View of Mesopotamia

View Over Mesopotamian Plains From Mardin

Mardin in the south-east of Turkey is on the edge of an ancient region called Mesopotamia. When I booked into my hotel, the receptionist said they were not busy and had given me the room with the best view of the Mesopotamian plains.  I don’t care much for hotel room views, preferring to spend most […]


Basilica Cistern

The Basilica Cistern of Istanbul and the Heads of Medusa

I walked down 55 stone steps, sensing dampness in the air when I reached the bottom and the Basilica cistern. The only sounds were whispers from tourists and the odd drip of water. A shop stand was in the far left corner and they beckoned me over. For a small amount of Turkish lira, I […]

Cezayir Sokak Istanbul

French Street in Istanbul

My desire to find French street in Istanbul started when I read an article that described it as French influence in Turkey. The equivalent of China town in New York. I imagined a chance to experience two cultures within one destination. My interest had spiked. The nearest insight I have gained of France was passing […]

Mediterranean Coast of Turkey


Butterfly Valley

I handed my fare over to the taxi boat captain and sat down on the wooden seat bench breathing a great sigh of relief. In retrospect, my plans for that day were not complicated. I just wanted to catch the taxi boat from the beach at Olu Deniz to the well-known landmark of Butterfly Valley, […]


The Blue Cave of Meis

My excitement of being inside the Blue Cave was probably heightened due to the fact that as I set out on the path that led me there, I had never heard of the cave and had no idea of the pure beauty of Mother Nature that I was about to witness with my very own […]

Black Sea Region of Turkey


Sumela Monastery and the Black Madonna

Clinging to the side of a mountain in the green and lush area of Maçka  is Sumela monastery, which was built in the fourth century.  I had joined a tour and traveled from the nearby city of Trabzon to visit the iconic building. We drove as far as possible and walked the last two hundred […]


Göksu Waterfall : A Rush of Adrenaline and Euphoria

The guide said it was a gentle stroll to Göksu waterfall. “It will only take an hour,” he said Sounded good, I thought. Göksu waterfall is described as a beautiful and natural landmark of the Black sea region so I was desperate to see it. However, I soon learned that when it came to defining […]

South -East Region of Turkey

Turkey Travel Pictures

Gaziantep Castle : Remembering the Veterans

I have always had a love of castles but it is nothing to do with fairytale princesses. They just remind me of my childhood. I grew up in the UK city of Nottingham and spent many weekends at the castle acting out stories about Robin Hood and the wicked sheriff. Therefore, it was no surprise […]

Dara - south east Turkey

The Mesopotamian Ruins of Dara Near the Syrian Border

The ancient ruins of Dara do not often appear in tourism brochures of Turkey despite their importance in the historical world. The city was a strong fortress for the Romans and one of the most populated areas in ancient Mesopotamia. In recent times, the blame for non recognition is probably because it is near the […]



A Gorgeous Cave Hotel in Cappadocia

My long-suffering husband says I am every hotelier’s worst nightmare. I am not a habitual complainer but am critical of everything from the décor to the cleaning to the staff attitude. As soon as I enter a hotel, I start thinking, “What would I do if this were my business?” I am not sure why […]


20 Beautiful Pictures of Cappadocia

Lately I have been breaking off from my Cappadocia posts to write about other thoughts and my recent Bodrum trip. However last night, I started looking through photos so I can put  together my last posts on the amazing region of Cappadocia. Cappadocia had such an profound impact on me and visiting the area kicked […]

Aegean coast


Animals at Izmir Zoo and Wildlife Park

Zoo animals are a great way to get behind the lens of a camera and practice your photography skills while traveling. In my last article, I discussed my reason for visiting Izmir Zoo and Wildlife Park and that was to answer if  animals  should be kept in zoos? However I did not realize until I […]

Animals zoo

Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos?

I recently spent a lot of time thinking about the question of “should animals be kept in Zoos?” I was prompted to ponder this topical debate subject after discussing Izmir zoo with a few friends.  These friends stated strongly that they would not accompany me on the two hour journey to Izmir, because they viewed […]

Turkish Culture and Traditions


Turkish Culture – A Guide to Social Traditions

One thing you will soon realize when visiting Turkey is part of the Turkish culture involves being very sociable. Turkish people love to meet new friends and think nothing of spending half the day talking to a complete stranger while putting the … [More]

Latest Articles From Turkey

Harbour boat

The Colourful Greek Island of Meis

The Greek island of Meis is colourful, quiet and full of bizarre locals. The one reason why I went there was simply because I was not forced into doing it. You see, when I first came to Turkey, visa runs across to any Greek island were a necessity. Many expats did it and still do […]

expats turkey

Expats in Turkey : Love Them Or Hate Them

A search term on expats lead a reader to my blog this week and it has prompted me to write this post.  The search term used to find my blog was “mental health of expats in Turkey”. I was intrigued as to why someone was asking this. Had they been traveling around Turkey and come […]

pictures turkey

20 Black and White Pictures of Turkey

This post is my favorite black and white pictures of Turkey. Readers who have been to my blog before will know that I have an obsession with photo editing programs and I am always taking a photo and manipulating it in any way possible. The latest trend that I seem to be heading for is […]

