is a place to visit if you want to get off the beaten track and away from typical bucket and spade holiday resorts.

The size of Bafa lake is beyond your imagination unless you look at a map, and even then you struggle to comprehend just how big it is.

Restaurants at Bafa Lake

There are many to choose from but most lay off the Milas – Soke road.  In particular  my favourite restaurant is called Ceri.

restaurants at bafa lake

Traditional Turkish seating area for breakfast or dinner.

Breakfast at Ceri restaurant is relaxed and comfortable. A Turkish breakfast is served up along with Turkish coffee or tea. Sit by the  side of Bafa lake and admire the scenery or throw bread to the ducks, that are swimming less than a meter from you. Alternatively if you want to be romantic then go along at night-time for their famous fish dinners. On this visit, I took the opportunity to peer inside what I thought was a stagnant water fountain. It was filled with eels that will be cooked to your liking. Urgh!

Ceri Restaurant - Bafa Lake

Just ordered a full spread for a traditional Turkish breakfast.

As adventurous as I am, eel is not on my list of dishes that I must sample. However Ceri restaurant is extremely proud of their eels, making the effort to tell you that they were born in Mexico and make their way across to Bafa lake in their life time.  If you too, do not like eels then  plenty of other dishes are there to sample.

Bafa Lake restaurant

My Friend Tulay and her dog Charlie.

For me Bafa lake is half an hours drive and I can go there when ever I want. However if  you are trekking across Turkey,  there are some great camping sites where you can pitch your tent or even hire one for the night.  Be warned however the lake air can make you feel very sleepy  indeed.

Bafa Lake

Make a full day of Bafa lake by visiting the historical sites along the shorelines. You can pack up a picnic and stop at any of the camping sites  along the way. There is also a nearby village called Pinarcuk, one look around this village and you notice something is wrong. There are no young people there, the elders tell me that all the youngest have left to work in the big cities or the tourist resorts. They all send money home though.

Views from Bafa lake

The view sitting from Ceri restaurant

There are no water sports on this lake and I for one, am glad. It is a serene , quiet place that is my escape away from reality. It is also natural Turkey, a lot of holiday makers assume that the beach-fronts with Sunday dinners and English breakfast is Turkey. It is not, those parts are catering to demand and if you want to see the rest of Turkey, then head out to Bafa lake and enjoy a quiet peaceful day.

Do you have a place that is your escape from reality?

Let me know in the comments box below.

Bafa Lake

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