Memories Are Everything. Remembering Alacin River

I have fond memories of Alacin River, a place of natural beauty on the south west coast of  Turkey.

I think back to the flawless and scenic landscape, and the sound of water rushing down over ragged rocks. It was peaceful. I felt calm and relaxed.

Alacin River

Alacin river was not just about beauty though, but enjoyment as well. We cooked fresh fish on the BBQ by the river and, served it with a crunchy salad. The only thing that was missing was an ice-cold beer.

Rivers of Turkey

There is one thing I regret though. I did not go swimming. Despite the hot summer’s day, the river was ice cold and I was reluctant to let go of the “chilled out” feeling.


I want to go back and repeat that day. Return with family or friends, who like myself want to learn as much about our adopted country as possible.

We will pack up a picnic basket, an icebox of cold beers, and our swimming costumes to go splashing in the river, no matter how cold the water is!


I have to return because I know I am lucky and fortunate enough to have the choice. There are many people in this world, who cannot or will not travel. They are stuck in a box of confinement, unable or unwilling to open their eyes to the bigger picture.

They have no fond memories of places or good times

Truck Safari from Olu Deniz

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”   St Augustine


Readers Question : Think back to your holidays and travel experiences. Which place gave you the greatest memories?

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  1. Dawn says

    Southern Morocco. Our bus got caught in a flashflood in the desert. The road was washed out. Despite this, the storm was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. When the storm subsided, we passengers – strangers – laughed together in amazement at nature’s might. When the roads were safe to pass, everyone cheered, the driver happily blasted Moroccan music on the radio, and off we went. I will never forget the feeling of fear mingled with strange euphoria.

  2. says

    Really great photos. Looks like a very beautiful place. I am a sucker for waterfalls.

  3. says

    . . standing at the edge of a track by the banks of the Orinoco River in Venezuela as a Giant Anteater with a baby on her back walked by withing stroking distance. It was a surreal moment.
    Alan wrote about..Suffer The Little Children . . .

  4. says

    So many places. Some in Central America, South America, Middle East. Palenque, Coban, Magdelena valley, Andean cloud forests, Petra….. But on balance it is Delphi.
    Ashley wrote about..A Good Ship?

  5. says

    Key West Florida, mid 1977, not quite “discovered” yet… American “expats” were literally at the “end of the road” US Hwy 1. Most of them left baggage of all sort behind, family, friends, lovers, wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, you name it. Got drunk, on two different occasions, with Jimmy Buffett and Shel Silverstein. Robert Curalt called it the “most liberal place in America” and he was right. Tennessee Williams was the 1st Grand Marshal for Fantasy Fest and Hemingway’s old house is still a tourist attraction. The Hogs Breath Saloon said “even hog’s breath is better than no breath at all.” Even some of the cops were gay in Key West and everyone knew what it meant to “party on…”

    Unfortunately, I think it has changed especially with the introduction of the Hard Rock Cafe. When I heard about that, I knew Key West would never be the same.

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