Turkish souvenirs

Shopping in Turkey : Ten Souvenirs To Buy

When I am travelling around Turkey, I don’t normally pick up souvenirs. This is purely because it is easier not to. Carrying them around not only adds weight to the luggage but most of the time, I am also on a budget. The only souvenirs, I take back are the pictures on my camera. This […]

Gardens of Dolmabahce palace

Dolmabahce Palace – The Last Days of the Ottoman Empire

Out of all the sites to see in Istanbul, the most intriguing has to be the grand and impressive Dolmabahce Palace. Home to the last six sultans of the abolished Ottoman Empire; it portrays everything that was right and wrong about their rule and reign for over 600 years. While it is easy to be […]

Flower passage on Istiklal avenue

Eight Things to Do on Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul

Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul is a busy street. Everything happens on there and if you are taking a city break, it is wise to spend at least a day exploring this street and all the side alleys leading off it. On my last two winter visits to Istanbul, both of my hotels have been based […]

Hagia Sophia of Istanbul

14 Famous Landmarks of Istanbul

Istanbul is a huge city with thousands of landmarks. Most of them are historic buildings dating back hundreds of years, especially to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. Some landmarks are more famous than others are, but all serve one common purpose as an identifiable object on the horizon. Here are my 14  favourite postcard style […]

Skyline with the tower

Galata Tower and a 360-Degree View of Istanbul

Exploring the bustling city of Istanbul is a great experience but to see it from up high is something completely different. In my opinion, the best place to do this is Galata tower, a landmark that dominates the skyline. Six years ago, I went to the tower to attend a Turkish show at nighttime. I […]

Hotel hemithea

Marti Hemithea Hotel in Datca, Turkey: Reader’s Review

My heart belongs in Turkey and every year, I visit a different location on the Mediterranean coast. This time, I decided the small, but appealing resort of Datca, would be my preference.  After browsing through the Elixir Holidays website, my interest was captured by the Hotel Hemithea that has 30 luxurious rooms, a cocktail bar, […]

Gumruk Hani Urfa

Gumruk Hani in Urfa : The Place Where I Failed to Blend In

Sanliurfa boasts of many highly recommended attractions for visitors to the region. Nicknamed the “City of the Prophets,” most fit in with the historical travel genre, and the ancient Gumruk Hani was at the top of my bucket list. Built in 1566, it was the main commercial centre. Tradesman met there to trade goods and […]

Inozu vadisi Beypazari Ankara Turkey

The Scenic Landscape of Inözü Valley

I enjoyed exploring the cobbled streets and admiring the Ottoman architecture of Beypazari, but I was extremely grateful that my host had a car. Even better, they opted to be guide and driver, so it was guaranteed that I was going to get away from the tourist spots. My host took me to numerous small […]

testi kebab

The Huge Guide of Regional Food in Turkey

Turkey is a huge country covering diverse terrains, with differing climates. Indeed, while snow settles in the mountains of the north-east, bikini-clad swimmers in the south-west gather en masse on the long sandy beaches. The historical timeline of Turkey is also colourful, and at times confusing, but each empire, dynasty, or ethnic group has left […]

Gobeklitepe - Birth of Religion

Gobekli Tepe: The Ancient Religious Temple that Threw the History World into Chaos

Turkey covers an enormous amount of land, 783,562 km² to be exact. Many empires throughout history have existed within the boundaries, so obviously, thousands of historical sites have been uncovered and it seems every month; a new and exciting discovery sends international and domestic history experts into a joyful frenzy. As the central hub between […]

Ancient Ruins of Olympus, Turkey

The Ancient Ruins of Olympos in Turkey

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey has a marvelous collection of ancient ruins dotted along its jagged coastline. Most belonged to the Lycian empire including the ruins of Olympos, situated next to a hippy village of the same name, which is popular with back packers. I wanted to visit the ruins, so considered an overnight stay […]


Beyond Istanbul: Four Ancient Cities and Towns to Visit in Turkey

Many visitors to Turkey will head straight for the beautiful city of Istanbul or the resort towns of the Turquoise Coast. Although both have their obvious merits, I think there is so much else to see when it comes to exploring Turkey’s history and culture, especially if you’ve already done the main tourist attractions and […]


Turkish Food Beyond the Kebab including Sultan’s Favourite, Helatiye, and Gullac

Since the lavish banquets of the Ottoman Imperial Court, Turkish cuisine has been ubiquitously enjoyed across the globe. It is vibrant, varied, and will be integral to your experience of the country when you visit. The most prolific of gourmands can find new challenges, while wary initiates can still enjoy chowing down on simple, familiar […]

Demre rock tombs

Where to See Lycian Rock Tombs in Turkey

Everyone who visits this country should see the Lycian rock tombs of Turkey. They are a reminder of the past, and a previous civilization but more important, they will astonish you, even if you have no interest in history. What are Lycian Tombs? Citizens of Lycia, a previous empire that occupied the Mediterranean coast of […]


A Champion Wrestler & the Lake with Three Names

Sometimes I get so far off the beaten track, that the place is not mentioned in guidebooks and does not appear on maps. This is a problem, when I am researching material for an article but on this occasion, I did not care because in front of me was an astonishing landscape view. Stood on […]