Istanbul street art

8 Unusual and Cool Things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul, an iconic city and the most popular tourist destination in Turkey, has immense dignity and pride. The cultural infusion of various communities, modern influences, traditional values and its historical timeline makes it hard for me to ignore the bustling metropolis, hence I will visit whenever possible. Most travel publications have detailed articles about things […]

Shops grand bazaar Istanbul

Grand Bazaar of Istanbul : Photos & Shopping Guide

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is not your average shopping mall. Shopkeepers are not shy about letting you know  they want your money and will do their best to get it. Sixty streets covered with thousand of shops is not easy going and can be overwhelming especially if you are not used to crowds. On […]

I love Istanbul

I Love Istanbul : Here Are 4 Reasons Why

Istanbul has for a long time, been the heart and soul of Turkey. Boasting of more than 14 million official residents, the city is the only one in the world that spans two continents; Europe and Asia. I love Istanbul and admit to a major addiction for this characteristic destination. Occasionally I meet people who […]

Istanbul Airport Transfers

How to Get From Ataturk Airport to Istanbul City Centre

Istanbul is the top visited destination in Turkey. So imagine the millions of foreign tourists that it receives every year! There are two airports in Istanbul but Ataturk airport is the busiest and most tourists will arrive via that route. Transport from the airport to hotels or the city centre is easy, because there are […]

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20 Beautiful Pictures of Cappadocia

Lately I have been breaking off from my Cappadocia posts to write about other thoughts and my recent Bodrum trip. However last night, I started looking through photos so I can put  together my last posts on the amazing region of Cappadocia. Cappadocia had such an profound impact on me and visiting the area kicked […]

Where to stay in Cappadocia

Where To Stay in Cappadocia

I received an email from a reader who was asking where to stay in Cappadocia… D wrote… “I was wondering, which town should I make my base? Goreme, Urgup, Uchisar, or…? Which would be the most quaint (for lack of a better word) town to stay, although, I would love to see all 3 towns […]

Mediterranean Coast of Turkey


Idyllic Phaselis in Turkey : Ancient Ruins and Beautiful Beaches

Phaselis is backed by magnificent mountains and surrounded by the clear waters of the Mediterranean sea. It is an idyllic setting in which to spend the day relaxing on a beach and soaking up the vibes of a Turkish holiday. Phaselis Ruins There is an added bonus though as Phaselis is not just about golden […]

Lycian League

The Flawless Ruins of Ancient Myra

My eagerness to visit the historical ruins of Myra came about because in its prime, it was one of the  most important cities of the ancient Lycian league. Known as the first democratic union in history, the Lycian league can also take credit for influencing the United States constitution The league left their footprint in […]

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Black Sea Region of Turkey


Sumela Monastery and the Black Madonna

Clinging to the side of a mountain in the green and lush area of Maçka  is Sumela monastery, which was built in the fourth century.  I had joined a tour and traveled from the nearby city of Trabzon to visit the iconic building. We drove as far as possible and walked the last two hundred […]


The Gorgeous Ayder Plateau of North East Turkey

Sitting on the foothills of the Kaçkar mountains, the gorgeous green Ayder plateau is one place in Turkey that captured my full attention. Numerous Turkish friends had told me about its beauty and simplicity, but I did not realize the plateau would leave me with an overwhelming urge to return. It is in the north-east […]

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South -East Region of Turkey

Old Gaziantep Kitchen

Gaziantep Culinary Museum : Southeast Cuisine of Turkey

The Gaziantep Culinary Museum is set in an old house down a cobbled side street.  I entered a small courtyard and looked around at the two storey building. First impressions were not to expect too much yet it was the most comprehensive museum I have ever visited. Perhaps it was so interesting because of my […]


Kasimiye Medresesi in Mardin : An Old Islamic School

Kasimiye Medresesi stands on the outskirts of old Mardin. Overlooking the flat Mesopotamia plains, it was completed in 1502 and considering its age, is in remarkable condition. It was a short walk downhill to reach it. No traffic passed and the large wooden door was locked when we arrived. We waited for the key holder […]

