23 Landscape Photos of Turkey

I am a great lover of landscape photos and in the country of Turkey; there is no shortage of beautiful places. Every landscape that I see has its own admiring quality that makes photography an interesting and exciting hobby to learn.

Even though I have hundreds of landscape photos, I have picked 23 of what I think, are the best.

I hope you like them to. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom, letting me know which one is your favourite.

My Landscape Photos Of  Turkey

1 – Horses of Cappadocia

Horses of Cappadocia

2 – The Ruins of Ani

Ani Ruins

3 – Sumela Monastery on the Cliff Face

Sumela monastry

4 – Karagöl ( Black Lake )


5 – Old house on The Road to Bogazici

The Old house

6 – Patara Beach

Patara Beach

7 – Firtina River

Firtina River

8 – Kas


9 – Savsat National Park

National park of savsat

10 – Yesilkent Beach


11 – The Drive To Kars

The drive to Kars

12 – Uzungöl ( Long Lake )


13 – Kusadasi  View Point

Kusadasi View Point

14 – Saklikent Gorge

Saklikent gorge

15 – 300 Year Old Bridge – Firtina Vadesi

Old bridge

16 -City of Artvin


17 – Canyon Park – Kemer


18 – Fog Over Demikapi Plateau

Iron Door Plateau

19 – Phaselis


20 – Ayder


21 – Standing in Turkey and looking into Georgia


22 – Butterfly Valley

Butterfly valley

23 – Doganbey


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  1. phil + Di marina gateway says

    fantastic photos Natalie thank you so much for sharing them

  2. Christine Barnes says

    These are all wonderful pictures cant wait to be baci in Turkey next month!

  3. says

    Some great pictures there Natalie, I could quite easily picture myself wandering through some of those scenes, but just to be behind the lens looking at those scenes must have been quite special.
    Bodlagz wrote about..The Thai Fingernail of Prosperity

  4. says

    enjoyed this post so much with such a lot of interest – thank you for whetting my appetite for a couple of new places.
    Alan wrote about..Back Road to Gölcuk

  5. sandra says

    Natalie, do you travel alone? I am alone now after the death of my husband and wondered how easy it is to travel by oneself. I would have to use public transport but that ought to be okay. What to you think?

    • says

      Hi Sandra,Sometimes I do go with friends or hubby, for example Istanbul, but they are quite used to my preference for traveling and will often let me go off and do my own thing. The worst thing is to travel with someone who is clingy.

      If you plan to use public transport, a lot will depend on the area you want to travel to. The south west coast of Turkey was very easy for me, as buses were frequent and there were a lot of interconnecting routes.

      However in the Black sea, there were a lot of places I wanted to visit that were off the beaten track, so after two days, I joined a group tour and then left them when I got to the next big city. I was on my own but everyone was really friendly.

      I do a lot of research before I leave and am quite happy with my own company so don’t need to rely on other people for entertainment.

      My recommendation is just to do it. If it is your first time traveling alone, pick somewhere easy like the Bodrum peninsula or the south west coast. Try it for a week at first, if you find you like it, extend your trip or the next time do it for longer.

      I warn you though, it becomes addictive after a while. As soon as you get back, you want to head off again. :)
      Natalie wrote about..Flower Passage and Istanbul Nostalgia – Portraits From The Past

  6. says

    Ahh the Saklikent Gorge photos brought back a lot of memories – basically of walking around with my jaw open, and ten year old boys helping me through the rapids haha!

    That photo of Pattara is gorgeous – it’s the beach I was looking for but never found in Turkey.

    The photo of Ani is my favourite here, though. Whereabouts is Savsat National Park located, by the way??
    Waegook Tom wrote about..The Mission Burrito

    • says

      Hi Tom,

      Savsat should actually be with the Turkish s, but this theme does not let me display it. It is pronounced shavshat and it is on the way from Atrvin to Kars. Ardanuc if I recall correctly. Way up in the north east
      Natalie wrote about..Walking Hell’s Gorge

  7. says

    Really gorgeous shots! What camera and lens are you generally using these days? I’ve been thinking of upgrading my kit lens and these kinds of photos certainly justify a new lens! A Christmas present to myself. :-)

    The photos of Ani and Bogazici are 2 of my favs! Although they are all very good!
    Joy (My Turkish Joys) wrote about..Sunrise at Mount Nemrut: Photo Post

    • says

      I liked them as well Steph. Bit of photo editing in there, just to spruce them up though. Still not at the stage when I can take perfect pictures from the lens
      Natalie wrote about..Walking Hell’s Gorge

  8. Greg says

    I was wondering if Butterfly Valley would be there. Absolutely stunning, I need to go back some time!

    • says

      I don’t think they would mind the comparison Andrew – The Greek, Turk thing has long been forgotten and Sumela is not one of the most popular landmarks. I think it should be added to UNESCO though
      Natalie wrote about..Patriotic Turks, Their Flag, and the EU

  9. says

    The more I see/learn about Turkey, the more I want to visit. Seems like a burgeoning ecotourism destination, for sure. Maybe we’ll get there in 2013.

  10. says

    Gorgeous photos, Natalie. You certainly live in a fascinating country.

    • says

      Lots of people think that Turtle. I did as well when I first thought about visiting Turkey

  11. Nauman says

    Hi Natalie.

    I love all the pictures here. Specially Uzungol looks just breathtaking. Are there any good hotels near Uzungol ? as I am interested to visit this part of Turkey. If I plan to visit Uzungol what else can I include in my list for places nearby. Already visited Istanbul twice. Bursa, Yalova & Izmir. Lovely country lovely people amazing food.!!!

    • says

      Hi Nauman – lots of good hotel but book early because they do get reserved quickly. I did Uzungol as part of a tour so started in Trabzon and saw Sumela monastery, then stayed one night in Uzungol. Here you can hire a bike or go trekking in the mountain. My tour guide took me further up to the Demirkapi plateau. The next morning, we continued east and went to Ayder plateau.

      Here are some more articles about the black sea http://turkishtravelblog.com/category/destinations/black-sea-region/

      I still have some more to publish as well

      You definitely would not regret choosing this area for a holiday. It is amazing.

  12. says

    I loved the photos of ruins at Ani and the old house on the road to Bogazici, Natalie! Well, actually, I liked them all. I really want to see that bridge in Firtina in person some day! And how on earth did you get that shot of Sumela? We pass by there a lot when we drive up to my in-laws house in the mountains.
    Justine Ickes wrote about..Wise Words #1: On Unity, Liberty & Charity

    • Nat says

      Thanks Justine : Sumela was taken from the roadside on the way up. We were still in the car at that point and stopped so that view was on our right hand side. I remember having to move some trees to the side but it was a perfect view after that. Try it next time you go

  13. says

    Turkey is one of my favorite countries. Thanks for sharing! One of the most gorgeous views I’ve ever seen while traveling there was in Fetiye–right on the beach with clear blue water!
    – Sharon (theworldwider.net)
    Sharon wrote about..Chasing The Light: Can You Believe This?

    • Nat says

      Turkey is a photographers dream Tom

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