Aegean coast

Drive from Altinkum to Akkoy

Exploring the Aegean Coast of Turkey

The Aegean coast of Turkey stretches from the North near Istanbul, down the coastline to the boundaries of Marmaris. Also known as the west coast, the attractive small resorts dotted along the coastline, were previously fishing villages, and now are popular tourist destinations. They are ideal for independent travel, although due to mass tourism in […]

Sevgi plaj davutlar guzelcamli

Sevgi Plaji – The Beach of Love and Hate

Turks have a habit of naming places, with a direct translation that means something. For example, the bustling holiday resort of “Marmaris” means “hang the architect” in reference to an Ottoman sultan, Suleyman the magnificent who in 1522, ordered a new fortress to be built and was totally disgusted at the finished result. Likewise, Altinkum […]

Turkish Culture and Traditions

Turkish hamam

The Turkish Bath Experience

The Turkish bath experience usually appears on every list recommending things to do while in Turkey. It is not one of my favorite activities but because this is a travel blog, it needs mentioning. A lot of 5 star hotels in Turkey have a Turkish bath … [More]


Turkish Culture – A Guide to Social Traditions

One thing you will soon realize when visiting Turkey is part of the Turkish culture involves being very sociable. Turkish people love to meet new friends and think nothing of spending half the day talking to a complete stranger while putting the … [More]

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Mobile Internet Access

Options for Mobile Internet Access in Turkey

For most people, a major concern when they come to Turkey is how to stay connected to the Internet. We are addicted to it and most of our daily lives require it, whether this is to chat with friends on Facebook, upload photos online, use maps, or gain access to mobile apps. Many people activate […]

Heads of Mount Nemrut

5 Historical Places in Turkey That Everyone Should Visit

Turkey sits on the edge of ancient Mesopotamia, that is often referred to as the birthplace of civilization, so it is not a surprise that many empires have conquered, ruled and lost their reign of the region. The extensive list of rulers includes the Ottomans, Byzantine, Hittites, Lycians, Alexander the Great and the Persians but […]

Prettiest Places to Visit in Turkey

14 Places To Visit in Turkey in 2015

Repeatedly called the bridge between East and West, I often say Turkey is the most beautiful place in the world. However, I admit to being biased because I don’t travel anywhere else. To find someone, who has also travelled extensively throughout Turkey is a conversation delight and Tayce from Bridge of The World Travel was […]

Flower passage on Istiklal avenue

Eight Things to Do on Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul

Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul is a busy street. Everything happens on there and if you are taking a city break, it is wise to spend at least a day exploring this street and all the side alleys leading off it. On my last two winter visits to Istanbul, both of my hotels have been based […]

Hagia Sophia of Istanbul

14 Famous Landmarks of Istanbul

Istanbul is a huge city with thousands of landmarks. Most of them are historic buildings dating back hundreds of years, especially to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. Some landmarks are more famous than others are, but all serve one common purpose as an identifiable object on the horizon. Here are my 14  favourite postcard style […]

Turkish souvenirs

Shopping in Turkey : Ten Souvenirs To Buy

When I am travelling around Turkey, I don’t normally pick up souvenirs. This is purely because it is easier not to. Carrying them around not only adds weight to the luggage but most of the time, I am also on a budget. The only souvenirs, I take back are the pictures on my camera. This […]

Gardens of Dolmabahce palace

Dolmabahce Palace : Last Historic Days of the Ottoman Empire

Out of all the sites to see in Istanbul, the most intriguing has to be the grand and impressive Dolmabahce Palace. Home to the last six sultans of the abolished Ottoman Empire; it portrays everything that was right and wrong about their rule and reign for over 600 years. While it is easy to be […]

Floating restaurants of Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge : The Happening Place to Be

For the thousands of people who catch cheap flights to Turkey and head to the impressive city of Istanbul, the first question that is often on their mind is “Where are the happening places to head to?” This slang term is also always at the front of my mind, no matter where in Turkey I […]

Skyline with the tower

Galata Tower and a 360-Degree View of Istanbul

Exploring the bustling city of Istanbul is a great experience but to see it from up high is something completely different. In my opinion, the best place to do this is Galata tower, a landmark that dominates the skyline. Six years ago, I went to the tower to attend a Turkish show at nighttime. I […]

Turkish pide fast food

Making Turkish Pide for the World on a Plate Challenge

Last week, I came across Expedia’s World on a Plate Challenge. It sounded interesting. Every month they feature a different country and bloggers participate by cooking a dish from that country.  For the month of April, the country they are promoting is Turkey. Yay! I was hesitant to take part though.  I don’t cook and […]


Kas : Mediterranean Delight in Turkey

Kas is everything that a typical Mediterranean seaside resort in Turkey should be.  White washed houses cascade down the winding mountain roads to show the way to beautiful beaches and a harbor that reminds you that  life is in fact quite good and while in Kas, the best thing to do is to adapt quickly […]

Dance the Past into the future

Are the Laz and Hemsin Communities of Turkey Losing their Plateau Culture?

My visit to the Northeast region of Turkey has always stuck firmly in my mind. Further inland and outside of the main cities of Trabzon and Rize, it is hard to believe the green hills, tea plantations and cool climate are part of this country. Life in the small villages is basic and old fashioned. […]

Dilhayat Kalfa Hotel Istanbul

Best 5 Hotels in Istanbul: The Sultanahmet District

“Blog Post Type: Best Of List” The Sultanahmet District of Istanbul is the former capital of Constantinople and Byzantium making it one of the top visited neighbourhoods in Turkey. As the centre from where the Ottoman Sultans and Byzantine emperors ruled, it also sits proudly on the UNESCO World Heritage list. So it stands to […]

Tinggly Travel

Win a Travel Voucher from Tinggly to use Anywhere in the World

It’s competition time here at the Turkish Travel Blog! Tinggly, the company who believes travel experiences make us happy wants to give readers, the chance to win a voucher for use on their website. How much is the voucher worth? 100 USD which at the current exchange rate is also 260 Turkish lira, 70 pounds […]

Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia of Istanbul : A Story of 3 Cities

The glorious and stunning Hagia Sophia of Istanbul! I have been twice and I would go again and again. The former church, mosque and now official museum has a saintly ambiance combined with Byzantine and Islamic architecture. Sitting in the old city part of Istanbul called Sultan Ahmet, it joins other nearby landmarks belonging to […]

Personal Trip Advisor support

The Istanbul Tourist Pass : What is it and How Can it Help You?

Tourism in Turkey is catching up fast with standards in western worlds. Gone are the days of rusty old buses and sub-standard hotels. The industry now provides tourists with every amenity they want and one concept to hit the market is the Istanbul Tourist Pass. It is the brainchild of the team behind the popular […]

Gertrude Bell history

Gertrude Bell : Follow Her Footsteps in Turkey

These days, society sometimes portrays women who travel solo as… A: Totally mad with a death wish B: A raging feminist who hates men and cannot make friends C: Totally cool and so confident. She should be a role model and UN ambassador One solo female traveller that makes a good case study is Gertrude […]

Ebru painting picture

The Beautiful Art of Ebru Painting in Turkey

Turkey has advanced tremendously over the last 15 years and this has caused intense discussion in some circles as to whether modern and urban development is killing culture and traditions. The arguments and discussions are nothing new for me, because I heard the equivalent while growing up in the UK, so I tend not to […]

Ottoman houses

Best Places To See Ottoman Houses in Turkey

Beypazari is a popular weekend getaway for Turks, especially those from the big cities of Ankara or Istanbul. Before visiting, I had considered myself widely educated on places in Turkey, yet had never heard of Beypazari which is actually my shame because the region is widely respected for its traditional Ottoman houses. Ottoman Houses of […]